Be As The Eagle

As I enter your Light field listen closely. Listen... Do you hear them. The trumpets call. Rise. Rise in glorious celebration of Light and Oneness. Rise above your lower thoughts of lack, of fear. Why do you worry so much of tomorrow, when your thoughts of today create your future? Your mind tallies with mental fantasies of what may or may not be, then quickly shifts focus to another desire.

When I ask you to rise, I ask you to rise to your Higher Self. It is here your true future may be seen, your path as it is in that very moment. Of course this may also change. How you ask?

There is the possibility of change as long as free will is able to change the circumstances of an event.

As long as another is able to step in with their free will, their thoughts and decisions. Of course this will distort and change the previous picture. It is an outside influence creating a new outcome.

Of course if you remain focused through your Higher Self, not giving any energy to the outside energies, then - then my friend, you create a new path to walk for yourself. A new experience, you see. Yet while your mind keeps changing and switching scenarios and ideas you merely create confusion. We can do nothing to assist - nothing. The helpers here cannot act nor give assistance while there is confusion.

Staying in the higher consciousness will enable you to gain clarity and renewed focus.


You can call Archangel Uriel in your confusion and fear. For Uriel's energy will bring clarity to your daily problems and strengthen your faith. If you call on Uriel, I tell you to open yourself - your mind and your heart. Open to receive, both healing energy and peace. For only in the peace, the stillness, can you truly listen. Archangel Uriel joins me today to assist many of you through the turbulent times on the planet. Your guilt and doubts create a new veil between our realms. This veil seeks to separate us, and so Uriel comes with the legions of angels to assist you. That is why I say - pause, be still, listen. Do you hear the trumpets call? The angels will lift you and help you bring stability back to your thoughts, to your life.

We bring you back to truth. You may think that what you create around you is truth - it is not. It is merely what you have chosen to experience, to learn from. Many have difficulty with this concept. My brothers and I have discussed this at length. We could not understand why man would have such difficulty in understanding what is to us, very simple. We sat for many hours of your time. Then I recalled my final life time on Earth - and I remembered. My soul memory came forth. And I understood. We understood. For your conscious mind does not recall that which is held in the soul. So what you see as difficult, frustrating, is an illusion. That is why I tell to focus through your Higher Self.

Relate to everything through your Higher Self. For it will all look so different.

Your priorities will shift. Solutions will be given to you. Uriel will protect and guide you as you build your Soul Light center

In this center you will know, live and create in peace. All else will be left behind you. This will be your choice, not ours. I have said many times to simplify your life. The time is now. You are nearing the completion of another year. As you look back over this year what do you see?What have you accomplished? What have you created? I am not asking if you have been successful or not. This is unimportant here. I am asking you to review, to see if you are content with what is around you, content and at peace. For you see all of your experiences this year, whether good or not so good, have brought you to the place where you are now, today. To your understanding, your growth. Have you achieved Soul growth, or material growth? Which is important to you? These questions I ask of you are all part of your review of your life.

As the Eagle soars and sits atop a tree he sees all? He looks down with clarity and sharpness of vision. Can you say the same?

I tell you when you sit and connect to your Higher Self you become like the Eagle. Free, focused, able to look with clarity from a great height. For here you see all. Close to Earth you see only that which stands in front of you. It is from a great height that you are able to see all. To your left, to your right, behind you - and in front of you - all in the stillness of the higher realms. When you connect to your Higher Self you connect to those realms where all can be seen. Wisdom can be gained. But first you must learn to be still, and listen....

Our peace to you.

Master Kuthumi and Archangel Uriel.



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Kuthumi School of Wisdom

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

The Ascended Master Kuthumi's website now reaches out to over 110 countries around the world.

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