Be Watchful of Your Words

My greetings to you in Light, in peace, in great Oneness of love for all.

The cycles and rhythms of the universe are with you. You feel this in the extremes of weather patterns in your various countries and also in accumulated water masses. In some areas, there is a noticeable lack of water, and in others the reverse, an abundance of water. It is good man is becoming aware of Earth and her needs. Thinking outside of himself to his environment. I urge you not to underestimate the importance of this. For without care and foresight for the planet, where will you live? How will you survive? Where will you find your life needs of water and food? Indeed, it is a time to think outside of yourself. To think of others.

Further, I have noticed those who are learning the Law of Correct Communication, those in the midst of transformation on the material level. And there are many. You see as you increasingly become dissatisfied with what you have created with your home, with your physical work path, you notice how tired you have become.

Your physical body is weary, your mental body is a tangled web of thoughts with no answers or direction.

You begin to think of rest, of peace in your lives. Before long you are thinking of this constantly. Your mind may translate this to, " I wish I didn't have to work," or " I'm tired of working." I have observed this.

Further I tell you as this scenario unfolds, your words, your wish, goes out - "I wish I didn't have to work," or "I'm tired of working." Be assured what you are asking for will be answered, though often not perhaps as you would think. My channel watched this very scenario with not one, but two associates. I can tell you in both cases the universe responded. One fell and broke her wrist, the other fell and broke her arm, and yes, for a time neither can work, and will therefore have the rest they desire.I can tell you further that from our perspective this will also provide much needed quietness to review their life.

Understand this is not the universe creating discomfort - no. It is merely answering what it has heard repeatedly, "I wish I didn't have to work," you see?

And further, with the increased light cells penetrating your atmosphere and creating a speeding up of your time, the universe now answers in a much faster 'time.'

Indeed, as the light particles are absorbed, what you constantly ask for will be answered. This is the beginning of instant manifestation. I have spoken of this many times to prepare you. As I have said, to begin with, as you adjust your speech, your thoughts, the universe will answer you. As you become filled with more Light, what you ask for will manifest much more quickly.

You now see again the importance of being mindful of your thought patterns and your verbal words. You now see the importance of thinking more of unconditional love, of peace, of abundance also for your world. Abundant trees, fertile soil, abundant food for all, abundant water, you see? You are also in a time of thinking outside of yourself - thinking of mankind. Do not see the color of skin, or race, no. I urge you to see the diamond Light of their Sacred Heart. If you are having difficulty with any of these issues I speak of, then know you need to adjust your attitude. You need to go within and ask why you are having difficulty. For if there is an emotional issue at the core of your difficulty, it must be healed, by understanding and release. Only in this way can you fully overcome and absorb more Light and achieve soul growth.

The light particles from the Photon Belt as you refer to it, is also encouraging transformation on the emotional body, therefore many are, and will be dealing with varied issues. Some of you have held issues within you for lifetimes - yes, indeed. You have carried them with you because you chose to bury certain issues deep in your consciousness and so they have not been dealt with and remain on the emotional body - waiting to be let go of.

My friend, I tell you truth, unless these old issues are dealt with, released through understanding and love, you cannot move forward. this is why the New Light on your planet is encouraging you to do so.

You may perceive the new energy as creating difficulty for you, because it is urging you to look at your heart center. To deal with old experiences of pain, unfairness and hurt that you have chosen to bury, sometimes for more than one life time.

Just as you would nurture a child to heal, with love and patience, we nurture you, through our love and patience and the New Light. We see you need help with clearing your emotional body. I tell you it is essential for your new life, as you prepare for the Golden Age before you.

Your emotional body contains great power. For this body and the contents can bind you to heavy negativity and old paradigms of behavior, or it can set you free! Further, realize this is your choice. Now. At this time.
I ask you, "what do you choose?" For in choosing you direct your path for your own future, for mankind, and for Earth.

I ask you again - "What do you choose?" You can no longer procrastinate, make excuses, ignore your emotions, your feelings. You are at a crossroad. Your time is speeding up.
"What do you choose?"

Master Kuthumi



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