Quantum Living begins 2012

I Kuthumi now enter your field of higher awareness. As you approach your linear year of 2012, many of the changes you have experienced in the previous years will be consolidated – in your mind and therefore into matter on a physical level.

The previous three years have created much of your transformation. Prior to that was a time of preparation and of awakening to your Soul Light. In 2010 I spoke of the financial markets and changes in the monetary system of the world. Of course in the last two years this has created much chaos for governments and for every individual who uses money as a vessel of exchange. This has helped many view money in a different light. The chaos has helped many to restructure their attitude around the use of money. Wise ones have learnt to control their money instead of money being used to control them. So many have questioned and indeed many are still questioning this entire issue. This process takes away the monetary power of the few and creates a new awareness. New currencies will be born in 2012.

Last year, 2011, I named a Year of Unity. It was a year of facing new realities in your lives on every level. That which had been hidden for so long was revealed. This process will continue through 2012 and 2013 as the old continues to fall away.

I urged those who had opened to a higher awareness to join together, to help one another , and to reach out to assist others in their understanding and awakening. There were brave souls who gave their lives for freedom from tyranny to free their countrymen and women. They gave their life for truth and freedom. My friend I hear many say there is so much unrest in so many countries. I say to you, this is part of your birthing pains to a new way of being, of living. Understand that those who seek to suppress and control others cannot be permitted to continue doing so. Your strength is in uniting together to move mankind forward in your evolutionary process. I called 2009 your Master Year. It was a year of many awakening to their soul, sharing with others their soul knowledge. So the Light expanded around Earth. You see the pattern my friend, the awakening process. This unity will be required for the years ahead- way beyond 2012.


Many great elders have spoken of this coming year 2012 as a time of transformation being completed. A raising of consciousness. I have explained the steps already trod by many. Of course this year will not end the transformation process, merely this part of the process. It is providing a wonderful foundation to grow into quantum living. 2012 marks the beginning of the end of illusion for mankind.

You will begin to understand more about telethapy and some of you will use this form of communication. The final threads of the third dimensional energies will fade away. Your viewpoints on materiality will transform and be replaced by faith and trust in yourself and your own quantum abilities. These will be very satisfying for you. Ahh, I see that surprises some of you. I say to those ones, do not hold onto your material possessions so strongly, for you will surely lose them. Not through any form of punishment, no. But for the necessity of your soul growth and coming back into balance.

This is an area which many will still work through in 2012. I would say to all, to enjoy, truly enjoy what you have now, but do not hold it tightly. Transform your control of your personal material world to one of appreciation and happiness that you have it to enjoy, to experience, now, in this moment.

Emotional Transformation

You see much of 2012 will be about this – emotional transformation. Did I tell you this will be on every level? I have tried to prepare you step by step. So many have a level of emotion attached to their possessions. This grows to their money, their job, their relationships.

I ask you to stop for a moment and visualize a man trying to hold onto his job with a company which demands more and more of his mental and physical abilities, more of his time, even seeking a form of ownership of him, but with no extra pay for those extra hours and duties. Then someone else seeks to take his job. The battle begins. Emotions of rage, indignation, even hate are leveled at the rival. Do you begin to see the true scenario. He tells himself, I need this job to pay my mortgage, my car, my TV, etc.

But do you? Is it not time to stop and look at what you really want in your life? Is this how you want to live? Through events you will be asked this in 2012. What is important to you? Do you like what man has created? Do you like what you have created? Hard questions, yes. But you are transforming your thoughts, your desires, your lives in 2012.


You will be looking at relationships on every level. From your company boss, your workmates, your neighbors, friends, partners, children – every level. It is no longer about I, it is about we. Unity. Moving forward together. Changing attitudes. Changing the way you think.

You could say 2012 is an ending. It is an ending of your old ways of thinking. It is an ending of not understanding that each of you can create your own future. You can leave old ways of control – on any level – behind you. Some of you did not understand how to achieve this. Merely change your priorities, change your attitude to one of appreciation, to seeing the true beauty of nature. It has always been there but mankind moved away. Saw only monetary value and control. I ask, has it made you happy? What would make you happy? Ask yourself this. It is timely to do so.

Higher Dimensions

As you meditate you come to a place of peace. It flows through you. Time does not exist on the higher dimension you have reached. Only total joy and peace exist. Nothing else matters. You are moving to this place of peace and joy in your daily life. You can live it, breathe it. As you let go of the old ways you embrace a higher level of vibration in your being. You begin quantum living.

So you see 2012 is an ending, but not as many think. The Earth will change through the great plates moving and weather changes of the cycles. But it will go on. 2012 is an ending of old thinking, of control on all levels. It will begin a birthing of the new. What you have been prepared for - the first stage.

Celebrate the coming of 2012. It is not to be feared. It is another step to living in peace and joy. It is a time for all Light workers to join together, to help one another through these changes in open friendship. This is the new way forward.

Happy 2012

Master Kuthumi


LordJesusChrist 23rd November 2011 4:39 am

The Good Force be with you!
Thanks for the message and enlightenment!
Yes, we are Quantum Living on 2012 because it is NEW JERUSALEM, NEW GOLDEN AGE. Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
Live forever and prosper!
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:


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