11-11-09 The Doorway To Your Soul

It is my pleasure to come into your auric field once more to speak with you, to guide you, and to nurture you in the loving, forgiving energies of the Great One – God. As I come to you, many are in times of celebration, busy preparing your homes with decorations and abundant food. This spreads an energy of joy, of laughter. Families are brought together in the season of good will to all man.

Ah.. but that each of you could have this intent, this thought throughout your year. An intent where you willingly forgive, where you willingly help one another. I have spoken of intent, of the importance of carrying out your actions, any action, with the correct intent. It is important. Yes indeed.

But I also wish to speak today of you – yes you. The wondrous being of Light, who is slowly waking up from a deep slumber of many, many life-times of experience. You may think of your previous experiences as memories.

Memories of you, in all your varied aspects, for in each life-time there were lessons, and you learnt much from each one, so expanding the experience and knowledge of your Soul.

Members from your own Soul family assisted you in learning what you chose to experience in each incarnation. Further, I tell you not all of your experiences were enjoyable, yet they were where you gained your greatest wisdom. Many times you felt alone, yet we watched over you. Those of your Soul family also assisted you, many times in disguise. They did so in unconditional love – for you. Yes you, my friend. You may have thought of them as your enemy. One who opposed you. I can tell you those were the souls who loved you most. Those were the souls who had so much to lose. For they risked losing your love.

Not your ‘human’ love, your Soul love. Because the part they played in order for you to learn what you chose to learn, often created much anger, pain, resentment within your emotional body. Some of you held on so tightly to this pain, the resentment you felt festered, and became like a poison. Some shut off their heart center, believing this action would protect them from further pain and hurt. The poison grew, and you blamed others. Sometimes this poison manifested as hate toward the Soul family member who had so valiantly played their part for you to learn, to experience. And so you see they risked much. Yet they chose to help you in total unconditional love, trying to help your soul grow.

Of course when each of you return home to the Soul Plane, you are once again close to Soul family members. I can tell you that when a soul returns and sees how his personality self - the ego - reacted, he feels anguish, regret. But only for a moment of your time. For he now knows he has not learnt that which he chose to learn in that life time. Often, that soul will choose to reincarnate again to repeat that lesson and experience. All is experience, growing and learning, all the while coming back closer to God through functioning in your Higher Self at all times. The soul will again seek Soul family members to assist the learning process.

This is how it is my friend. Many of you know God. Some call Him by a different name, the Source, the Light, the One, it matters not. Many roads lead to the mountain top.

When you return to the Soul Plane, you will see the futility of worrying and bickering over a name. It is what is in your heart, that emotion of true unconditional love which flows through your Higher Heart – that is what matters. I tell you this is all. This love, this Light you hold is the only essence which travels with you, with your soul, lifetime after lifetime. You carry it with you. It takes you from the darkness to Light. This is the measure used when you choose each lifetime of experience. Yes, my friend, I tell you truth. This is so. So you understand now why I ask you of your intent of good will to all men. Why you cannot contain this mind set throughout your year? Why not indeed. It is your choice, and only your choice. Think about this.

I ask you also to review your past year of experience. Of course there are positives, fun, sharing, and perhaps also a little hardship or sadness. You are in transitional times, it can be no other way. However, I say to you, your learning, your soul growth is in deciding how you will absorb these experiences. Will you use wisdom, your own soul wisdom, and make allowances and changes in your daily lives? Perhaps begin another career, or move house. Willingly let go of that which you have outgrown in your wisdom. Or will you sit in self pity, portraying yourself as a victim? What will you choose? And in this mindset who will you seek to blame? You may be experiencing what some of you call “ the dark night of the soul” – your greatest learning.

Look to your Blessings my friend. Step forward. No matter how small that step it begins with your intent. That intent forms in your heart, moves to your emotional body and into your consciousness. In this season of festivities, pause for a moment. Review your pathway. Review the steps you have trod, the choices you have made. Acknowledge them as experience. Do not waste energy wishing you had chosen differently. No. Rather say, “I have learnt. I will move forward with love of myself.” Love of yourself. Why is it so many of you have difficulty with this? This is another subject for another time when we meet.

For now I urge you to look beyond that which you see with your physical eyes. Step into your heart, the doorway to your Soul. Great wisdom resides there. I tell you, this is where your intent should reside also. If you can do this, achieve this, you have everything my friend. It is all. Your Soul will rejoice on Earth, and also here on your return. Open the doorway to your Soul.

There is another gateway opening on the 11-11. This gateway is an even higher vibrational energy than that which you experienced on the 9-9-09.

This gateway opens the eye of the seer, the wise one, to enable you to see beyond your physical eyes. To enable you to see higher dimensions. Dimensions brimming with life, higher knowledge, and beings of Light. So it is important, my message to you this day. Absorb. Sit quietly. View your Earthly problems from a higher perspective. Meditate, clear yourself, open.

These gateways are preparing you my friend. Preparing you to fully encompass Light. May I remind you, the Light, the full Light is a very powerful and very fine higher vibration. Therefore the gateways form steps for you to climb. For you also have a physical body, and it is necessary that your physical body be able to absorb and work with the Light energy. Then you truly become multi-dimensional, functioning both above and below.

I will speak more of this when we meet again.

My love to each one of you.

Master Kuthumi



alise from finland 11th November 2009 3:11 am

Thank You.

mifasolasi 11th November 2009 7:08 pm

wonderful message
Thank you :smitten:


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