Your relationship with your mother

Greeting Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is once again wonderful to be here with you all in Marina da Gama on this winters evening. There is much love in the air as always at these channellings but this night will bring a very special aspect of love through into your bodies. We once again would like to say there is much love in the air.

Just allow your eyes to close and be present with your bodies. Allow yourselves to feel Spirit entering the room. Allow love to flow and allow yourselves to connect first of all through your feet to Mother Earth and you will instantly feel that connection and a new connection rising. These channellings are taking a new dimension from now on and that is a deeper and deeper connection to the heart of Mother Earth. Allow your heart to connect with Mother Earth and to expand and fill with love. This section of the channellings that is going to take place over the next few months is intended to replace the love that you never got from your mothers.

Allow a deep flow of energy into your heart and bring into your body a sense of belonging, a sense of love and being loved. All of this you will feel on the inside of yourselves, you will connect with your own heart and begin to feel that deep feminine love for yourself. All in this room are set on a journey into the heart, set on a journey into love and connection and into a state of belonging, entering a state of more and more oneness. It’s not that oneness is oneness but oneness is oneness and reclaiming the aspects of yourself will make you more and more whole and at one with yourself.

You all chose the mother that you had and you all know your mothers well. In all your mothers there were great strengths and great weaknesses. Everyone’s mothers have gifts and aspects of themselves where they are lacking.

We wish you to go deeper and deeper into your body and actually connect more and more with your inner mother, that aspect of you that mothers you, nurtures and nourishes you and that cares for you and loves you. Come deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies. This is an experiential process, a process of deepening your heart connection into Mother Earth for She is the archetypal mother and your own mothers were also the archetypal mother and the absence of the archetype.

Allow yourselves to feel your bodies, feel what you are feeling in you bodies around the subject of your mother. To be a child born on planet earth is not an easy thing it’s a very difficult journey. Of course we’ve always said in these channellings that you choose your parents so that you can experience your karma and work through those lessons that you need to learn on this planet. Those lessons no longer need to last a life-time. They can last as long as you want them to last. Of course you can’t learn every single lesson at the same moment but step by step of the way the lessons will present themselves and sometimes one gets stuck in the same lesson and never advances onto the next lesson either through lack of knowledge or lack of will, the way you look at things and what you believe. All these things come from what you have been taught as a child observing your parents relationship, your relationship with your mother, your relationship with your father.

This night we are focusing on the relationship with your mother. We ask you to let whatever you’re feeling in your bodies to come into your bodies. Many of you in this room are mothers and of course everybody has had a mother whether a conscious or unconscious mother you’ve all had a mother, that is a pre-requisite for coming to this planet. If your mother could love then you will be loved, if your mother couldn’t love then you won’t know how to love. Everything on this planet is geared up to teaching, everybody, each individual how to love and each individual’s dream is a dream of love. First of all loving one’s self and secondly loving another is an intimate relationship, and often but not always, loving all those that surround you is too.

Love is a very difficult energy to understand. Love is far beyond intellect. Love is an experience. Love is energy. Love is doing things in a certain way. Love is caring. Love is demonstrative. Love can be filled with passion and roses but also love can be like snow newly fallen on the ground, white, cold pristine and clear. Love can be so many things. Love has so many facets and the facets of love that your mother had you will have those facets of love.

We can once again say that the way your mother loved your father and your father loved your mother is the way that you will love in a relationship. It’s to allow yourself to observe the way that your parents loved. Just set your parents in your mind’s eye and observe the way that they loved each other, the way they held each other – was it the mother holding the father of the father holding the mother? How did the relationship work? What is it that they needed to be able to love each other more?

Go deeper and deeper into the deepest levels of intimacy. Tonight dear ones we’re connecting you deeper and deeper to the heart of Mother Earth bringing alive those aspects of your mother that weren’t alive, bringing alive that connection to you from your mother that wasn’t available to you from your mother. That connection that your mother didn’t understand in those days and didn’t even talk about or even consider.

Motherhood is long over-due for a great overhaul on this planet. There is no single job more important than that of motherhood. Motherhood and the way a mother relates to a child ends up being the way the child relates to the world. If you were held by your mother hour after hour after hour you will feel held by Mother Earth, you will feel yourself in a holding energy in a deep space of love deeply connected to Mother Earth and have a deep sense of belonging to Mother Earth.

When you are in your mother’s womb you are in a holding space, a space where you are held but the difficulties arise when your father is not doing his job as a man and looking after your mothers interests while she’s pregnant with you; that is your mother not being held by your father, so in turn she doesn’t feel in a good space to hold the child. Whatever you are creating in your life you need to be able to hold the space, you need to be able to hold the energy of whatever you want to create. Just like the mother holds a child in the womb whatever you dream is you hold your dream in that space, in a container. The masculine is a container and the feminine is what’s contained and the feminine is what is un-manifested.

So when you find yourself living a life of lack of abundance the likelihood is that you’ve never really been held and you don’t know what it is to hold

Allow yourselves to feel this holding energy that is descending upon you and moving around your body from Mother Earth. Allow yourself to go into a space where you feel deeply held by Mother Earth. Your spirit guides this night are at your feet. They are in awe of how far you’ve come, they are in awe of your journey and they are in awe of your state of evolution and how much you have evolved in this lifetime. Always remember the word “evolve’ is love spelt backwards and love spelt forwards. How you evolve as a human being depends on how much you love yourself. So if you’re on a spiritual path you’re on a journey into love, when you love yourself enough to walk this path. This path, this road, this journey is not easy. It is an invisible journey, a journey to wholeness reclaiming your inner child and connecting yourself to the archetypal mother which would be Mother Earth, to the archetypal father which would be Father Sky. You are reclaiming the child and becoming that magical being that walks between heaven and earth that walks between the father and the mother.

We are entering a whole new world, an absolutely new point of view, an absolutely new state of being and this journey is not easy. First of all you’re all so comfortable in the old, it’s easy to stay the way you are without having to confront, without having to release your anger, your sadness and hurt, without having to ask the question “why?” and knowing that things weren’t quite as they should have been in your childhood. The one that loved you the most also hurt you the most. All these things are on many different levels and many different dimensions that the intellect can’t access and never will access.

You are on a journey going beyond the intellect moving into the heart and your heart is descending and connecting with the heart of Mother Earth. We have said often in these channellings that 90% of your imprinting comes through your mother, most of that time spent in the womb and of course the imprinting reflects the relationship your mother has with your father and you become that relationship. You also become the relationship between you and your mother and it’s often difficult for a mother when a child is in the womb to stay connected, to stay warm and loving and continue to let loving energy flow to the child when perhaps she feels unsure and insecure around her husband, usually your father.

Believe us Dear Ones, as we descend deeper and deeper into this new state of being there, in this deep connection to Mother Earth you will find true love, a deep clear intense love. This is why it is spoken in the Quran “Under your mother’s feet you will find heaven here on earth.” The deeper you descend into your own mother and your own issues with your mother the easier you will find love on this earth. It is no longer the relationship you have with your own physical mother but it is the relationship that you have with Mother Earth and your own inner mother.

Your inner mother is just like your inner child and is an aspect of you that is wounded. The inner mother is the wounded part of the mother. The archetypal mother would be Mother Earth minus. So what happens is you become connected to the archetypal mother minus your issues and lack of connection with the wounding of your own inner mother. So the journey is to go and heal aspects of your mother so that you can deepen your connection to Mother Earth and feel that sense of security, safety and belonging because that’s how you should have felt if your mother was the archetypal principal. You would have felt absolutely safe and secure in your mother’s womb. You would have felt like you belonged and you would have felt love and that would be your automatic reaction to life if you had all these energies of safety, security, belonging and love then your lives would be very, very different. Nurturing and nourishing yourself would no longer be a problem.

Let the feelings come into your body surrounding your mother, whatever you feel. Don’t judge the feeling just acknowledge and accept it and let it come and let it go. Allow the energies to move and for the intents and purposes of this channelling this night we bring forward the energy of Mother Mary, which is a very earthbound mother energy worshipped by many millions and also energized by many millions of Catholics. They have put a lot of energy into Mother Mary and that energy of the mother because they know the importance of being mothered.

Wherever you feel a disconnection, or the woundedness of your mother it will begin to dissolve inside your body usually in your 2nd chakra, solar plexus and base charka, your lower three charkas. You are all in this energy this night Dear Ones to release and dissolve and strengthen your connection to the heart of Mother Earth. Allow.

Allow more and more love to flow into your relationship with your own mother. Allow the energies to move, allow yourself to be in this energy. Feel whatever you are feeling without judgement. You will feel energy flowing into your body but you will also feel where you’re blocked because the blockage will magnify. You will become more and more aware of your mother’s issues remembering that emotions are on the inside and those emotions create the issue on the outside.

This is a journey into creativity, into love, into being able to create the life that you really want for yourself, healing that lack of self-esteem, healing that childhood hurt. The more powerful your connection to Mother Earth the more energy that will surround your own inner child and the more energy you will have to invest in bringing that fragmented child back together. The energy of Mother Earth is a very beautiful, comforting energy. Allow more and more of this energy of Mother Earth to flow into your inner mother resolving and healing whatever issues might present themselves be it anger, hurt, hatred, sadness, maybe the inability to relate.

Every individual has his / her own journey and whatever you own you can heal. Whatever qualities your mother was short of you can give them to yourself by acknowledging this lack. As this process carries on, allow your heart to soften, to become very, very soft and gentle, become receptive. Allow yourselves to open to love, to the qualities of love that maybe you have never experienced in your life. Allow love to flow and let it flow into the aspects of the child that may have been hurt or wounded by your mother. Maybe where there’s a lack of forgiveness allow for forgiveness, love and surrender to flow into these places.

Maybe it is time to give yourself the gift of abundance, allow the energy of abundance to flow through your heart dissolving obstacles in its way, allowing your heart’s to love and expand and allowing it to connect to the heart of Mother Earth.

Maybe for those of you whose mother’s were absent or just not present in your life allow yourself the gift of mother hood to flow into your heart. We are looking at this issue of motherhood on all levels. If there are places where the child has not forgiven then that is a direct disconnection to the heart of Mother Earth and these issues need to be resolved in a manner that is comfortable for you and should your mother be alive, with respect and honour for your mother for she did her big part in your journey no matter how it left you wounded, she did what she was meant to do.

You actually made that choice and there is much gold and many gifts hidden away in the shadows of all this wounding. Deep inside your wounds you will find your genius, the miraculous you; you will connect with that part of you that understands this universe. If you walk this path for long enough you will come to understand this universe and you will present this universe one day with your genius and that gift will be received with awe and honour and with respect.

Each person in this room this night has brought amazing gifts to this planet but all the gifts are hidden in your wounding, hidden in the hurt, hidden in the absence of parenting, hidden away. They are not hidden for a rainy day or for anything so abstract, they are hidden they are waiting and they have been waiting lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

As you dissolve what people call the onion skin, as you peel away at the onion skin you will find jigsaw pieces of your genius as each onion gets peeled – the onion of your mother, the onion of your father, the onion of your own inner child, the onion of the relationship between your mother and father, the onion of the relationship between mother and child and child and father. There are many, many relationships that need to be unravelled, unbundled, unpeeled and resolved, but the most important of the two relationships that are to be dealt with is the relationship between the child and its mother and its mother and its father, the rest will flow into place, it will be easy once you understand these two relationships, once you recognize these two relationships inside yourself .

So whatever you are feeling in your body, acknowledge the feelings. This is not an intellectual process, this is a process where through this channelling we are opening your wounds and allowing healing to happen and the energies that hold you back in your life to be released. So own what you are feeling, it’s quite normal to feel anger and hatred towards your parents no matter who you are, the most down- trodden person on earth or the most exalted person on earth, you have all come from the same source. You are equally important on this planet no matter who you are. No matter how big or small your task is on this earth you are all very, very necessary and all of equal importance.

The biggest gear cannot turn without being meshed with the smallest pinion and often very big gears and very small gears work together in harmony. What we are trying to ask you to do here is to own your magnificence, to own your brilliance and to let that fear of who you really are come to the surface. Let it come and let it go.

We have often told you about fear being the barrier between you and your dream. If there were no fear your dreams would be your reality. Your great leader in his inaugural speech spoke of fearing your light, fearing your magnificence. That is where your greatest fear lies and who are you to make yourself small in the face of this fear.

Allow yourselves to feel this fear that encapsulates your magnificence. Let this fear come into your body and let it come and let it go. It might be easier for you to let your mother’s fear of her own magnificence come into her body into your presence and let it come and let it go. It might be even easier to let your grandmother or your grandparent’s fear of their own magnificence come into your body and let it come and let it go. They are all inside you, all these fears, the fears of your grandparents your parents and your own fears. You carry these fears as each individual on this planet and your journey is to walk through these fears and to step into authenticity, to realize your genius, your magnificence and to let the world see the truth of who you really are but most of all let yourself see that magnificence, that beauty, that warmth and passion, the amazing miraculous you and just maybe that’s why your mother decided to have a child and to experience her magnificence through you and just maybe part of you not experiencing that magnificence is due to some wounding with your own mother

Allow the feelings to come and let them go, let the feelings come and let them go. The more energy that you allow to come and go the higher the energy moves in this room. If you can release something then your neighbour can release. It works like that pulling each other into a state of magnificence, into a state of awesome power and love. This is true connection. This is true love, when you do something for yourself and it affects the next person in a good way.

Allow the feelings to come and go and just observe your body. “Maybe I am suppressing something here, what is it that I am suppressing?” “Why am I suppressing this thing?” What happens when you suppress something is that you use energy to suppress it and it doesn’t allow whatever you are suppressing to transform and to become what it’s meant to be. The stronger and stronger you become the less and less you need to suppress things and the more you can let whatever it is that you didn’t want to look at out of the box. If it’s got to do with envy and jealousy that you are suppressing something then not only are you denying yourself something but you are denying the next person the same thing. You can have everything, everything. Whatever you dream of you can have but remember you are only dreaming because of fear otherwise you would be living your dreams. You would be in that reality.

Of course you would be having another dream because of another fear that you need to release. Then you become more and more magical, more and more able to create the reality of your choosing.

This planet wants you to be one. There is a consensus on this planet that wants you to be one, to be whole. It is a hidden unknown consensus hidden far behind the veil but each person on this planet wants to become whole and one and be able to create their reality.

It states quite clearly in the Bible that you are Gods and that you can create a life and miracles far greater than Christ ever did but the key to be able to perform these miracles is having the courage to go to the dark corner of your very existence, having the courage to expand through the Universe and reclaim those aspects of your inner child that are so hurt, so wounded, and bring them back to you so that you can become whole, so that you can become one and live your dreams and pull others through into this new reality where people can live their dreams into this fearless world where love is king.

This planet is waiting for one person like you to step into this new state of being, into this new reality, to start the ball rolling for everyone else and you in this room this night are amongst the top of the list for this job on this planet.

So let the fear around that come into your bodies, be in your fear and enjoy this fear because it won’t be around for much longer in this beautiful holding energy as you take your steps deeper and deeper into the heart of Mother Earth – deeper and deeper into your own psyche – deeper and deeper towards a true state of Oneness for yourself.

Dear Ones this is your journey. This is your way forward.

Go well, God Bless and take care for this is Kryon signing out.


nardine 18th October 2007 11:07 am

:smile: A beautifully explained perspective of My Mother Myself and Mothering Myself - I have gained insight and give blessings for releasing and embracing a Mothers' Love, thank you

Julie Tye 9th June 2008 9:29 pm

Thank you so much Kryon, this channelling on our mothers touched me very deeply. I cried nearly all the way through and felt a beautiful healing occur on a deeper level than ever before concerning my mother. A great big soul hug to all, Julie

gezgen77 12th May 2009 4:04 pm


I'm an Islamic person and I read Quran. And until I read this channelling, I was believing the messages of Kryon. But now I have real doubts since there is no text in Quran which says that “Under your mother’s feet you will find heaven here on earth.”

I was thinking that Kryon knows everything about religions but not talking about them since the message given should not be understood as a new religion. But now I think as some channelling here has some wrong information. I do not want to argue with anyone but I need Kryon to clear my doubts. Also I always wonder something. Kryon accepts Hz. Muhammed as the last prophet but never gives examples from Quran. The only example I read until now is in this channelling and it includes wrong information.

The original saying is "Whoever listens the advices of his/her mother and behaves as a good person to his/her mother heaven is promised to him/her. Because heaven is under his/her mothers feet."

I'll repeat it but this text is not from Quran. It is an hadith


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