Align to Divine Energy

My greetings to you as I enter your energy fields once more through my words and my essence.

In this lesson I ask you to pause, and to feel, to ask yourself where your thoughts and feelings are? Are they in a flow - as a stream of peaceful energy, or are they jagged in conflict with the Divine flow of vibranal energy. I have spoken before on the power of your thought, and how a thought, no matter whether a positive or a negative intent is attached to it, goes forward to create an action. The action of course, is decided upon by the intent which you used in your thoughts.

If you are living with the conscious awareness of the Divine spark of Light within you, then your thoughts must be in alignment also with Divine energy and therefore you would have created a wonderful alignment of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. For it must be so. And remember also, that as this level is reached ego self is also held in check - held in control.

In your current year of 2007 mankind is facing his biggest challenges - that of controlling his ego self and embracing the Grace and peace of God, the Source. Indeed man's goal should be to seek in earnest alignment to Divine energy.

The way to accomplish this is to function, to think and to feel through his heart energy, with love and compassion just as Christ did. Christ led the way over 2000 years ago. Now, the Karmic Lords, the Council of Light, the Galactic Federation, under the direction of the Divine Source Consciousness is gently urging mankind out of his slumber of darkness and into the Light of Source. As man transcends through the energy levels, he must also leave behind all old paradigms pertaining to ego self, control, jealousies, and selfishness. In your current year, those who are unwilling to change, to release, to move forward will face great pain, suffering and isolation.

We here of the White Brotherhood, and indeed many other groups of Light Beings have been sending this message through various formats and channels such as this one for many years. The message has not changed. It is the same now as it was when Jesus incarnated on your planet. It has not changed. We can wait no longer. Mankind and Earth must be brought into alignment with Divine Source Consciousness and other planets in your Universe.

I can tell you the process is not a difficult one. To begin simply requires self discipline to become aware of your thoughts and of your words. Much information has already been given to you on the power of your thoughts. Many are now aware of the energy which all thought manifest - whether positive or negative. Now you are becoming aware of how your focused thought waves can manifest what ever you desire. You see now why we refer to your thoughts as power. And in this there is also great learning, for you as human beings have the unique gift of free will, of choice. That is why many seek to incarnate on Earth, for the great soul advancement that is possible.

However, just as your thoughts have power, so too do your words. For words have form. Yes indeed. Please pause for a moment and perhaps recall how a droplet of water, when photographed, produces a pattern. The pattern, when in positive form looks something like, what you would call, a snowflake pattern. This is the positive form. However, when the same droplet of water is subjected to the vibration of anger, hate, heavy music, how the form of the droplet of water changes. It distorts into unrecognizable shapes and further, it discolors from white to a muddy yellow color. You see how the form has changed? It was changed from a beautiful white snowflake pattern to an unrecognizable discolored shape by a negative vibration.

It did not matter whether that vibration was formed by thought, word, sound, or emotion, the distortion still occurred because the vibrational energy was changed to a negative one. Words have form. Again I ask you to pause, be still, and try this simple experiment yourself. As you sit quietly think of a beautiful flower, think of God's love as this flower was created, think of the flowers beauty, how wonderful it is. Say a loud ' I love this flower, it is beautiful'. Now think of some event that has caused you to become angry. This may involve recalling a past experience. Allow yourself to feel the anger. Feel the vibration of the anger. Now say aloud 'I am angry about this.' Notice how the vibrational energy within feels. This is important. Now release your anger and experience. See it flow away from you as water flows down a stream.

Now bring back your beautiful flower. Feel your vibrational energy change once more. Notice how you become more peaceful, calm. Your vibration begins once more to flow in alignment with Divine energy. Do you see now how words create form? How words can create a flow of vibrational energy? You have this power do you not? You have the power, the ability to create your own vibrational flow of energy. It was necessary to ask you to participate in this simple exercise, to enable you to feel your own word form.This has created the experience of feeling your vibrational flow - of becoming aware of the power of word.

So you see, it is not difficult to begin the process of alignment to God, to Source. As I have said, it merely requires a little self discipline, an awareness, and an intent to live with the Divine vibrational flow. To dwell in love and peace.

My Love to you.

Master Kuthumi




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