"Understanding relationships"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you this night. You have all worked together in Service in many lifetimes, not only on the earth plane, but on many other planets, around this and many other universes.

There is so much love beginning to flow here on planet Earth as the energy shifts and the new-world beckons. You, that have done so much work on yourselves, will be truly reaping the benefits of that work. You are beginning to feel at peace with yourself and you are beginning to fill up with love, joy, freedom and spirit within. As you release all the energy around your childhood and become freer in your own life you will be recognized and seen, you will be honoured and respected. Honour and respect is the next energy to enter the earth plane - in a big way. Respect is an energy that is not detrimental in any way; it is an energy that maintains a deep and empowering space, an energy that is like the nucleus of an atom, an energy that holds everything in place - the right place. As you respect yourselves and others everything in your life will fall into place and stay in place.

The more love energy that you have in your heart the more respect you will have for yourself and the more joy and freedom will come into your heart. It is very much like opposing forces, joy and freedom, equalling respect and holding a space. There will be dignity on this Earth once again. Dignity comes hand in hand with respect - as you respect yourself, the earth plane and those that surround you, you will create a high level of dignity and honour. There is much that ails many people; many sicknesses revolve around lack of dignity, respect and honour. Cancer is a side effect of this phenomenon - it is the anger that comes from not respecting or honouring yourself - from not being dignified with yourself. There is a flip side to anger - anger will be the energy used to bring respect, dignity and honour into your life. It is only dirty anger that creates sickness - an honest, clean, down-to-earth anger creates love, order and respect.

The more you have worked on yourself the more space you are capable of holding and the more people you will be able to hold within that space. Just as the centre of the atom is the neutron, so you will become, as healers, the nucleus of a new society - the new society will be based in a much smaller grouping than we have on earth at the moment; in a way, back to tribes with smaller groups of people. Within each tribe there will be a Shaman, a holy man, the leader. All that read and understand these channellings are on their way to becoming the Shaman or holy man of their own tribe. Holy comes from the word wholeness as does the word heal. As you heal yourself and become whole you will become holy, strong and capable enough to hold the energy for a group of people to evolve and revolve around you.

There is a new awakening; a re-awakening of an old and ancient energy, an energy where there is a deep love and reverence for all men and women who live on earth. Within such a group there is much joy, freedom and intimacy to be experienced. In a group such as this, each person will have a particular job, a particular state of being. Each person will have their own gifts, their own knowledge, their own wisdom and their own way of being. As the energy begins to settle people will begin to recognize one another, understand one another and realize who belongs with whom. It is not to say that a tribe will be autonomous, each tribe will be linked and inter-linked with all other tribes; they will be structured in such a way that happiness, joy and freedom will vibrate through the group of people. There will be a level of intimacy and understanding brought to the earth plane by the healers that have become whole by releasing all their issues.

In this room tonight, as we said earlier, we have all worked together in many lifetimes - we are here to learn from one another and embrace one another’s energies - no matter what these energies are they are all welcome here. If you have resistance to a specific energy it will stick to you like glue. The art of manipulating energy is to love and to embrace the energy, allow the energy to be free even if it is an energy that would “normally” be considered negative or positive - in truth there is neither. The truth is that there is only one way forward and that is into love; whether you view the vibration as negative or positive you will be guided to the Divine, to love. There will be much joy when you join hands with these old friends from the past. You will feel a connectedness and oneness with those people that you have loved so many times in the past and will come to love once again in the present. As these tribes begin to form - they are already forming - the ancient wisdom will come to the fore. There is much to be learned from ancient and forgotten wisdom. The tribes will become very powerful in the world of business and politics in the outside world. Within each tribe there will be peace, joy and freedom, there will be Divinity connecting individuals of the tribe and they will know and understand their connectedness.

This is a time of stepping into love – a time for you to meet your soul mates. Close your eyes and imagine a dandelion ready to disperse its seed - feel the wind that flows beyond this dandelion and allows the seeds to float away - every single seed lands exactly where it is meant to be. You are all great seeds of the New Age and the wind will blow you, for many the wind has already blown - this night you are all exactly where you are meant to be - tonight this is your “sweet spot”. Many years ago in a place called Atlantis we were all together - we were part of a nation that was torn and divided - in an energy not un-similar to today - the world was headed for catastrophe. Catastrophe did happen! You have always wondered why life is so difficult as you work in the Light. The reason behind your difficulties is that Spirit strengthens each one of you, through each and every challenge that you face and overcome, and you become much stronger - you are so much stronger than you were even one year ago.

Each challenge that you have faced to become stronger, not only strengthens you physically but it also strengthens your trust in the Divine and in Spirit. You will never see your future from the present but you will have a deep inherent knowledge that your future, and you in your future, are safe, loved and deeply held in the Spirit of Love. You all have a dream - it is a seed planted by the Divine in your mind - all you have to do is remember the dream and keep walking towards it. It is only when you stop walking towards your dream, when you fear your fears, that you come into a situation of pain. You need to step outside of yourselves and see who you are - you need to see yourself as if you were someone else - offer yourself advice as if you were offering it to someone else and you will easily come back onto the right path. It is said there is nothing to fear but fear itself and that fear is just an absence of love, so whatever your fears are, place love in those spaces. Love comes in many different ways and forms, like teaching yourself life skills; the main point of your focus should be in the abstract world for this is where all your emotions and feelings lie - in the abstract, whatever you are feeling you will become. There is so much emphasis placed on the power of thought that once you train yourself to step into the feeling world, into the realms of feelings and emotions, and manage to control and handle your feelings and emotions, then you will be able to direct your emotions into a space of what your dream is requiring of you and you will get closer to your dream.

Your dream is the work of the Divine here on the planet - it is your Divine work here on the planet - it is the work that you are supposed to be doing to bring yourself into truth, and to bring this planet and all that live on Mother Earth into a more balanced, productive, easy-going and more exciting way of life. Whatever your fear is, there is always an energy waiting; through the power of intent comes the energy of postulation - postulation will bring conclusion to your fear, problem or challenge - it will bring resolve and it will bring clarity.

Spirit this night is quadrupling the energy of postulation within each person here this night - you will have more power and energy to resolve the issues that you are wrestling with. This energy may feel strange; it may take you rapidly into a new reality. You will be held by Spirit in this reality. Your dreams will come quicker and faster than ever before, manifestation will become much easier, relationships will become understandable and there will become a greater understanding and knowledge of relationships. Spirit is working with mass consciousness to alter relationships here on planet earth. There is much lack of understanding of relationships; a great lack of understanding of the masculine and feminine energies, of male and female relating to one another, male and male relating to one another and female and female relating to one another. A decision has been taken to alter mass consciousness and to bring the planet a deep and meaningful understanding of how human beings relate to one another.

The scientists on the planet will begin with their understanding - this understanding is in energetic form. This night we will sow this seed of understanding in your heart - allow yourself to open your heart to this understanding of relationships - open your heart to each person in this circle - connect with one another energetically and allow love to flow from your heart to everyone else in the circle - receive love from everyone else in the circle. Allow your heart to be vulnerable with this love - where there is any hurt or any pain in your heart just allow you heart to be cleansed and purified by the love of everyone in the circle, by Kryon, by Spirit and by your Spirit Guides. This night the room is full, filled with Spirit, the room is thick with Spirit and you are being transported to a new reality, a new state of being - as a group you will anchor this energy, here, this night into Mother Earth. The energy of understanding relationships…

First of all, relationships begin within you; so allow yourself to scan your body for aspects of yourself that are not relating within yourself. Note that your right hand side is your masculine side and the left-hand side is the feminine - the easier that these two aspects of yourself relate to one another the easier relationships in your outer world become. Allow yourself to build bridges from one side of your body to the other - allow energy to flow from the masculine to the feminine and from the feminine to the masculine. Feel how easy the integration comes in this energy - how the masculine flows into the feminine and the feminine into the masculine.

For the men in the circle this night, allow yourselves to become friends with the masculine side of your body. For the women, allow yourselves to become friends with your feminine side and embrace your femininity. Acknowledge yourself as a man or a woman whatever the case may be and within that acknowledgement acknowledge the strength that flows into your body. Within all men and all women there is insecurity around their own gender. Allow this insecurity to surface and acknowledge the feeling of insecurity within yourself - allow the energy into your body, acknowledge the energy and release it, let it go. This energy will come in waves, one after the other - just be with the energy - as your insecurities release your back will become stronger and straighter, and more energy will flow easily through your body.

For a few here this night this is something you have never contemplated, but just sit with it and be gentle with yourself, enjoy yourself and who you are, embrace yourself. The most powerful of men have truly embraced the femininity within themselves, that is how they became so powerful, their relationship with the feminine is easy and flowing. The feminine is all that is not known on this planet and the masculine is all that is known - you become powerful by manifesting continually what is not known, by flowing with the feminine and by stepping into your power. The more you make known, the more knowledge you have. Knowledge within itself is power, this is known as gnosis, which is in itself a journey to the Divine, a journey through knowledge. The more divinity there is within you the more powerful you are and the more you are trusted to do Divine work. This is also true for the women in this circle. Your greatest strength will be bringing the unknown to the planet - the more you can revel in the unknown the more powerful as a woman you will become, the more attractive also. A woman that operates in the unknown or in the Divine will have a secret aura, a secret understanding of herself and where she’s headed. It has to be secret because it is unknown. It is like the seed of a tree, when it is planted it will grow but no-one knows how it will grow, how it will look in 30, 40 or 200 years. No-one will know. The more a woman operates in the Divine, in the feminine energies, the more beautiful and attractive she becomes, but a woman will always need a man to manifest what is unknown.

In general terms the physical strength of a man, his physical constitution, is built to manifest. Of course a woman can operate in the masculine realms, but by operating in the masculine realms and manifesting her own unknown, she is wasting much of her energy. The same also goes for men; if they operate too much in the feminine realm their energy is wasted, a man should focus himself in his masculine realm and have a partner who revolves in the feminine realm.

When there is respect, honour and dignity of the differences of the genders then great wisdom will come, great understanding will come and great riches will come. The more a man and a woman work together, closely, in harmony and in tune with one another, the more they can manifest. If a woman is full of trust and the man also trusts then you will come together and create a oneness, a oneness that is divinely inspired. Your work will be Divine - your Divine work will be your dream of what you really want for yourself. When you are in a state of this oneness it is like two strong pillars holding up a beautiful temple, which is the relationship. The stronger the pillars the bigger and more beautiful the temple can be. As a woman lives in her femininity and a man in his masculinity those pillars become strong. Should a man live in his femininity or a woman in her masculinity, those pillars will never be strong; the relationship they hope to have will never be what it could be.

We are going to hold a vibration of a man living in his masculinity and a woman living in her femininity - we will allow you to feel what it feels like to be in a relationship with such an energy. The energy of this relationship is coming into the room now - allow yourself to feel and become sensitive to this energy - where there is resistance in your body, for there is great resistance in this room this night, then allow the energy to wash away this resistance. What you are not ready to release will be held by Spirit so you can feel the truth of a deeply intimate relationship. We are now at 80% power - now 90% - you will be beginning to feel the strength, respect and the honour that we spoke of earlier for that is all contained in this energy. This energy is not about silly love songs, it is about a true bonding of two people coming together, two people who have a true deep understanding of one another and who deeply trust one another; entrenched in their gender, their femininity and their masculinity. At this point you may feel resistance in your bodies - for now Spirit is going to hold this resistance, to release this resistance temporarily - we don’t wish to take away your lessons should you wish to learn along such lines.

Now you should be feeling the energy of how a relationship between a man and a woman is supposed to feel - acknowledge this energy and sit with it - become this energy as it is part of all your dreams. It is not just a dream for you in this room - it is a dream for all of mankind to experience - Spirit will slowly release your issues around this energy - allow this energy to have autonomy over your issues and your fears - whatever your fears are around this, acknowledge them and let them go - there are great fears. At this moment this energy is not welcome in mass consciousness and energy of this calibre is shared by a mere handful on this planet.

Before long those who want this kind of relationship will receive it - the energy is being sown here this night. We have the honour in Cape Town of bringing this energy to the planet - South Africa is the nation with the fastest growing consciousness on the planet - the ancient cultures of Africa at one time had this energy, but it is even lost to them - this energy is being returned, it is being returned to bring the true magic and majesty of planet earth back to life.

Dear ones, your guides are at your feet; they are in awe and honour of your progress of your life here on earth. Allow them to wash your aura with love - whatever you wish to let go of, acknowledge it and release it and Spirit will take it away…

Dear ones, go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out…



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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