P. O. P.

My greetings to you as we merge once more. This one heard a new saying in conversation. She is quite excited about it and has asked my comments on the matter.

The saying is a ‘person of peace' - P. O. P.

It is indeed relevant to you all, particularly as many of you celebrate the birth of Christ. The Christ of course was indeed a ‘P.O.P.' and lived his life to that example of love, peace and above all - faith. He had total faith in his Heavenly Father, that he would be guided throughout his life, that he was greatly loved. He felt this love deeply which in turn enriched his faith. His message was peace to all.

I ask you to consider how strong your own faith is? Amongst all the hustle and busyness at this time of year, pause for a moment to contemplate the great event you are preparing to celebrate - the birth of Jesus Christ. Think of his values, think of what he taught. Remember his hope for mankind, and his total faith and trust in a higher being - God.

It is possible that man is again thinking of this word ‘faith'. What is faith? We see it as meaning a total belief, a total trust with no doubt at all.

Faith is total - all.

Allow me to give you a small task. If the number 100 were to represent 100%, and the number 1 the least, where would your faith rate in God, the Great One, or any other name you wish to call this One? Where does your faith measure in your daily lives? Are you a ‘P. O. P'.? Further, will you live your life as a ‘P. O. P'. ? For it is one thing, as I observe of many, to think you are a person of peace, yet another issue to actually live your life as a person of peace. There are times when you will be tested. Yes, when someone irritates you, when others slow your progress, when your daily life presents in a turmoil, with nothing going right. Oh yes, there are many daily tests in this - the honing of your personality, the honing of your intent and will.

It is for you to learn to overcome the irritating little annoyances of your life, to stay focused, to stay centered in your faith, to stay focused and practice being ‘ P. O. P'.

To know, with absolute certainty, that those irritating incidents are not important. The only purpose they serve is for you to overcome, to stay in your higher place of peace with the love of God surrounding you. For this is the energy, the higher energy of peace, of ‘bliss' that many of you connect to.

I have said before, and I repeat now, this feeling of peace, that many think can only truly be attained in a meditative state, is able to be maintained in your daily lives - whilst in a conscious state also. Yes, this is truth. It is for you to have enough faith and trust, to step another level higher, to function in both dimensions. The more Light you obtain in your being, the more you trust, the faster you will live this as your reality.

The Light is God's energy. It is indeed this One which myself and the Great Brotherhood serve. We all walk a path of great Light, great love, great wisdom. And so, as many of you prepare to celebrate at this time of year, pause also to reflect on your achievements of this year. The transformation many of you have experienced in various ways. Change has been required. Yet what is change? It is growth, and so this is good is it not? You may find that it is only after the transformation process is complete, in the aftermath, that you can look back and see all the positive effects of the change you have experienced. I say to you all that this experience can be as easy or as difficult as you choose.

You Higher Self draws many people and situations to you to enable you to learn, release, experience and grow on a soul level. It is your Ego Self who holds you back and seeks to prevent this growth. I say to you, connect to the Light, connect to the flow of energy that is everywhere on your planet. Connect to that flow, it will guide you to what is your right action - always.

Around the Earth it is a time of joy, of celebration, of peace and Light. Will you choose to be a ‘P. O. P.' ( person of peace) throughout 2008 and beyond?

As always, the choice is yours.

Master Kuthumi




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