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It is I Kuthumi who greets you in the love, joy and abundance of the Great One – God. I am a servant of God, assisting you through your life journey with Divine guidance and knowledge.

I have spoken much in my recent communications of your soul growth, and understanding the necessity to release all that is incomplete in your lives, both without and within. Indeed if the old is not released, you may be feeling quite energetically ‘heavy’ – even a little stuck on your life path. For the new cannot enter when you are stuck in old concepts, wasted emotions and trivial behavior. You may ask why I sound harsh. What do I mean? 

I will explain for this is very necessary for you to understand if you are to open and move forward to enlightenment and therefore ascension.

I may sound a little harsh for it is imperative that each of you release your old ‘emotional baggage’ – just as you would clean out a closet, so you must clean out the closets of your mind. It is time now. I urge all to listen closely to my message, for man’s allotted time to do so this is waning, your time is near where you will need to connect to fluid Light and higher consciousness. This is why my message sounds harsh. I have spoken of this before yet few have listened and felt the call to begin their personal clearing. Now, in the New Year, many more Light particles have penetrated your planet Earth. This has created a higher vibration for all living beings on Earth.

As I have said, if you have not cleared, you will be feeling very stuck in your life. You will feel heavily laden with events and memories long past their ‘use by dates’ as this one would say. (chuckle) Realize they are done, finished, yet still you hang on to these old hurts – and why? They will slowly kill you by penetrating your physical organs and nervous systems, creating disease. The negativity is like an acidic poison slowly leaching into your body. And yet you are unwilling to do a little inner work? Think again my friend, please. It is time.

I tell you truth. With the changing energetic vibration of your planet, you will feel more and more out of alignment as you continue to try to hold onto your negative emotions and memories. Only when this inner clearing is complete will you experience true joy and happiness. Then, in this new radiant consciousness, you will see clearly where any lower energies still remain around you and in others. You will see that which you have not seen before. Why is this so? Simply because your vibrational level has risen to higher levels. Indeed there will be those who will rise to Christ Consciousness level, operating from, and radiating unconditional love – the final step.

You will feel free, so free of lower burdens. You will seek to share your time with other like-minded souls. When you are gathered , a great flow of Light is created by your merged energy fields. This powerful energy field radiates healing on all levels, and provides great inner peace. You could say this is created by a gathering of like minds.

So you see the steps required to reach this state of consciousness, of being. This state of Fluid Light. The Fluid Light you draw to you, together with your intent, automatically flows through your crown power center to activate your Pineal gland in the brain. This gland is a switch to your entire Doctrine System, which in turn flows through to heal and energize your organs and blood. You will outwardly begin to glow with Light after a time of absorbing and working in the Light.

It will show firstly on the face. Others will notice you look younger, vibrant. No rich cosmetic creams my friend, no. Simply energy – the Liquid Light energy. So you begin to see many benefits do you not? I tell you there are many, so many more. For as you work with, and surround yourself and your heart center with the Liquid Light, you fill your cells with this energy. Your DNA begins to change, to expand. You look younger because you have freed yourself of painful memories, hurts, resentments, fear and negativity.

There are those on Earth who labor long hours, anxiously seeking what you call a ‘fountain of youth.’ I tell you it is not found in chemicals, creams and lotions – no. You already have the ability to obtain your own fountain of youth. It is within you. In every living conscious being on Earth.

Greed has led you away from these ancient truths. Greed of the few has held mankind in darkness for hundreds of your years. Yet you were not ready to see, to question. Now that many gateways have been opened allowing new vibrational energy particles to surround each of you, you are now ready. Ready to open your heart centers, to claim your own birthright, to step forward and create your New Earth. You begin with yourself. Each of you. Clear your inner closets. Pull out that which you have hidden and turned away from in your mind. Ask to be shown by myself, the Council of Light, and your guides.

It is not necessary to relive a painful memory. It is not. What is necessary is that is that you acknowledge what has happened. You acknowledge also you’re your feelings of anger, pain. Acknowledge, but do not hold onto these a moment longer. This is the key. Hold on to those emotions no longer! Free yourself, free your mind, free your thoughts. Take back your power.

For while you harbored those hurts, anger, pain, you lost your own power. Yes, much of your energy was taken up in fueling past events of hurt, limitation. Do you understand? Yet I come to tell you no longer need this to be. No. Indeed, the choice is yours. Further, you may require more then one time to practice the release of an event. You may need three or four, or even more attempts. I urge you to keep repeating the release technique until you feel you no longer need to hold it in your memory closet. Until you can let go of it – and you are free.

There are those ones who will say, “I have done that, I don’t need to do it again” To those ones I say, try again! Search your inner closets for any residue and hidden issues. You may be surprised. If however, you are free, I celebrate with you in the full joy and abundance of the Creator. Because now your truly function in Liquid Light.

Master Kuthumi.


johneblums 26th January 2010 8:29 am

"Liquid Kristal Light" When the "t-sun-am-i" event occurred in Indonesia, my twin spirit portrayed it in a positive light, just like all the other spirit messengers have, for they “look through their heavenly spirit eyes” not through human eyes of perception or understanding. She added then that the word "SUN-AM-I" was also a spiritual revelation concerning the coming of increased 'waves' of holy spirit energies, emanating from the 'Holy Sea' that is the Grand Central Sun of Y-H-V-H. On these waves where higher aspects of ourselves 'surfing the waves of E-motion'. The reasons for these enrgies has been explained ad nauseam by all the spirit messengers who are also revealing now some of the eternal truths, that will 'wash away'and dispel the man-made falsehoods and ignorance about out purpose here and our De-st-on-y to return to the realm of "Y" (Y-ES-OD, Sephiroth No. 9 in the Hebrew cabbala tree of life).

Marcell 26th January 2010 5:36 pm

if only everyone realised how important this practise is - the world would be a much happier place :)

johneblums 26th January 2010 9:32 pm

Acknowledging fear is the only way for it to dissipate and for one to go through that veil to an open door of eternal light, and beyond it to the point of undrestanding the invisible light of God-dess. The supreme angels, masters, elders of the Throne of God-dess can intially 'appear' as dark/black robed beings at night or like 'night-mares'. When you summon up the mental courage and consciously invite them to come into your aura or join you, then they will remove that veil/garment of fear and begin to show you visible aspects of them selves. Some of these beings can also be twin soulmates in some cases.DO NOT reject the "D-ARK-NESS" for it is the POINT/SOURCE and GENISIS of all spiritual, physical life and light. This 'rejection or discrimination' is also subconsciously played out in our society between "Blacks and Whites", hence the great important spiritual role Obama has chosen to play in this lifetime. THINK of GOD-DESS being initially BLACK: the black velvet cosmic matrix of spirit, where the 'white' light of the stary heavens is woven into it like a grand Tapestry of Life.

FutureNow 27th January 2010 10:58 am

perfect timing
thank you

Atheria 28th January 2010 12:37 am

I'd like to recommend Cory Herter's Inner G on-line free classes on Tuesday nights. The one Tuesday 1/26/10 taught us the perfect energy technique - breath and hands on to get, expand, and release those inner memories and activate the pineal. Here is the link to the archieved class.

When I read this post I knew I had to share this class. :smitten:

in light,


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