"The Whole Inner Child"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with this group this night. In lives gone by you have all worked together as healers; not only on this planet but on many others and in many other universes too.

At the moment the earth plane is undergoing great change. There is much happening on earth; Spirit is at work… the intention is set to ensure that the Ascension process goes according to plan, gets back on schedule and moves forward. In 10 years time this world will be another place, the world that you create for yourselves will be a world that you cannot even dream of this night. As we speak the room fills with Spirit and love enters at a higher gradient than ever before. Your capacity to receive and work with love has increased as you have worked on yourselves and brought love into your own lives; there is a great deal of fear around love. To trust love is the biggest task of all for mankind - to take steps into the future with your hearts leading the way, not that your heads would be left behind, but you will be following Spirit into the New Age, into a time where manifestation of your dreams is almost imminent.

There is great work being done in South Africa and the consciousness of the population increases daily - the energy in Africa is set-up this way. The New Age is truly driven through Africa and through Cape Town in particular. There is great presence here… after years of oppression and struggle freedom has come and in that freedom comes a striving for success, acceptance and understanding… not only for the indigenous African population but for all nations who populate this beautiful country of South Africa. There is great resilience to the old ways… the old days and the memories are clear in the hearts and minds of the people. A will to succeed is also there and underlying the transformations are the pagan beliefs and understandings of the African tradition. These beliefs and understandings will come more and more into the picture and the way of life of South Africa and her people.

Christianity with all its wealth and power is taking a backward step in the emergence of a new understanding of Spirit. Religion would be the wrong word, but a true understanding of what is natural, what is nature, is developing here is South Africa. As we speak the currency of South Africa is twice as strong as it was 2 years ago. That is a reflection of the determination of Government to ensure that South Africa follows a sensible economic path into the future, becoming an economic dynamo for the rest of Africa to feed on and to transform. There is much love and peace in Africa and there is violence with high crime rates, this is a direct reflection of the level of consciousness. Slowly but surely the increasing consciousness will leap through from the higher echelons of power down to grass roots level. There will be a place for everyone who chooses to be here at the foot of Africa, a place of importance, a place where one feels at home, a place where one feels safe and secure to live, work and raise a family. As the consciousness of South Africa rises the economy strengthens and the world can only look on. As we turn the clock back 10 to 15 years the economy and the nation was a shambles but today there is more and more cohesion than at any time ever in its history. It is from here that the new world begins with a new understanding of life, where a new way to love begins, where a new way to live all together, with all nations in harmony, begins. It is in South Africa’s destiny that this is the way. South Africa is destined to become an economic powerhouse, competing easily in and with the west, having many resources to lean upon. The labour force, motivated but unskilled, has the ability to learn very quickly; and as peace envelops this country learning and life will become easier for all.

In the heart of the African is a connectedness to Mother Earth… this connectedness comes through the heart of his own mother. Once again we re-iterate this point that mothering in Africa has a different connotation than that of the west. Although the missionaries have tried to dissolve the spirit of Africa and the African people that spirit lives on in the hearts of many. Africa is vast and in the vast country regions the cultures retain the status quo of 200 years ago. Not all is well in the world of the African people however; and there is as much for the African to learn from the European as there is for the European to learn from the African. The question is: “what must be learned?” and the only way that you can know this is through the art of discernment, through applying your heart to both ways of life and allowing your heart to speak of what does and doesn’t work.

Love is the only true way forward - love comes from Spirit and your heart will be guided by love. Love, joy and freedom are the answers to living your lives well. When you start walking into resistance, heartache, loneliness and pain then that is a life not lived well. Pain is prevalent in many peoples hearts and bodies and reflects in physical illness and where there is pain there is a lack of consciousness, there is no light. All it takes is to light a candle in a dark place and the whole room is lit up, maybe not brightly but it is lit up all the same. It is bright enough to look around and to see what works for you in that room and what doesn’t. Those dark rooms were created in life times gone by and in your childhood.

We have gone to great lengths and to great pain to bring you a clear understanding of how important it is to heal the wounded child within and to release yourself of pain. Now that you are adults you cannot be wounded by the child in the same way that the child was wounded. However, the same patterns play on through your lives and we re-iterate this message and are determined to bring this message to you in absolute clarity for there is much misinformation about being able to create a reality without working through the issues of the inner child. Let it be known clearly, if your inner child is not healed you will not co-create the reality you truly wish for and truly dream about in your own life. It is absolutely important that you understand this. There is no quick way through this. We know that this is not a painless way but we know that you can sustain the pain and handle the emotion surrounding the healing of the wounded child and what perhaps happens in your childhood if your parents are angry or you as a child feel threatened in any way or perhaps even loneliness then parts of your spirit will begin to move into areas of your body. Even in the greatest situations of fear these aspects of yourself can splinter off into other parts of the Universe... these parts always know where they belong and can and must be recalled. The word “heal” comes from the old English word meaning “whole” and all those parts of the child that have splintered off must come back to make you whole. When your inner child becomes whole you begin to feel a little peace. The aspects of the child that are not within you create a reality that wakes you up and says “this is something that needs healing in me, let me heal this”. You can then bring back aspects of the child into your body and into your heart where the child resides. The more of the child that you have in your heart the easier and more peaceful life is; if you don’t want a peaceful life but a wild exciting life then the more wild and exciting your life can be without danger, without fear of creating pain, for the child will not be creating a reality around the need to heal. The whole child within your heart will be creating a reality around the need to play, have fun, have joy and freedom here on earth. To be warm, comfortable, comforted, to love and to be loved, that is what the whole child seeks… that is also what the fragmented child seeks… for in order to be seen and to be heard the fragmented child creates a very difficult reality, creates pain and hurt in your day to day lives.

The more hurt or pain in the child that you heal and bring to your heart the more you create your reality, a reality that you want; the more powerful you become because you’re not always tripped up by your inner child that needs to be healed, the more authentic you can become. Be true to who you really are and with authenticity comes power, deep meaningful peaceful power… that can power you into a world of your dreams manifesting more quickly, the dreams that you are truly searching for and truly wish to live…

Once again, the most difficult aspect of your inner child is the terrified child, the child that has not had its needs met and is very young, even from birth there can be terror in a child. Imagine if you got in an aeroplane and arrived at a certain destination and were turned upside down and held by your ankles and slapped. How would that make you feel? The newborn child feels equally humiliated, equally shocked, equally shamed and of course feels terrified and so the human show goes on, parents that don’t get on, that argue, that are not properly connected, that are not whole, creating an unsafe environment for small children. A true and safe environment for children would be around whole people who have come to terms with their own lives... whose inner child is healed and whole... adults who are creating the reality that they really wish for themselves, both in and outside their own relationship.

So, we ask you to close your eyes and go inside and look for your own child that is terrified… probably hidden in the darkness… find yourself and this little child at the most disturbing time in your own life. It could be a time when one parent has passed away or a sibling passed away or something like a car accident, a life threatening time where you didn’t feel safe on earth… Allow yourself to find that child and if you can’t visualize the child then feel the child. Spirit is with you this night and your guides are at your feet in awe of the work that you are doing. When you find your child ask the magician that lives within you to go to the child and create a beautiful ring of safety and magic around this child. You personally tell this child that whatever he/she is feeling is absolutely normal, its exactly what the child is meant to feel… what its feeling now… give the child full permission to express its feelings, make it safe enough that it can express its feelings. The child may want to cry, break things, to hurt people so just stand back without judgement and allow the child to express itself in whichever way it needs in order to express its anger, its terror and its pain… Dialogue with the child… enjoy dialoguing with the child… look straight in the child’s eyes… look deeper and deeper into the child’s eyes and allow the love that’s in your own heart to flow through your own eyes into the child’s eyes, into the child’s heart and back into your own heart… allow the love to circulate between the two of you making the child feel safer and safer, more and more loved, more and more beautiful, more and more welcome on this planet until there becomes a merging, a oneness, a true sense of belonging and allow this aspect of your child to come into your heart and allow your heart and this small child’s heart to be connected… allow for a deep and meaningful connection. This child is now safe and secure in your own heart and is there to be loved and cared for…

Now where the child has been there will be a form of energetic debris. Go to the inner magician that resides within you and ask the magician to release this debris and to release you from all these patterns that were created by that particular aspect of the child. Allow for a clearing of this energy and as the energy clears open your hearts to each member of the group this night and allow love to flow from your heart to each member of the group and receive love from each member of the group… where there is any resistance or pain in your heart allow the energy and the love of this group to wash the pain and resistance away…

Allow yourself to become more and more “at one” with the group of people, dissolving any obstacles to isolation along the way and creating and generating love between one another. As you heal this terrified child within you all the other aspects of your inner child will heal very quickly, they will not be hindered by the terror that anchors your healing process in stagnation. Begin to feel your bodies now, observe the feelings that are within your bodies. A body without terror, without that deep seated fear and anger that surrounds the terror… without the hatred and all those low level vibrational energies that are anchored into terror, the terror that has you living your life without the ability to confront life. It takes away your forcefulness and your drive, your ability to create. So allow the energy of this beauty, this warmth, this caring, this love to flow through your bodies and to emulate peace in the Divine… and go deeper and deeper into the Divine, into infinity, becoming at one with the Universe, becoming infinitely large and infinitely small and becoming the paradox of both those worlds.

Allow yourself to embrace these feelings, the feelings of magnitude beyond your comprehension – imagine yourself bigger than all the planets in the Universe, your energy spreading from one end of the Universe to the other, becoming more powerful and greater that you could ever imagine. This is the power in your own authenticity… be with that feeling of magnificence, of grandeur, of expansion and allow yourself to expand beyond this Universe into other Universes and beyond… allow your heart connection with this group to fuel the energy of expansion into a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, expanding more and more into the life that you want for yourself… allow more and more love to fill your heart, expanding through your body into the Universe. Let your presence be felt here on earth for you all have gifts to bring to this planet and it is in a state of expansion that you will bring these gifts… the gifts need energy in which to expand and manifest... so allow your gifts to manifest in your own hearts, now become those gifts… allow those gifts to expand throughout your bodies… allow more and more love to enter your heart expanding those gifts and manifesting those gifts. It is the power of love that manifests gifts here on earth, the energy of love is the true currency, money is but the vehicle. The more open your heart, if it is your dream to have abundance, with an open heart you will have all the energy in the world in which to manifest your abundance. The more fun and joy and freedom that you live in your life the more abundance you will manifest. It may sound like a dichotomy and it definitely is, when you start having fun, when you start making love, when you live your life with an open heart your money problems will diminish.

The problem has always been the terror of the inner child… where there is terror there is no expansion, and no love, there is darkness, emptiness, aloneness, contraction. Allow yourselves to contract, pull all your energy in towards yourself. We see there is a great deal of unwillingness but we will allow you to expand once we have concluded this little experiment, so allow yourselves to contract, pull all your energy in towards yourself… allow yourselves to contract and become small again and feel the intensity of this contracting energy and the lack of life that’s in it. Its rather like a fishing net packed away in the corner of a ship, it won’t catch anything, but if its opened up and spread out across the ocean it catches whatever is in its way.

So now, once again, allow yourself to open and to expand and to reconnect your hearts to the group… in your contraction you disconnected and you isolated yourselves. Allow yourselves to expand energetically first of all into your body and then out through your body to the Universe becoming bigger and bigger, more and more beautiful, more and more powerful. Step into the love source and allow love to expand you… growing bigger and bigger, going beyond space and time and go back into lifetimes when you had special gifts, special understanding, where your awareness was very high… allow those energies to come back to you. These energies will take a little time to unravel and unwind but they are there nonetheless and as you expand set the intention to release negative belief systems and bring in a true new understanding. Bring into your hearts a new way of loving and allow that new way of loving to light your heart and expand through your body. In the New Age there have to be new things, new ways of doing things, new ways of loving.

When you are ready, your guides are at your side, allow them to wash and to cleanse your aura with love, allow yourself to feel them. In the New Age you will meet your guides on a more physical level. We have all been together in lifetimes before. They will give you someone else to love.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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