2011 - A Year of Unity

I Kuthumi greet you in peace, in the glory of God and all that is.

I am asked by this one to share insights for your coming year, 2011. This marks the year of great spiritual advancement for mankind. Many more souls will awaken to their higher purpose and remember the knowledge of their soul. For as the vibration is raised, so is the veil of spirit. The higher you vibrate in Light, in awareness, the thinner the veil until a pivotal point is reached where you begin to flow in Soul Light and as one with all. With the vibration of the Universe, the Earth and fellow souls. You flow with the vibration of God the Source – all that is. So it is and shall be.

World Monetary System

Your year of 2010 bought many catalysts forward in preparation for further awakening through outer transformations. The entire monetary systems as you know them will change. This is a change bought about by greed and power. However we are aware and so turn this situation to a higher purpose where you will seek your peace beyond the material level as your soul memories are awakened once more.

Realize all you need is within you. It is not outside of you. It never has been. As I have said many times in preparation of this time – simplify your life in all ways. As the fight against corruption in big business intensifies more will cry out for fairness and peace. Many countries and races will unite. People in towns will unite. This is your strength. The strength of extended families. This will lead you forward in victory my friend. Victory over the corruption and the changes of the Earth. It is time to come together, to share your crops and gardens and your knowledge. Help one another as never before. The time of separation is over. All foundations which are not strong will crumble.

Reap What You Have Sown

What have you sown in your life thus far? Have you helped others freely as you are able with an open heart? Or have you begrudged offering assistance to others even on the smallest level? What does your heart tell you? What will your life be like now?

For it is by your actions alone that decide your future. This will be strongly evident this year. Remember there are two levels, the inner and the outer. The inner, your heart, your relationship with God/Source. Are you at peace within? Do you see the wonder and beauty of creation? Do you respect yourself and therefore others? These are important questions to ask yourself. I urge you to take time, begin now and ask.

What is contained in the inner is reflected on the outer. How can you respect another if you cannot respect yourself? How can you share with others when you live in fear of lack? For some of you this fear is so great you are chained to negative imaginings. Yes, imaginings. For you fear what has not happened. You fear the future. A future created in your imagination. Why do you give these mind imaginings so much energy? It is wasted energy.

Everything I have taught through my transmissions with this one has been to prepare you for this time. Prepare you for the awakening and the higher steps each must now take to succeed in your process of evolution.


2011 is your year of awakening fully in your mind and your heart. A year of dispelling your fear and your imaginings of what may or may not be. This year is a time of birth. The birth of a new consciousness. A new way of thinking.

It is a time to focus on a happy future. A time to simplify your life. To release debt, clutter and outdated emotions. Yes, much of your food has a ‘use by’ date does it not? I say to you old emotions of pain and resentment also have a ‘use by’ date. That final date was December 2010!

Use By Date

So it is time now to throw away the old hurtful memories. For this is what they are now – memories. It is time to throw them out. Time to clean out the closets of your emotional body. Time to let go. To be free. They’re past their ‘use by’ date.

My friend, when you complete these things you will feel reborn. When you sit and ask the question, are you at peace within? Can you see the beauty of all creation? Is your heart an ‘open’ heart? When you look at yourself honestly and clean out your emotional closet fully you are reborn. Reborn in Light, in freedom. I urge you to meditate with the meditation I have given to this one. It will help you complete this process.

Pivotal Point

This is waiting for you. Each of you. In freedom and a new peaceful confidence you can unite together, no matter what your outer circumstances. You see all of this I speak of is within you. It is what no one can take from you. No one. This is truth. From this pivotal point you begin to create the new. You birth new Light awareness into your being. The Light remains with you, in your soul. When you pass over, your physical body will remain on the Earth plane. Your soul will travel to the higher dimensions of the Soul Plane.

The Light you have built within will assist you on that crossing and will remain contained in your Soul essence. All that was in the material will fall away. The material with which you have measured your success will fall away. None of this can you take with you when you cross. It will remain a soul memory of experience. But the Light, the higher awareness, the love of all, that will travel with you to the Soul Plane. And there, you will partake in a great celebration. A celebration of a successful incarnation where you succeeded in birthing the new Unity of Mankind.

Year of Unity

I urge you throughout this year of 2011 to stand fast in the Light. Let it be your armour to all that is negative. Stand strong in awareness, in Light. In this way you can confidently unite with others of similar awareness in strength, in comfort.

Earth will also undergo many changes and complete many cycles. There will be Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It will be a year of water, much water. In various places the sea floor will rise considerably. The Earth fluids will be displaced. So I say 2011 is the year of unity for mankind. It is a pivotal year for your entire future.

Master Kuthumi



Gail Taylor 4th January 2011 8:09 pm

Kia Ora & Great Blessings to you Lynette - Thank you for your Loving Service. You mentioned in this channelling, of a meditation....reborn in Light & Freedom..., that Kuthumi gave you & recommended. - Is that available on line at all, or can we buy this from you please? - I have enjoyed the ones I have purchased from you in the past.
Love, Light, Laughter & Abundant Blessings.......Gail Taylor


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