Practice Gratitude

I greet you as you enter my vibration.

These things I teach are as relevant in your time today, as they have been throughout the ages. It is pleasing to note that my teachings are available to thousands more souls now, than in the time when I established the Mystery School in Italy. Another time, another dimension, yet still the alignment of Truth.

And so my friend, here you are reading my words. Some of you will know me, in your Soul memory from previous life times. Some of you, who chose the Pythagorean path with me, may have sadness within as in that life time, many were hunted down and killed for their belief, for what they knew was truth. Can I say to you, have no fear - rather fill your hearts with forgiveness and love. From this life time, you gained great knowledge and also much strength. No matter what the outcome, no experience in any lifetime is wasted. It is used to assist you in knowledge and soul growth. To learn through all experience. That is why I tell you, there is no right or wrong - only experience.

And yet many of you are holding the emotions of resentment and unforgiveness within you. Further, as each time you bring these thoughts of resentment to your conscious mind, you make this emotion of resentment stronger. Yes, for each time you revisit the experience and the emotion you 'feed' the vibration of resentment. And so it builds stronger, until it is so large it becomes difficult for you to let go of, to dissolve away.

I have come to say to you today, to ask you, practice gratitude. How you ask? My friend. I have just explained to you, very basically, how the energy of resentment and unforgiveness can build such negative energy within your mind and heart. Your heart is the gateway to your Soul. I ask - what are you feeding your Soul? Such conflict within is created in this. Further, how does this effect you? Yes, You! As I have said the effect within you will be conflict, jaggard energy, with no flow, no alignment to God, sadness, unhappiness, isolation. My channel has a saying, "If God feels a long distance away from you - who moved?" I think this is very appropriate to illustrate my point. You see now, how important this teaching is to you. I seek to bring you alignment to God and inner peace my friend. For you to feel and live in the Divine energy flow.

It is important to let go - Now. Search your heart and root out all resentments, all hurts. For however unjust, a hurt will develop into resentment, anger or hate if allowed by you. It is time now to practice gratitude. For how do know that the very experience you are holding onto with resentment is not Karmic? You look with your physical eyes and experience of this life time, you do not see your previous past life experiences. I can tell all of you, yes all of you have had negative and positive experiences in your previous life times. All life times provide experience and learning. And through all of this, you are making your way back to the Light, to Truth.

Practice gratitude - for every experience, for all abundance on every level. Be thankful. For in being thankful you will align more to the Divine energy flow of God, the Source. It will help you to have an open heart, to live free of negative emotions. This is truly freedom. The freedom of your soul, the freedom of vibrational alignment. It is yours my friend, Yes, I tell you truth. Any time you wish to let go, to cleanse, to open your heart to Universal Love, to forgive, to have gratitude, in this you will know such a vibrational flow that you have not experienced before. There is no cost, no monetary exchange, it is given to you.

Receive with gratitude from your heart. I tell you to practice the emotion of gratitude, for even acknowledging the smallest blessing in your daily life will begin the process of your homeward journey.

For this is why you are here on Earth now, today. To release, to forgive, to love, to realign with Source.

To give to others and to forgive others.

Have gratitude for the opportunity, for the learning, for the release within, for the freedom of Truth.

Master Kuthumi




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Kuthumi School of Wisdom

This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

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