Upgrade Your Mind from 3D to 3½D

Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all this night, this very night, for there is much love and much change in the air and you can expect that the energies intensify as we head towards the end of the year. The new energies are coming and as the new energies come you can expect to release a lot of negativity along the way.

Yes, dear ones, the New World is coming and you are being supported by the Solar System, and we are here in bigger and bigger numbers; the Spirit World is here in immensely bigger numbers than at any time ever before. As this time goes on you can expect to feel tired and have some aches and pains as you release negative energies, negative emotions and negative thoughts; you are on a journey to transmute your energies from negative to positive. Eventually every human being will go through a polar shift where they stop creating through negativity and they start creating through positive energies.

Many of you who have been working on yourselves for many years; your day is dawning, initially a hundred and forty four thousand people will ascend to the new levels of energy, and within the next year or two after that, you can expect between ten and a hundred times that amount, of people moving through into these new energies.

Another world is coming dear ones; it is time for you to get excited. The New World will be led by loving and conscious men and women. The New World is the opposite to the Old World; the Old World is being ruled by the dark side; Darth Vader, or the King of the World. The New World will be ruled by the loving God, and the rules and the laws of the loving God, and you will be filled with love and with light, you will feel and fill with joy, love and passion for your life.

So just allow yourselves to feel comfortable, and relax; not just for tonight, get this way for the rest of your life. Most of you have been seduced into believing the material world is important, and the most important world of all is the inner world, the more time and the more energy you put into the inner world, the sooner the material world will fall into place and be exactly the way you want it; but you cannot force these things, you have to allow these things to change. If you like see yourselves as a Rubik’s cube sometimes you have all five sides fully complete, and in order to get the sixth side whole and complete you have to undo the whole project, and this happens within you and within your energy, over, and over, and over again.

We say to you just relax and use your energies to go inside and resolve your inner world. Re-write that DVD that is projected into the material world with a message of the life of your dreams, you cannot do that if you are constantly struggling in the material world. Do what you have to do to survive in the material world, and do it without any expectations. Just allow the inner world to transform and transmute and you will be amazed of what can happen and eventually your abundance will flow.

There is a lot of love in the Spirit World flowing into everybody on this planet, everybody is being supported and everybody is being loved; and, some people simply cannot receive love. It takes a lot of inner work and meditation to allow love to flow on the inside of you; nonetheless allow it to flow, take your time, take it easy, things will begin to fall into place. We always say this, Dear Ones, that the New World is just around the corner, it can get easy for some and very difficult for others, but the less expectations that you have of the material world the easier things will become.

So once again, this night we're in the garden at Kapoli and this channelling is been supported by the spirit of the trees and the garden, and the spirit of the two streams that merge at the bottom of the garden. Just allow yourselves to allow these energies to support you, and take yourselves deeper and deeper into yourselves allowing for the healing to happen, for the sooner that you are whole and complete then the sooner your abundance will flow and the sooner you will create a world filled with love. Just allow the love to flow, from your heart to each other’s heart, connecting with each other, and becoming one with each other. Where there is resistance in this connection, accept the resistance, and hand the resistance over to Kryon, who is here to make you whole and complete so that you can create a life like the one of your dreams.

As always in these channellings from now on we will be taking you to the energies of 21st day of December, 2012. So just allow the energies to go higher and higher within yourselves, and Mother Earth is also supporting the process. Just allow the love to flow, allowing your energies to go higher and higher, and Dear Ones your Spirit Guides are very, very, close by and they are here to support you, to love you, and to care for you. Just allow the love to flow wherever it needs to flow to. Love flows to wherever it is needed, in the same way that the mountain streams always end up in the ocean, the love always ends up lighting up the dark places. So just allow the love light up the darkness and let the feelings come and let the feelings go, and just drop deeper, and deeper, and deeper into your bodies.

We are also bringing the energies of Mother Earth to an ascension state so that Mother Earth can also help you ascend to this new level of consciousness. The New World is coming and Christ consciousness will be there to greet you. In these last days the Anti-Christ will be revealed, in fact, it is revealing itself as we proceed through life. The Anti-Christ is becoming angry and greedy, even more so than at any time in the past, and it will reveal itself and in this revelation of itself it will be totally disempowered. Dear Ones, there is nothing to worry about, there is much to be excited about, for in the new energies your body will be light and free, your aches and pains will go away, and you will feel so much freer, and you will feel your connection to the Universe; you will feel the sun and the moon and the stars and you will feel their harmony, and the harmony will be flowing through you teaching you to be harmonious within and creating harmony in the outside, in the material world.

We know you feel much emotion, and much pain, but accept those, and accept that it is just only inside of you. Do not fall out with your partners, or the people that make you feel bad, but escape from them, and find out what it is that's on inside of you that you are reacting to, and put love into that dark space, and treat everyone of your family as an individual person on the inside world exactly like the outside world. The only difference can be that some of your ancestors would be dead in the material world but their energies live on within you. So treat each one of your ancestors as an individual and bring each one to wholeness and completion, just allow the love to flow, working with those aspects of your family that are most masculine first. This does not intended to negate women, some things are just the way they are, both men and women have masculine energies, but we are looking for the ideal constellation here, where the men and the women of your father’s family are whole and complete, so they can hold your mother just like the Sun holds the Earth.

The New World is coming dear ones and the sooner you have your family constellation in Divine Order, the more contained and filled with love you will be. Just know, that love always has to flow, for love is Divine and it is a beautiful thing, and it is the answer to all of your problems. Just allow the energies of the room to go higher and higher, just let the feelings come and let them go, and know that you are dearly, dearly, loved. Just allow the love to constantly flow, and be in your hearts, feel what your heart feels like for right now we are at the 90% of the energies of 2012, December 2012, and get use to these energies for you have to live in them, and do things a little bit differently. Just allow your energies to go higher and higher, higher of what they had gone before... just allow the energies of the room go higher and higher, allowing your own energies to go higher and higher and just allow the love to flow, and just feeling the Solar System, and feel your connection to the Solar System, and feel the harmony of the planets, the Sun, the moon, the Earth, and the stars... and just allow the love to go higher and higher, and allow your energies to go higher and higher, becoming like sponges sucking up the energies of Kryon, and sucking up the energies of December 2012.

When you have any aches or any pains in your body just hand them over to Kryon, we are now at 95%-96% of 2012. Just continue to feel the Solar System, and continue to connect to the Solar System, allowing the love to continue to flow... we are 97-98%, even 99% of the energies of December 2012, and just observe this World, and observe your bodies, allowing your bodies to get use to these energies, allowing your bodies to relax, to be at peace. Just feel the Universe, the Solar System... just feel and see the harmony of the Solar System... allow the energies of harmony to flow through you, bringing harmony and peace to your inner world, just knowing that you will never ever be the same again... let the feelings come and let the feelings go, allowing your mind to be upgraded from this 3D world to a 3½D world, and allowing your mind to flow and to be activated so it can function in the new energies... just observe the New World, and just observe your minds receiving this upgrade... just enjoying your feelings, knowing you will never look at this world the same again. You will be filled with two kinds of wonders: wonder and amazement of the Solar System, and wonder of how you manage to live so well and in such unconscious conditions in the past.

Just let the feelings come and let the feelings go, allowing and enjoying this activation, allowing your heart and your mind to come to the same level of consciousness, allow all of the cells and DNA of your body to begin to activate, going to a polar shift, from negative to positive. The positive being love, and the negative being the energies of the past; the anger, the sadness and the pain. And just allow your consciousness to accept yourself as a dualistic being, and allow yourself to go on a journey back to the Star where you came from in this Solar System, and meet your Spirit Guides and your Spirit Family that are supporting this upgrade in consciousness. Just be with your Spirit Family knowing that you are not alone... and let the feelings come and let the feelings go and just allow your mind to upgrade, and knowing that you are loved for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Just sit in this energy and suck up this energy, allowing your body and your mind to become used to this feeling... allow your physical body to relax in these energies.

Go well and God bless you for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.

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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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