God Speaks on Grace

As I prepare today for another transmission, the Masters form in a half circle. Excitement is felt by all following into my awareness. Then I hear it....I hear the words.....Firm, clear

Be still and know that I am God. Do you think I am so far from you that I cannot hear you? Do you think I cannot feel you? Do you really think we are so far apart?

My beloved beings of my Light, we are one, we are connected through my Light. What you think, what you feel - you see, I also share. Through you I experience all of this and more. Through me you experience infinity. All that is, all that has gone before and all that is to be.


You may call it Grace. For through me and of me, you know this feeling called Grace. You know it in your intent in your words, in your actions, though mostly through your intent. It comes when you open to me, open to a love for all, when you open to the infinite joy of Being - simply being. Joy is beyond happiness. Many experiences of creating make you happy. Loved ones make you happy, accomplishments make you happy.
I speak of joy my beloved, simple joy which fills your heart your entire being. In joy there is Grace.

In Grace there is realization of Oneness, of wanting to simply help another because you can.

In Grace there is great healing energy. In your past the term Grace was used for a Blessing of your food before it was eaten. Your intent through your words ensured that certain molecules of your food was weakened, in some cases changed. This intent ensured a higher vibration was held within the food you consumed. You also were more aware of the quality of the food you consumed. This cleansing, this intent, you called Grace.

Grace is so much more. This is only a small portion of the vast, infinite supply of Grace available to each of you.
My beloved's, I give Grace to you freely. Each time you meet with me through prayer or meditation you receive Grace.

When those of you who use the vast reservoir of healing energy, you also receive Grace. This is given to all freely.

It is your pure intent which activates my Grace. Some of your scientists give this the title of Quantum Physics. It happens when you connect with another who is not with you, yet who also feels intuitively your own Grace through intent, through love, and you connect physically or through speech.

Beloved, it is through Grace - your loving intent. Just as I feel you, hear your words, so you can feel and hear another wishing to connect with you. We are one. You are one. Many do not yet fully comprehend the meaning of this, but you will.
Grace is joy, knowing and living in joy, in Light. This flows through to your heart, your thinking, your feeling. Therefore you know joy. You reside in joy, in Grace.

Realize the healing, the Blessed energy contained in joy. Darkness of any form, cannot reside in Grace, only joy can remain, joy in love, great love for all. Beloved this is your next step. To live in Grace.
Blessed Be

Kuthumi steps forward from the mass of Light, so bright.
Be at peace. I come forward now to ask you to be still, to absorb the words of God whom we all serve. Read these words again if you feel the need to absorb them deeper. Know they are truth.

Through the many changes and challenges you are facing, know there is always Grace. Know these changes are outside of you. I say to you, adapt to a simpler lifestyle, a simpler way of living. Return to self sufficiency. Grow your own food. simplify your lives. Live in Grace, in peace.
My sister Lady Nada will lead you this day to our realms of Light and Love.



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