The Dalai Lama said in his speech in Brisbane, Australia "that this year 2007, should be made the a year of dialogue".
This sentence, which was not elaborated on, I found quite profound and so I have asked Master Kuthumi for his comments on this. Rev Lynette.

I greet you once more as I enter your field of Light energy. Allow me to say first of all, what a busy period this is for all of you, and for us here also. As many of you are aware, mankind and your planet is in the midst of a giant step in your evolution, one which involves moving forward in the Light Matrix and understanding the necessary steps to achieve this wondrous step.

Can I say that this one sentence can provide an important step forward for man - if you were to take notice and for some, attempt to change old paradigms of behavior.

You see, so many of you are looking at your behavior, your attitude to life itself on all levels. For some it may take a little longer, particularly for those ones caught up in a material world - and a material life style.

As always the basis of any change is a thought. Yes, how you think of your work, your life, your friends, your associates, your self. If you can ensure you maintain and nurture, kind, positive thoughts, your attitude will surely follow and you will begin to enjoy a very peaceful balanced life. And further, your actions will also follow your positive thought process. You see, you commence change, when you change your thought process. And this reflects on all things in your life.

Now, let us look at a situation where you are not happy, or you feel a situation is not right. I have just told you how to begin the process of change in your life have I not? How you ask, can you release an unhappy situation that does not feel right to you? Dialogue, yes, speak your truth, talk with a non judgmental attitude. Do your best to reach an understanding with the person responsible for the situation. I urge you not to enter into the lower vibration of emotional anger. But speak, talk - reach an understanding. Do not expect to "win". No one shall "win", no. For such a thought engages the ego self, no , rather seek middle ground, so each of you has a new understanding of the situation.

Now, I have spoken of this on a personal level, but leaders and governments also need to look at this core issue of thought, attitude and action. Greed and war no longer apply - this attitude cannot be maintained within the new Light Matrix. So yes, such wise words have been spoken, words of truth in this statement. What will you choose to do, I ask you - yes you! Will you remember these wise words and ease your path forward within the Light, peace and love?

I urge you, all of you - attempt to solve any negative situation with dialogue. If the other person cannot and will not see, then leave the situation. Wish them well in your mind and turn away. Do not waste further energy with a person choosing a negative path. They have chosen, used their own will, so therefore do not judge them. Simply move away in your own energy, your own peace, your own Light.

And yes, I agree - make this year 2007, a year of dialogue.
Make each day a day of dialogue.

Master Kuthumi



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