"Your Bounty"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here in Durbanville this night, as this is a very special night. The planets are aligned in a very special way this evening, a way in which mechanical things do not work well. Human nature has it within them to just fix things; at the moment expect many things not to be working well. It is rather like emptying a cupboard and throwing the contents on the floor, then sifting through it all and sorting out what you want to keep, what you want to put back in the cupboard and what needs to go elsewhere.

The energy is such that if within a few months from now you look back over your shoulder you possibly won’t recognize yourself; as you connect to this energy you will go through a major internal sorting out. Many things on this Earth Plane are not as they should be - Spirit has broken through and humanity is receiving the abundance and the gifts of this breakthrough. The work that has been done on Earth by humanity has seen to it that there is a direct corridor of light from the Earth Plane to the Christ consciousness grid. This will bring an exciting amount of new information, knowledge and understanding as to your state of being.

Humanity at the moment is very limited, your limitations will shift and will move away. This can be a very troublesome time in your life if you are not aware of what is going on and if you are not constantly working on yourself. Through these channellings you have been taught emotional healing - emotional healing will keep you in a balanced state of affairs as this transitory period evolves and as humanity evolves and moves through into the next dimension, which is imminent. You are all where you are meant to be, you are all in your sweet spot. It is now to make sure that your sweet spot becomes truly sweet. It is for you to see what does not work in your life now, then either throw it away, make it work for you, or let it go; this may be a relationship, a job, or anything else that you’ve collected along the way. You are on a journey.

You are all healers in this room this night and you all know of the parable of the Crystal Cave; do not stand too long looking at a crystal, do not stand too long in a relationship that does not work, in situations with people that do not work, whatever the case may be. Recognize the mirror, deal with it and get on to the next situation. Spirit is not slowing down it is increasing in intensity; there is work to be done on planet earth. There is much love here on earth, but most of it is not recognised, most of it is untapped. The more you love, the more you will receive; the more you love yourself, the more you will receive for yourself. Love is a special journey, it is a journey through your fears, idiosyncrasies and belief systems; these may be correct beliefs or not correct beliefs. The word “belief” is a transitory word between not knowing and knowing. You are on a journey from not knowing to knowing through believing. You will recognise in the middle of the word believe is the little word “lie”; you must lie to yourself to get from “I don’t know” to “I do know”. You must place your heart in a space of trust, a space of love, then just open your heart and allow.

Close your eyes and gently feel the energy of allowing. Allow Spirit to do its work, and the work will be done; ask and you shall receive. Allow the feeling of allowing to come into your body -whatever you wish to happen for yourself allow this energy of allowing to make it happen. Always be careful of what you ask for, make sure that it is within your grasp - some things take considerable personal power and much inner work to achieve. In many ways it is better to take small steps in the beginning so that your believing in Spirit becomes a knowing in Spirit. Your beliefs will be tested - you will be truly tested. Love has a way - Spirit is love and love is Spirit. Through love comes life and through life comes love. So allow your hearts to open wider and wider and allow the energy of love from your own hearts to flow around the room. At this time your guides are at your feet in unison with you; allow yourself to feel the love from your own personal Spirit Guide and allow yourself a love wash. Tonight the moon is full, full of power, mischief and wizardry. This moon comes with an intention to shift, to shift intention, to make intention happen, to release emotion and to change belief systems. There is a new world you are headed to, a beautiful new world full of love, challenges and many things that you will be wanting.

Allow yourself to connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet - allow for a deep connection with the Mother. Allow your connection to go deeper and deeper into the heart of the Mother, your own Mother or Earth as the Mother, there is no real difference. True love of your own Mother, your own inner Mother or Mother Earth will allow you to manifest what belongs to you. Allow the love to go deeper and deeper into your heart, the love of the Mother, let it go deeper and deeper, and deeper and deeper. There have been many lifetimes where you have not connected with your Mother or where connection has been difficult - for those who know, they know. If you sit in denial acknowledge the denial and allow the energy of denial to shift. The gift of truly knowing Mother Earth or your own inner Mother is far more bountiful than any amount of denial, resentment or resistance.

It is about bounty that we speak this night. Your lives should be bountiful – you should have abundance in whatever you are searching for. Whatever your dreams are - you should be able to realize your dreams more and more quickly as this energy shifts and moves. For some of you in the room your dreams are of love, that perfect relationship and you know within you there is a split between masculine and feminine - masculine being on the right hand side and feminine being on the left hand side of your body. It is for you to see how the relationship is within you; if these two parts do not love each other then you cannot expect to have a loving relationship on the outside in your external world. Perhaps you have had dominant mothers and very passive or absent fathers; that will create on your masculine side a second rate female and on your feminine side a second rate male. Check within your energies. It is for you to become male if you are a man and female if you are a woman; this is done by having a first rate masculine operating out of the masculine side of your body and a first rate feminine operating out of your feminine side of your body. If this is not the case it must be acknowledged; with the acknowledgement set the intent that your masculine side becomes masculine and your feminine side becomes feminine and allow the energies to shift, allow movement of this energy. If there are aspects of yourself on the right that should be on your left and on your left that should be on your right then allow these energies to move and be situated as they should be. You can imagine there will be great upheaval in your inner world going through this process, but it is absolutely necessary. You will create upheaval in your outer world but it will not be long lasting, no more than a few weeks at the most and step-by-step of the way you will take decisions to bring your life into order. You won’t only bring your life into order but you will bring love into your life as well. As your masculine and feminine aspects begin to relate with and respect one another in their correct places within your body, then you can expect your relationships to improve - whether they be loving relationships with your wife or husband your girlfriends or boyfriends and husbands or working relationships, you’ll begin to command a great deal of honour and respect around people. Your decisions will become clear and precise and you will have clarity in your world. Your intuition will be spot on, your hearts will be safe to open and love will truly flow, giving and receiving. You will bring love and joy into your world because you will be love and joy and the world around you will also be love and joy. If you have cash flow situations or very difficult problems in your life at the moment, our suggestion is that you enjoy them; these difficulties will be ending as this process evolves. This will be the end of the old energy of the old world. When your masculine and feminine energies are fully in balance and your hearts open, you will not face the same challenges as in the past. You will not face the same stresses and the same structures as in the past. Manifestation will become easy and life will become easy. Your capabilities will be far greater than they are now, your senses will evolve and will open as there are far more than the extra sixth sense - there are many, many more senses. You will begin to truly see the filters that surround the planet so that the veil is kept in place. When you come into balance the veil will no longer be in place and you will have direct access to all the information, knowledge and wisdom that you choose to request, that you choose to require for the next steps in your journey of evolvement. This process will take determination and as you work with yourself and allow the process to take place you will become very clear and you will stand out in society.

Society in the Western World is going to become very difficult. There are energies in place, energies of war, mainly once again the energies of the USA and the UK. These energies of war are being played out in Arabia. There is to be more spending by the USA and UK on war and this will lead to even more loss of power on the planet. Peoples of the USA and UK will become wise to their governments and will no longer trust in the word democracy. The peoples of Arabia who are long looked upon as fanatics will become accepted by the average man in the USA and UK. The propaganda that has gone on in these countries will no longer suffice to keep the average man in his place. These counter energies between Arabia and the USA will not play out and be resolved by war, they will be resolved by love and it will be love from common man, the average man, the un-average man. There is no such thing as common or average; every human being is a magical being of this Universe and every single human being has one thread running through him that is alike and that is a thread of his search for love, his journey back to the Divine. There is no recourse through war on the journey back to the Divine. War will not be supported by Spirit - the USA and UK will lose more and more face around the European Powers, the ones that traditionally backed them. These nations will bring a form of isolation to the USA and UK and the days of the Great British Empire and its way of civilization will be completely drawn to a close. There will be a greater amalgamation from the second and third world countries and non-aligned countries which will increase their power around the globe - their power will be driven through love and through understanding of who a human being truly is. These nations have suffered under western civilization for many years now and this suffering is drawing to a close.

There will be a great advancement of technology in the coming years, a technology that will completely change the world - there will be things such as free energy; it has already being patented - it was discovered fifty or sixty years ago. Telecommunications will almost become free as telepathy becomes more and more widespread.

These things may be very disconcerting for people living in the western world but remember that whatever you give up you will always receive something better in its place. There is much unhappiness in the western world and its mental is at its lowest ebb ever. The understanding of doctors in allopathic medicine are keeping unhappy people sick and living longer and longer. People are recognizing that their state of being is not as it should be; their mental and physical health is not as it should be. There is so much at fault with the western way of living. The main association with problems in the western world is the lack of acknowledgement of Spirit in your way of being; this is changing very rapidly. More and more people are connecting to Spirit in many ways and many things are being done very differently as a result. The major cause of depression and unhappiness in the world is a lack of understanding of what a human being really is.

A human being is many things; he’s very much like a diamond with many facets. These facets start off with a physical body, an emotional body and an etheric or spiritual body. There are two minds; there is the Divine mind and there is another mind which is not so divine but which kicks in with a fight or flight mechanism. When you become depressed your mind kicks into the “not so divine” mind; that mind is basically all you have been taught here on earth perhaps by your parents or your life’s difficult experiences here. This mind is to be cleared as it short circuits the Divine Mind; as emotional vibrations go lower and lower it is a mind that is driven by fear. As your connection to God becomes stronger there will be less fear of God; the Divine is pure love. As the connections to Spirit become stronger there will be less fear in your bodies; as we said in the beginning of this channelling, the energy of this full moon and the alignment of the planets this night will begin to completely shift your state of mental health and the state of your heart that’s filled with fear. From this night onwards you will begin to love more and more. Your masculine side will take care of the masculine things and your feminine side will begin to take care of the feminine things. A man will grow in his own stature and his own masculinity. A woman will grow in her own stature, her feminine power and her femininity. A woman will use her femininity respectfully for herself and a man will use his masculinity with respect; the masculine will respect the feminine and the feminine will respect the masculine in return. This will be a complete turnabout from what this world has been for the last two thousand years.

The new energy is here and it will be very unsettling but at the most it will last a matter of weeks.

We are going to take you into the future now and bring your future energy with your masculine and feminine being in perfect balance. We will allow the energy to shift higher and higher and higher and higher - if you experience pain or discomfort in your body then acknowledge the pain and the discomfort; it will only be fear of coming truly into balance. Allow the energy to rise and place your awareness inside your body and see where the masculine meets the feminine. Allow yourself to see this energy shift and at the same time allow your heart to open as this will increase the speed with which you make this shift into this new state of being and allow the love to flow. The energy is now at 80% and increasing - allow a connection through your heart centre to your neighbours and allow a connection to Father Sky - once again deepen more and more your love connection to the Mother, to Mother Earth, your own inner Mother and your genetic Mother. Allow the energies to move and as these energies begin to move send true love to your Mothers. With this love send forgiveness, forgiveness for yourself and forgiveness for your Mother. The energy is now at 90% and as the energy increases allow more and more love to flow between you and your Mother; as you allow more and more love to flow between you and your Mother you will be deepening your connection to Mother Earth, you will begin to feel more stable than you’ve ever felt before. The energy is now at 98%, acknowledge what is happening in your inner world. We are now at 100% of what it would feel like to be balanced. Acknowledge this energy and acknowledge all the aches and pains within your body. Kryon will now hold those aches and pains and hold the energy of those aches and pains so that you can truly feel what it feels like to be a balanced human being in the year 2003. As your energies begin to clear allow for more and more energetic shifts, allow your Guides to guide us and allow more and more love. Kryon is holding 50% of all the pain in relationships now - your body should feel 60% clear. Relationships have been very difficult lifetime after lifetime and this is the reason there is so much pain, misunderstanding and mistrust. Allow in the energy of trust; acknowledge your feelings and how your body feels. Most of your fears and your resistances towards relationships have been released now and are being held.

When you feel you are ready you can come slowly back into the room. This is Kryon signing out in awe and in honour of your journey. Go well, God Bless and take care.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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