Gateway to the One Heart

I greet you in the Light Rays of the Universe, and the stillness of the Great One. I am Sanat Kumara who comes to you.

I come to speak of a responsibility you hold, an act which is required of you, and others who wish to co-create the New Earth.

Time as you know it, is speeding up. In a few brief Earth years it will not exist. You will live in what you now know as a void. Time, as you know it will be written in your history books.

Your DNA is being adjusted, the new race is upon you. You look with awe at the wisdom you see in the children's eyes - the window to the Soul.

You have now entered a phase in your development where you must heal your past, with wisdom, through One Heart.

All levels of your being must now be bought into alignment to enable you to uplift yourself fully in service, to incorporate higher vibrational aspects into your being.

Much work has been completed on Earth through the Light and the crystalline grids. The magnetic grid is also transmuting. The Earth is being made ready for the new matrix of Light, just as mankind is being prepared to birth into you a new Light matrix to illuminate you more fully.

So you see the shift is moving forward, the plates of the Earth are moving and those points - volcano's - will release the pressure of the inner Earth during these adjustments.

All is moving into a higher dimensional state. In order to anchor fully into new Light awareness you must bring harmony and balance to all experiences of your past. Those you hold on your emotional bodies must be released, bought into balance with your Higher Self.

It is time to connect fully to the One Heart, through your own Higher Heart, to come into a new balance of peace and harmony.

The old emotional cords which you allow to bind you, must be cut.

As you connect, and experience the wonder and fulfillment of the One Heart, the past memories you held so tightly will cease to exist. This is the power, the energy of merging with the One Heart's Light.

You must become an open clear vessel to receive the abundance, the Light and the Blessings of a New Earth.

Many wish this, they wish to experience it, to live in bliss and peace. You have the responsibility to become a clear vessel first, so you may be filled with new Light, a new life source.

I understand some may have difficulty with this process. Therefore the door is opened - the vibrational door, along with the planetary energies. Archangels and Masters stand by to assist you.

Throughout this time, meet with us through the Lady Nada who will lead you, with many others of the Light. Meet with us as often as you require. Join us in the One Heart to bring harmony to your past. It is past experience, all of it. Allow it to now rest with peace in your heart.

Join us through Lady Nada

I am Sanat Kumara.



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Kuthumi School of Wisdom

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

The Ascended Master Kuthumi's website now reaches out to over 110 countries around the world.

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