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I Kuthumi come forward to speak once more. It is my hope to be of assistance as many are in various states of release, yet are not understanding. This creates a turbulence on the mental body. A turbulence created by fear. This in turn creates many mixed emotions. So you see, turbulence, which is upsetting and confusing. On an outer level the sun is also experiencing turbulence through many powerful solar flares. This energy floods into your atmosphere encouraging this great release. 

It is a great release of all which no longer serves you. This may sound trivial, however I can assure you it is not. Many struggle with change on the outer, however the release I speak of is on your inner bodies. Time must be made available to ponder, to review your year, your life. This is an exercise which is very necessary yet seldom achieved at this time. I urge you to strive to make time available. 

The Key 

You see this is the key, the magnificent essential key to moving forward into new energies and a new way of simply being. Without utilizing this key you will feel stuck in your advancement, and perhaps even in your life. Further, I can tell you this feeling will remain with you until this review is achieved and steps taken from that process. 

There are many who decide it is all too difficult. It is much easier to pursue other activities and to turn away and to try to ignore this process. I ask you to look and ask where are they now? Have they progressed? Most importantly, are they content and happy with themselves and their life? Mmm, do you see my friend how essential it is to make the time available to ponder and review your life? To have the courage to truly see that which no longer serves you, that which you really no longer need, and to let it go. 

The Higher Path 

So many of you are seeking more. As I have said fulfillment is not outside of you, it is within This feeling of fulfillment requires work and energy to maintain an inner balance of peace and fulfillment. The solar flare energy is providing a great push for all to look within, to seek and maintain an inner peace. However it is you who must provide the answers.

You are being called to answer now. The Universal energies are also encouraging this. Your soul is pushing, asking you to clear now. Turbulence? Yes, but how wonderful that you are being pushed to review, clear and answer. My friend do you not see without this turbulence provided by higher energies you would be unable to move forward on your soul path at this pivotal time on Earth? 


These energies are from the Universe which your soul answers so readily. Your soul then seeks to prod and push you because your soul knows it's time to step up and step forward. It is time to answer your soul. This often means change in the physical. Change of old behavior patterns, maybe a change of job. You will only know when you answer the call, when you take the time to be still, and review your emotions, those nagging thoughts and your life. 

Free Will 

You have experienced much of free will. Indeed, life times. You still have free will. Yet this is not the question. The question is, are you truly happy? It's a big question is it not and contains much depth. One I hope you will ponder on. Many now desire happiness. I have spoken many times on simplifying your life. There are numerous ways to achieve this. It is your first step to achieving happiness. If you need help, then seek the voice, comfort and assistance of another. Someone you hold dear and respect. You see it is often the emotion of fear which holds many back. Yet I ask you to describe just what it is you fear? What is the core of your fear? Can you truly tell me from your heart? I said your heart, not your mind. 

If you can truly answer this question then you have just taken your first step forward. Your heart will lead you to a higher path, and guide you to seek the bigger picture of life. This will enable you to understand the forward movement of the higher energies flooding the atmosphere. The old is falling away on all levels. You have desired a higher path of peace and greater understanding. The Universe is calling you to take another step forward, to release further, and to raise your vibrational energy to new levels. 

You have been told of the great transformation of mankind and of Earth. You are now being asked to, as this one would say, "walk your talk". To live in joy and peace with a greater higher understanding of energy, of soul - your soul. Choose to take a higher path. It will serve you well in times of outer turbulence. You are then able rise above the turmoil of others still in transition and not understanding. That is their path, the one they are choosing at this time. Remember their soul is also at work and they may not be as willing to progress. Therefore simply acknowledge and keep moving forward on your own higher path. This is the way during these times of transition. 

Peace to you



Sandra Smyre 20th November 2013 9:38 am

Thank you very much for this beautiful channel. It lifted my spirits this morning. :smitten:

heymumphy 24th November 2013 12:03 pm

Wow I love this message. Yesterday I was chatting w a friend & mentioned that we need to send our prayers out to everyone to start to feel & listen to their souls as this in turn will lead to a quicker rise in the vibrations of love, compassion & understanding.
This msg was a confirmation for me that we're on the right path. Thank you Kuthumi & Lynette. Kathy.


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