Gateway Opening

My greetings to you. I come forward today to allow Commander Naita, from the planet Arcturus to speak to you. I now stand aside to allow him to come forward.

My name is Commander Naita. I am not from your planet Earth. I come from the planet known as Arcturus. It is also where this one I come through is from. It is a place more advanced in technology, and awareness. We live in harmony, having already ascended.

I have visited your planet many times. I command a space craft with 5000 others, all Arcturian. We assist smaller craft and also have the ability to carry any smaller craft, should it require our assistance. We come to assist your planet in the ascension process. To instill some of our knowledge as it is necessary.

I came to this one (channel) 3 months ago with this message. It is now time to give this message to others.
On the 3rd March of this year, 2007, the gateway known as the 33rd Gateway will be opened. This is a large gateway and much preparation has already been completed in your atmosphere. There are already a number of smaller Gateways activated around Earth. The Galactic council and Light Emissaries agree, it is now time.

The purpose of this activation is to allow a higher vibrational energy to penetrate the Ethers of Earth. To those of you already awakened this will create another shift of your vibrational energies, allowing more Light knowledge to be obtained.

Others will begin to question their life styles. Please be clear, our purpose is peace. We visit in love and peace, and come to assist Earth and mankind.

It is now time to reawaken to your original coding's in preparation for your planets great shift. This is what we are all preparing for. We are assisting you, not harming you.

It is I, Master Kuthumi who speaks to you now. Commander Naita will be permitted to speak through my channel again. This is all for now.

Master Kuthumi 



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Kuthumi School of Wisdom

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

The Ascended Master Kuthumi's website now reaches out to over 110 countries around the world.

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