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Your bodies are changing now as they must. The change has been subtle and will continue to be. All evolutionary changes on Earth have occurred over many years and mankind is no different, with one exception however - Three levels of consciousness. You see man was given the gift of free will, and with that comes the ability of an expanded consciousness. 

I tell you your free will has always been available to you. But my message to you today is to remember the power of your free will. To wake up and to fully understand that free will is your birth right. You are aware that the veil between our worlds is also changing - becoming so thin. This enables many to see beyond their physical world, which in turn expands the conscious mind to a higher level of awareness. 

I have spoken of the Light particles now immersed in your atmosphere. You see, all work together to raise your own energetic levels. The levels I speak of are your physical, mental and emotional levels. This also begins the evolutionary process of expanding your DNA along with the Pineal gland and the upper chakra's of the physical body. In order for you to raise your vibrational levels to allow you to begin to fully encompass these Light particles this change must occur within you, and within your auric field. 

The Physical 

It is important you understand this process, which is why I asked my brother Kuthumi to speak to you now. So many are familiar with Kuthumi and his ways. It was correct that I seek his permission. This one ( channel Lynette) is already familiar with my energy and therefore comfortable with my presence. So, let us continue. 

The first sign of change your physical body is experiencing is that of release. It is the Karmic release of any physical issues carried over from previous incarnations and also the release of any physical ailments still required to be experienced. Many cannot comprehend this. But if I were to tell you that your reading this now have had life experiences as a murderer, a prostitute of either gender, released a life of darkness executing cruelness and pain to others, and much more, all in darkness. It is true. Each of you have experienced all of this. 

Do not despair as many have also desired to expand, to grow in compassion, love and the Light of Universal Consciousness which many refer to as God and other names. It is these brave souls who come to pave the way and to anchor the Light on Earth. 

So now there are some who incur physical illness and who will cross over back to our realms through that illness. The medical profession will also expand knowledge and awareness as they seek to heal these ones. In some cases these ones who are preparing to leave the Earth and to cross over will finally have a glimpse of understanding, of something more - of a new way of peace, a new way of healing. So they will pass with a raised conscious understanding. This may be what their entire incarnation was about. Simply to understand there is a better way , a higher path to walk and to learn. This higher awareness they will carry into their next life time on Earth. 

So there is a great physical release, as there must be. These lower energies are heavier, darker. They must be released in order for more soul Light to enter a human experience on Earth. This is an essential part of your evolutionary process. And as the vibration of the masses lifts, your linear time accelerates, also very necessary to assist you in releasing old ways of life. 


All of this experience is of course thought of and pondered over at a conscious level. There are some, who by their character feel unable to do this easily. For these ones often other souls from their own soul family enter their life paths to create a scenario of experience to assist that soul in releasing heavy mental burdens. They do this with unconditional love, often unseen. 

Release must also occur on the mental body. The release of non acceptance. The release of victim mentality. The release of self indulgence on any level. A journey for many you will agree. This is occurring now on the planet. Many call this turmoil. It is created by those ones who still struggle with the release of power over another, of self greed, and control of others.

This is the greatest release of mankind. The greatest change which will also bring and hold the Light onto the planet. In your thinking, you could say these are heroes of mankind. Without these brave souls man would be unable to progress to higher levels. All is necessary for great transmutation to occur. 


This brings me to your lower emotional body. Each action is closely followed by an emotion, as is each thought. Much emotion. Much thinking. You feel each pain, either real or imagined must be 'justified' in your mind. Many create a mass of living energy in the mind from various painful experiences. You continue to allow that pain to live in your mind through thought , through re-living the experience, through refusing to let the experience go. Many are still learning how to release. 

It must be learnt if you are to progress forward. Kuthumi has told you often that intent is all. It is true. If you have the intent to release, you will create an energy of strong will, and so it will be accomplished. You will let go and release. How wonderful that will be. You will wonder why you insisted on holding on to the painful memory for so long, I assure you. 

For some this process will take time. What is your linear time? It only exists on Earth and is quickly diminishing. You 'time' is joining us here in no - time! What do you think of that? It is interesting, yet not surprising as you begin to understand where you are headed. The darkness is being transformed as are you. The emotional body is to be overcome and released. 

A New Body 

The lower mental and emotional bodies will be released and replaced with a higher vibrational mental and emotional body. The transition will occur subtly. As you release old thoughts and behaviors, they are replaced with thoughts of a higher vibration in alignment with higher emotions of peace and compassion. The desire for a more peaceful, joyous experience. Not just for an hour or a month, gut for an entire incarnation. 

So what you call turmoil is the evolutionary process of great transition. Each of you are responsible for your own process, and how quickly you desire to raise your vibrational levels. Be aware of the great power available to you from your soul. The soul will continue to push you forward, to seek , to understand, to release, to hold more Light in your entire being.

Many wise old souls have incarnated on the planet to assist in this great process of transformation. You see the transformation cannot occur without the desire to release. The soul greatly assists and encourages this desire for change. The old souls who hold and carry much Light and wisdom assist in this process also. 

If you are unsure, if you doubt, learn to connect to your soul. You will feel, you will know. Perhaps then you will understand the way of the Universe. 

I am Julius



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