2010 - A Time To Give

My friends I am asked to show you a window of what lies before you in your coming year 2010. You, all of you, stand at the doorway - the doorway of Light, of Soul knowledge, and the doorway of completion.

You are aware many cycles of your planet are being completed. All is a cycle. Is not each life time a cycle of learning? Sometimes these cycles overlap, or must be repeated. It matters not. No disaster will befall any Soul who requires to repeat a life cycle. It means the Soul will experience more knowledge, more understanding which had not been gained previously. All is experience, all is learning through the experience.

In 2010 your financial markets and weather patterns will feature greatly. The magnetic field of the planet are also changing now. See how brightly your moon appears in the night sky. The shifts and weakening of the magnetic field allows other planetary particles to enter your atmosphere.

Higher vibrational particles are sent with each significant Gateway Opening. This affects your conscious mind through higher awareness. We are able to send higher frequencies of Light energies to the planet. This is very necessary to help your transformational process.

As more of you awaken to your Higher Heart energies, more love and compassion for all fill the atmosphere. The universal web of Light, the Matrix, becomes very busy. This also flows out in your atmosphere. So it grows, and flows. You become part of the flow of Light, as above, so below, all are connected through this.

The global financial currencies will experience more upheaval in the coming year. New currencies will be bought forward. Some will lose financially during this process. So it may be wise to own whatever material assets you choose. While this financial change will cause loss to those unprepared, many will be guided to simplify their life style, which will bring them peace from the time of turmoil and stress created. I have spoken of this a great deal previously, to prepare you.

Do not give fear any of your energy. For your ego self will eagerly absorb that fear and request more. Rather understand you are in transitional times. Adjust your life style through your choices. Some may think of this as hardship. But I say to you, you choose what you want, than another do it for you by forcing you to choose, perhaps when you are not ready. Simplify your life yourself. Choose. Decide that which you no longer use, or need, let it go. Judge your happiness on your achievements rather than material possessions. Further, do not pit yourself against your brother. For how do you know he is not a member of your Soul family. Therefore is he not a brother?

Expanse and soul growth is everywhere on the planet.

There will still be those who try to hold on to the old ways of dominance, control and fear. I ask you to note these two words – old ways. Choose to move forward in peace.

One of the wise ones on your planet, Gandhi, said. “Be the change you wish to see in your world”.

This is before you in the new year on your personal level. Focus on this, not on your outer world. Can you not see if many more of you focused on your inner world, then the outer turmoil created by those trying to hold onto power through greed, would become powerless. There is great power in your inner world, through your inner voice and feelings.

So I am asked of the changes before you in 2010. I have told you. The ripples from the financial markets will flow out to many countries on the planet. I have spoken of this earlier this year in January. This cycle of change is still on the planet. Yet you can prepare. You can adjust your life style and lessen the effect of these changes. Connect within. Be still, listen. Come back to nature, to her great healing energy. Is this not simple? It is not difficult, yet it is you who must now choose, who must prepare.

Mankind needs to nurture the Earth. To hold the Earth in esteem. Protect it, begin to feed it once more. If man does not do this, much will be destroyed, and Earths future will be changed for hundreds of your years. It will make your lifetime much more difficult than it need be.

Instead of continually taking, it is time to give to one another – and to the Earth itself. Feed the Earth, and it will feed you. It is time to turn around from the cycle of destruction.

The Earth was meant to sustain you, all of you. It is not too late. 2010 can be a great year for each of you – if you choose it to be. I have shown you. It is time to give – to yourself, to others, to Earth. I ask you think on this, my words. Be still, think. What do you wish to change in your life to make it better for you, for Earth? You can prepare, can help yourself through this year of financial change. It is not difficult. Open your heart. Open your heart to giving, to caring for one another - for your Planet. Be the change, however subtle that change may be - begin now.

Master Kuthumi


ohmi 31st December 2009 7:49 am

Blue Moon Rising
With the ending of a calendar year
just days away.
The ending shall be a wondrous cosmic display.
A Blue moon rising
with a lunar eclipse
a power-filled day
all energy holders
shall be in their bliss.
The cleansing process we have been working through
shall continue, the vibrations being much more defined.
For as time has made her accelerations
so too has all mankind.
As we move into the new year
so much more shall we see
we have asked for these changes,
these directions that lead
us out of the physical
and into the Divine.
Co-creation at it's beginnings,
many will feel for the very first time.
Be mindful,
be grateful
be loving and kind.
Knowing that the New Year
is manifesting all signs.
We are awakening now like never before.
Still cleansing and purging
but healing at a record score.
Cosmic injections will help us to see
that me loving you begins with
me loving me.


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