Birth of the Golden Age

I greet you once again in Oneness and Universal Love as our energies merge once more.

I have been dead tired the past few months, and I have noticed it with my friends and family, and I over-hear conversations of people commenting on how tired they are feeling too. Is this just me and my surroundings, or are others feeling this too, and what is the reason?

Thanks, Sarah

In answer to this question I can say yes, millions of you are feeling very tired, also feeling more irritated than usual. A large number are also enduring emotional unrest as any unresolved issues with family, friends and partners are being presented to be cleared. So you see there are a lot of energy changes on many levels of your being and also the planet.

You have been told you are experiencing changes in your vibrational energy. We have been preparing you on every level, trying to guide you through this time. Many wise ones spoke at the beginning of this year warning you of a 'Great Shift'. There were some who heard, yet chose not to listen. Now you are feeling the energy shift. I can tell you to simply be aware of what is happening, and the reasons why, and to stay in your Soul Light energy. Meditate. Go within to your inner space and rest - yes, simply rest. You see, as you go within to your Soul Light energy, you will also receive a healing from the Source - God. For this is where your Soul Light energy comes from.

This is why it is so powerfully energizing, uplifting and healing. It is a gift to you from God to help you while you are living on this planet of choice. This energy will also help you through the vibrational energy changes you are all experiencing. Simply draw on the Light energy to rejuvenate your physical body in times of stress and tiredness.
These changes are birthing the planet and mankind into the Golden Age. You are not alone, no Many, many beings of Light are surrounding you, and assisting you through this wondrous and great process.

It is indeed a joyous time for all. Yet many of you will not permit your selves to see this joy. Many see only doom and gloom and wallow in self pity because of a personal trauma or issue you must face, yet are desperately trying to avoid. I say to these ones, you cannot be like an Ostrich with your head in the sand, thinking everything will go away. I can tell you it will not. The planetary influences will not permit these lessons to be left any longer. Issues must be cleared. Fear must be overcome. For you see, this is why many of you do not want to clear you old emotional issues. You fear the upset, the trauma, perhaps being alone, and there are feelings of unworthiness which create fear. I say again, mankind is birthing a new age, an new vibration of energy.

Fear is a lower vibrational energy. Therefore, to release your fear and whatever issue that fear is tied to, will be a birthing pain for you. It must be resolved and cleared. For fear cannot endure in the New Age which is before you.

For those who have already been on their path of higher learning, they would have already dealt with many of their issues surrounding fear. If there are deeper fears being held within, they will be bought to the surface, usually by various events and so dealt with and healed.

You are entering higher vibrational energies, raising your consciousness. Old emotions of a lower vibration must be left behind you. You must let go of them. This indeed does require change. The first change is in your mind - your very thoughts. This is the first ray of change. Your soul light will help you do this, for this Light is of a higher vibration. Therefore while you enjoy this soul vibration your thoughts will follow you see. Your thoughts will also be of a higher vibration.

You are now ending the time which was allotted for emotional clearing. This begun in 1995, with energy "balls of Light" placed in certain locations on the planet. These light balls began the change by breaking up the heavy energy. It also began your change from 3rd to 4th dimensional energy.

So, I urge your to work on yourselves, beginning with your emotional body. It is time to sit quietly and review your emotional body. Your higher self will guide you. Go within. Use your Soul Light. And listen.....

In my previous lesson I guided you through a process of true forgiveness. I offer this again for those who need it. I ask it be left on my teachings list for this purpose.

And so, you see, the key as always is love. Your Soul Light will guide you and help you to release. Fear no one. Fear nothing. I can tell you it is you who creates this emotion of fear. It is in your mind. Those who relate to this I urge you to meditate in your Soul Light. Ask your angels and Masters for help. Give your fear, and your problems to them. Release them.

In Blessings of Love

Master Kuthumi



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