"You are loved for no reason"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

It is wonderful to be here tonight amongst you all. The room fills with Spirit. Your Angels and Guides are at your feet. There is much love in this room and life is about love and living. The guides and angels that are present tonight are in awe and honour of the work that you have done. Your personal guides and many Masters from around the Universe are also present this night. Not that your guides are any less than Masters but much has been learnt from the experience you are living on earth. Much of what you learn on the planet echoes around the Universe. There is much love in this world and much love that is suppressed but the days of suppression of love are almost over.

A new world is coming fast. A world full of love, joy and freedom and you will become creators in your own right, creators of the reality you choose without negative emotions and thoughts and in time these thoughts will assume instant reality. This is who you are - magical beings of this Universe. When we use the word magic, we mean the ability to create Divine Will here on earth or the physical manifestation of Divine Will. Divine Will is becoming stronger and stronger on this planet and you are all becoming more connected to the Divine. There is much untapped love in your hearts.

This world is full of love – the air and life force energy that surrounds you is full of love and it is there for you to manifest. Right now, you are all manifesting whatever you will. You say to yourself “but why – what I want I don’t get.” The truth is, thoughts create emotions that create reality and emotions create thoughts that create a reality. Positive thoughts create a reality but so also do both your negative emotions and negative thoughts. For some time now, we have been channeling about clearing negative thoughts and emotions and this process enables you to clear your energy very quickly. These energetic processes are being perfected right now. When you leave this channeling tonight you will, at a cellular level, have this imprinted in you. You are all great creators. You are all magical beings of the Universe and you are all dearly loved for no reason whatsoever.

So, close your eyes, place your feet firmly on the floor and let the energy of Mother Earth flow into your feet. At the same time let the energy of Kryon flow through your hearts and connect to Father Sky through your crown chakra. The energy of Mother Earth will flow slowly through your body towards your crown chakra and beyond and the energy of Father Sky will flow through your crown and through your body and connect to the heart of Mother Earth.

Open up your hearts and connect with all members of the group in this room and let love grow and expand. Now, permit this energy to expand beyond your body into the next person’s energy. Let this love flow higher and higher. Where you find any resistance in your body, allow it to dissolve and let love flow and expand from your heart to the hearts of every member of the group and all who are reading this. Where there is resistance in your own heart permit it to dissolve and release - let it go.

As we speak this night, the moon is almost full and your emotions are beginning to expand. Whatever emotion is in your body at this moment, let it expand. The more tightly you hang on to emotion, the more of a reality it will create. You already have the emotion - in suppressing it you are giving it energy. Let this emotion expand and grow. Now, permit it to move and flow (be with the emotion - don’t attempt to control it) and like the ocean, let it arrive in waves. Accept the flow through your body of one wave after the next and as the emotion releases permit it to flow and fill your body with love. The less emotion there is in your body and the more love there is, the easier it will be to create the reality of your choosing.

So, let love fill your body and connect to Kryon. Then be aware of the increase in your vibrations. Whatever problems you may have in your life, hand them over to Kryon - let him work with these problems - these energies. Every problem is an answer waiting to happen. If you don’t acknowledge the problem, you can’t receive the answer. Nine times out of ten, a problem is an emotion so, the more you suppress emotion, the more problems you have and these problems are seldom resolved.

Permit your bodies to be loose and free. Let your energies expand and allow the love to flow where is hasn’t flowed for many years. In a state of expansion, you are opening up to release emotion. Tonight, in this room, there are two separate soul groups. You are all healers in your own right, split exactly down the middle of this room. Both groups have worked with the Kryon energy not only on the earth plane but also in other galaxies and universes beyond.

Go back in time and recall working with Kryon in lifetimes gone by. There are many secrets in the understanding of how to live and how to heal - not only yourself but also others. Find these lifetimes and bring back the knowledge and understanding that you had and reawaken it in this one. You have all come to the earth plane to first heal yourselves and then to become part of that New Age, that wave of energy that will flood the planet with a brand new consciousness and create a whole new magical world.

Feel what it felt like in those past lives and permit that energy to flow through you. Anchor it on the earth plane here in this room tonight. The art of healing is magical and mystical but there is logic in healing. Nothing on this planet happens by chance. No event be it good or bad, occurs by chance – everything is meant to be. Show any shameful or guilty events in your past to this energy flowing through you. Whatever strange or crazy things you feel embarrassed about, show them also to this new energy. Permit more and more love to flow through your bodies for this love will make you feel strong and powerful and release fear, anger and sadness in you. As you release the fear, anger and sadness you will become stronger and more powerful, going into a soft and gentle space where you can receive the most subtle gifts.

Part of you is soft and gentle. Even the strongest, wildest man has the softness and gentleness. This is not a weakness – this is a strength. To be able to hold that space requires energy and love and the more of you that is resolved, the more energy there is that flows through you. So, be aware of this energy for a few moments. The energy in the room is increasing – it is very high already. Now go to that soft and gentle space where you can relax. Let the energy release. The greatest gifts the Universe has to offer come to you when you are in that soft, gentle space. Let these gifts move into your body. Whatever you see and feel belongs to you – whatever you dream belongs to you.

So, acknowledge and become your dream for this is your incentive in life. Remember, it is to be lived for if you are not living your dreams then there is a fear holding you back.

Explore your dream to discover where your fears are – maybe you are frightened of anger or sadness or love. Acknowledge your fear and in acknowledging your fear it will be released. In this energy there is no knot that cannot be untied - there is no problem that cannot be resolved. There is nothing your Creator bestows on you that you cannot handle. Send love to your fears, love to those thoughts that say you are not worth it and once again let love expand through the fear and watch it dissolve. Imagine yourself one step closer to your dream - going deeper and deeper into your body to find those places that you haven’t found for many lifetimes. As you step into the darkness of your own soul, take one lantern or candle… for all it needs to become enlightened, is just one light. As you look into these dark corners of your life, let the light shine into the darkness and permit love to flow into these areas. Now, new attitudes, new ways and new thoughts will flow into these places as your body fills with the energy of a truly new way.

We are now going to set the energy for the year 2012 and build this energy very slowly. You will experience fears and issues in your body but just observe and be aware of these feelings. As the energy builds, hold all your issues and fears and take a good look around - see what your life is like in that year - 2012. At the moment the energy is at sixty percent. There will be new ways of travel and a new economy on the horizon. This is not an energy to fear but rather an energy to revere.

You are the ones who carry the seed of this energy. In bringing through so much love and so much healing, we’re energizing the seed. You will lead the way into this new energy and as more and more of you become enlightened and evolved, you will be looked up to and followed - you will be heard and you will be seen as bright lighthouses for the New Age. In the New Age everything will be generated through love. There will be space on this earth for everyone - new ways of living and new energies that will be tapped and used. We are now at seventy percent of the energy, so acknowledge your feelings and emotions and release them. You should feel you are in an expanded place, a place where your spine is straight and your heart glowing. Let more and more of this energy fill you and that soft inner space within you.

In 2012 you will be as soft as cotton wool but you will also be immensely powerful. Now this energy is moving toward eighty percent. Once again acknowledge and release any emotions or feelings that are coming present. In 2012 your relationships will be smooth and easy, your energy will be vibrant and in the blink of an eye, you will have answers to all earthly questions. Permit your energy to meet this energy. We are now moving towards ninety percent. Open your hearts even more and let greater love flow - for this will be a love-generated era. Now, look deep inside and see what life will be like in 2012… for you. Receive only the truth. 2012 is the year of a new dimension. The vibrations of planet Earth lead humanity into a new dimension. We are now between ninety-five and ninety-eight percent. Be gentle with your bodies and be very aware of your feelings. Acknowledge these feelings and release, then look around and experience this energy. Observe the way you travel and the way you communicate. Observe the way you relate and the way you manifest… but more importantly, observe the way you create your own reality. The part of you that thinks that all is possible, acknowledge that part and give that aspect of yourself to Spirit and let love flow. Observe your body, observe the energy that is in that body - what it feels like. Where there is hurt or pain let this new energy move through and invite more and more love to flow through your body.

Dear ones, this is your work. You are the leaders of the New Age. You are the ones who have the key to opening up the earth plane to this new energy. As much as you are in a contract with the Divine to lead the earth plane to this new energy, part of the contract is that you must give physical consent to take on this new energy. You all have a choice. The earth plane is a place of free choice. Some choices are made as the souls speak and gain consensus and some are made before you come to earth. Remember, everybody has the freedom of choice to operate in this energy.

Your guides are at your feet. They are in absolute awe of the experience that you are going through - such a special experience that happens so rarely. You are the ones that your angels and guides have chosen to make this shift. It was your turn – it was your time – it was your choice! With every choice comes responsibility and with enlightenment comes the ability to respond. You will be guided every single step of the way. In that soft and gentle space you can speak to your Spirit Guides and in the stillness and silence your angels will speak to you. They will teach you how to claim your personal power and get from life what you want.

Our world is a special place filled with very special people. Being special does not make you more or less important, rather it makes you equal. You all have gifts to bring and jobs to do. The first job is to heal yourself and the most difficult job of all is to fall in love with yourself. Your guides and angels love you dearly. You are also loved by the Divine for no reason whatsoever – you are just loved. Remember this…. you are loved for no reason.

Let the energy flow into your body, to the very core of your being. Whatever you have done in the past is inconsequential and remember you are loved for absolutely no reason. Sit still and be aware of this love. Feel the love of your guides, your angels and the Divine. You are honoured and respected by all in the world of Spirit and have all their support. If you ASK of them, you will be supported. Receive the support, the love and the joy of Spirit and then release those hard places in your heart. Let them dissolve. Release them with love and thank them for all the lessons of the past.

Dear ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God Bless and take care.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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