Do Animals Reincarnate?

I Kuthumi greet you once more. I come in request to answer the question "Do animals have multiple lives as humans do?"

This is an interesting question and will be of interest to many. First I must tell you that all animals contain a consciousness.

Some species contain a more developed consciousness than others. Yet all behavior patterns stem from DNA and consciousness. Man has often thought of the elemental, plant, mineral and animal kingdoms as lower than himself. Yet all are part of creation and all contain consciousness.

All forms of life in God's eyes are precious.

The answer to the question asked is yes, they do. The most familiar example I can give you is the dog, often known as your faithful companion. The soul of a dog evolves with each life time of experience. As the dog evolves in each lifetime, it usually forms a close bond with a human being, often more than one. As the dog cannot speak your language, it will communicate through energy and facial expressions.

Please remember I use the dog as a example. You often feel a dogs energy. One who is evolved will provide a peaceful energy as you rub your hand through it's fur. Older people often receive great healing on an energetic level from an animal, they feel calm, peaceful in an evolved animal's presence. Those who are unwell will often heal more quickly with the intermittent presence of a dog.

The dog has a very faithful nature to those whom it considers it's family. Many times the dog will energetically take negative energy from your energy field. Of course if there is a lot of negative energy the dog can and will become ill, and sometimes even cross due to the great amount of negative energy it has "taken" from you. Many animals work on an energetic level, particularly the domestic dog and cat.

Those animals who remain in their native state, what you would term wild animals, do evolve, yet at a slower rate. Their consciousness is not as developed, so their focus is on survival and caring for their young.

Now the subject of incarnation. Let me continue with the example of the dog.

The more evolved the consciousness of the animal, the more they are able to communicate their feelings.

By this I mean of course the feelings of the emotional body. Feelings of love, grief, happiness, questioning - "why, why are you going away," for example. Also feelings of great sadness. All of this the dog is able to communicate to you through your physical eyes and your own intuitive field of energy. So when a close relationship between a dog and a human is close, a bond is formed. This is similar to what you would experience with another human. You refer to these as "soul mates." So you can have a dog, cat or horse as a soul mate also. Remember please that this occurs only in a close relationship with an animal of evolved consciousness.

Further, just as humans decide prior to incarnation to play a part in each others lives in the coming incarnation, so can animals with a human. The animal may not look the same as in it's previous life. The fur may be a different color for example. It may be a different breed of dog. Yet they meet and the bond between dog and human is strengthened. Both are aware of a strong feeling of "knowing" the other. This is on the soul level, which is consciously felt as a "knowing." Both have chosen this.

This is a higher level of consciousness for the dog. The dog incarnates through choice. At this level the life path is also known before incarnating. Life situations and circumstances will place the dog and human together at the correct time in both lives. The soul growth and purpose will flow as it is meant to.

Any karma owed is also experienced and we would hope, healed. So you see there are similar soul growth experiences for both human and dog.

Often an animal will reincarnate in one humans lifetime. You may recognize previous behavior patterns of a dog you thought had left you (died).

Yet the dog remembers on all planes, just as humans remember when they cross over. Just as you carry a soul imprint, including certain character traits, so does a dog. A cat is also capable of this. I tell you as I watch this one, Lynette, conducting a reading, I see pet animals coming forward to acknowledge the person along with loved ones crossed over. When they cross they all reside on the same plane you see.

Perhaps this is a timely reminder for mankind to respect all life forms. All play a part in the consciousness evolution of man and the planet. As you prepare to enter a year of Unity, of stepping forward in respect of one another, I ask you remember the many kingdoms who also share the planet- the elemental, plant, mineral and animal. I ask you develop a new awareness for these. It is not all about you - the human. No it is not. You must now begin to awaken your consciousness to sharing - with all. For all is part of God's great creation.



COBALT 16th December 2010 9:51 am


Tzaddi 16th December 2010 10:15 am

I am so happy you wrote about this. In my lifetime I have experienced relationship with many animals--some horses, but mostly dogs and cats. From my perspective now, I can see that of those, a small group were "highly evolved," and the relationships we shared were most definitely of a higher order. On the other hand, maybe I was just catching up and all those others had been highly evolved, too!

What an amazing gift to be loved by a conscious being--whether furry or otherwise.

K.K. 16th December 2010 1:49 pm

Thank you both for this message as it was so timely on what happened with my dog this week, passing over.


josmoking 16th December 2010 2:33 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

k 16th December 2010 5:08 pm

Karen, I also lost a beloved pet this week. I really feel that this puppy was the reincarnation of a a dog I lost the day after Thanksgiving last year. They had the same eyes and personality. He has been very important to me over the past 7 months. I look back on our time together and all the laughs he gave me as I watched him grow through all the puppy foolishness. He was an accident, actually, born to my 10 year old Great Dane, who I thought was too old to concieve. So, the things we love come back to us in the most unexpected ways. The vet thinks he had a congenital condition that caused renal failure. Makes me more aware that we have to enjoy the things we love every moment we have them.

paviahealing 17th December 2010 1:29 am

This is lovely, thank you. I have always felt respect for animals and I realized at a young age that we shouldn't be eating them (I'm talking about meat)! Cows and pigs and chickens are in many ways like your dog that you love so much. Expand your love to feel compassion for all animals and beings!

K.K. 17th December 2010 8:33 am

Hi k,

Thank you for your supportive post. Hugs to you regarding your pet.

I spoke with a friend of mine the day she passed (she was only 5) and she told me that they do tend to find us again in another form. Said they will do things the previous pet did to let us know it is them.

It's funny because I was never a pet person, my mom got this "Chug" dog after my Dad died and my mom moved in with me, Daisy ended up sleeping with me and following me like a shadow. We were best buddies. She truly was the rainbow in my life. I'll miss her but know we'll meet again.

With all the spirituality I know and am familiar with, life still catches me off guard and surprises me.


avalonmagic 18th December 2010 6:46 am

Blessings and Christmas Magic to all - including all our
beloved animals.
This message is dear to my heart, as I've always felt a very strong affinity with nature and the animals. Fortunately, the man I was drawn to is exactly the same, and often visits the animal kingdom during his sleep.
Presently, our huge Golden Labrador and our young cat are both reincarnations of our recently deceased pets.
They are both highly evolved, sensitive, and healing souls and we are in awe of them.
They are the house Angels, and were immediately welcomed, respected and accepted by all the remaining animals at home.
I was soothed by this message, as I had been reading numerous reports of the terrible cruelty and conditions endured in the atrocious Bear Bile farms in Asia. And, as per usual, the twin feelings of: distress for their suffering, and not being able to help them arises, and then doubting the goodness of the Universe in allowing it to happen. All is not lost!
Namaste, Anna.

savy 14th August 2012 9:55 pm

I recently lost my beloved Muffin and has been grieving for her back. After reading this message I feel a bit better. Thank you for posting this information. :smitten:


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