Crossing A Cosmic Boundary

I Kuthumi greet you with Celestial Blessings for your next chapter. A magnificent chapter, one which we here hope you are ready to embrace. To celebrate this great time of opening to your higher mind.

Many will understand and indeed now begin to experience the restrictions of the lower conscious mind which has held humanity hostage for so long.

Breaking Free

Let us pause and look at this more closely. Although your conscious mind has been held in the depths of ego in abundance, for life times, the behavioral traits are very familiar. Because of this familiarity many found it very difficult to move on from these, and to accept the limitations these debilitating patterns have created within you. My friends, this has allowed the ego self to thrive, to rule you through controlling thoughts and actions. Control takes many forms from the subtle – which if consistently practiced over another will gain total control over that person – to more aggressive control methods. I’m sure you are familiar with the traits of the ego. The need to be ahead of everyone, to be first always, to have the best and grandest of material goods, to have control over everything and everyone and to be seen to have that control. Some will say, “ But it gives me respect from others.”

I say to you, “ No, it does not. True respect is not gained through creating fear. True respect is gained through helping another and showing your own respect for others through your own actions.”

So it is time now to break free from these old concepts. Time to open your consciousness to a higher level. Through this your vibration will also rise and your choice of lifestyle will move forward to a chosen one of peace and tranquility. You can then experience the new Cosmic boundary I speak of. I urge you to ponder on this.

New Year

As you enter your new year understand it is a year of deeper transformation. You will all experience this, some profoundly, others not so profound yet still very relevant to the individual and the ‘whole.’

It is time to make the necessary changes in your lives now. Not in a week or another month or another season, no, now! Understand it is your ego which seeks to further hold you back by encouraging you to put off your firm commitment to higher advancement. As in all times of great transformation strength and faith must be acknowledged and held in your reserve.

The Earth also is in times of transition and it is true, weather patterns will be erratic and extreme. It will be another two years before these erratic weather patterns begin to settle.

You see just as you take time and experience set backs to old behavior creating a bumpy path, so does the Earth. So simply prepare. This will help you to endure Earth’s weather. You may also want to prepare your self. Practice meditation, stay calm. In any conflict no matter how small or challenging, pause and ask yourself, “Is this their stuff, or is it mine?” Asking yourself this little question is invaluable during this time of a Cosmic Shift.

The Outer

I have spoken of this before in previous teachings. It will help to remind you again to help you to prepare, to transit this year. The Government is classed as the outer – that which is outside of your decisions, outside of your personal responsibility. Governments will be required to make tough decisions this year due to over spending. Many privileges of the people including paid benefits will be drastically reduced, so I urge all to be prepared. Save where you can. Come back to basics, grow your own vegetables.

All of this is on the outer yet will affect all. I say all because there will be much frustration and anger created and lingering in the Ethers. Therefore may I suggest that each of you who meditate, upon completion visualize surrounding the Earth with the sky blue Christ Ray of Divine Light. This will greatly assist in breaking up and diminishing the negative energies in the Ethers of Earth. My brother Jesus has come forward to instruct you with the Christ Ray in the meditation offred here.


Joy, oh yes, joy. Explaining preparation for transitional times is not always pleasant, yet so necessary. So now let us look within. Within each of you. Of course you are the commanding officer of you! You are solely responsible for all you do, say and your own well being.

Now, rest. Be still as you read this. Think of something dear to you. Create in your mind an image of that. What is it that makes you smile as you think of it or see it? That’s it. Now I would like you to write this on a piece of paper in very large letters, as a reminder. Also write the same on a smaller piece of paper for your wallet or purse. I ask you to put the larger version on your fridge door. The smaller of course in your wallet.

When you have experienced a hard day, when there is a need to stretch your dollar even further than you thought possible, when someone in the office is simply impossible to deal with, or your best friend snaps at you, I urge you to read your note, the words reminding you of your favorite image. Then stop, pause, and see your special memory in your mind’s eye. Feel peace entering your personal space. Hold that feeling of peace. Smile. Then realize that outer stuff isn’t yours. So why do you allow it to enfold you?

I can assure you however this simple exercise will assist you greatly in times of need. This will allow you to feel inner joy anywhere at any time.

Template Expansion

This is our message to you in 2013. Move forward in your thinking, in your emotions, in your actions and choice.

During 2012 there were many Cosmic Gateways opened assisting the new energies to enter your atmosphere. These are now anchored. You breathe their energy every day. Yes indeed. These new energies assist in your template expansion. Many, many Light Beings stand by to assist. My friend, I am one of them as are my brothers and sisters of The Great White Brotherhood/ The Council Of Light. Open your arms, open your heart, open your mind and move forward.

This is not a religion, it is a belief, a knowing that you are moving forward on the path of mankind’s evolutionary process.

Your DNA is expanding through the further opening of your Pineal Gland and therefore your ability to hold more Light energy. This also expands the Higher Heart, the Diamond Light center of the Divine within you. This is no accident, no. It is a part of you. A part within all of your magnificence.

So I say to you prepare, understand and move forward with joy in your heart.

My beloved – peace to you.





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