The Dance of Freedom

It is I, Kuthumi who greets you once again. I come forward at this important time on your planet - a gateway for each of you. Yes, each one of you. You have experienced much turbulence on all levels throughout the previous two years. You have been tested. Many times you have felt alone, you have questioned. Yet instead of joining with the energies of Light, many have sort isolation, thereby separating your self further from Light, from love, from hope. So you have felt abandoned, alone.

You have chosen to experience this. Yes. For you see always there was choice. There have been many physical and emotional issues which have presented to you. Outer realities created by others came to your door. Again I say to you, you had choice. Many of you did not see this. Many felt you no had no choice, relating to old paradigms of behavior. But you did. You always had the choice to free your self. To walk another path. To let go of others demands and expectations.

By feeling you had no choice, no help, you created isolation, and that is the emotion you felt.

Now you stand at another gateway – on the final day of this year. Again you are given the opportunity to transcend those situations of isolation and separateness, the emotions of aloneness. To let go of the trials of this year, to let go of the dark times you have experienced. To release your deepest feelings of aloneness. It is not difficult. Simply make this your intent, to dissolve them. The experience is complete. It need not continue for you, no. Release with intent.

Connect to the wisdom within you. Connect to the Diamond Light within you. Open to it. Feel the warmth, the hope, the Light. Dance the dance of freedom, of joy. Allow the Diamond Light to embrace you, to transcend all pain and darkness, allow it to nurture you. The planetary energies are with you. The moon this night, lights your path on your journey within. Connect to the great Mother God, to her Light, her freedom. It is time to move beyond self imposed destruction. Time to open, to move into your Divine space, to awaken, to acknowledge your own Divine Light within you, your Divine self.

 It is time to use your Divine will. The will of self is tempered with the Light within.

In all things connect to your Divine will. Listen within. Within your heart centre, not your mind. All have experienced duality. It is done this night. In this divinely powerful Light of the moon, ready your self for change. Ready your self to let go. Ready yourself for the dance of freedom.

I have spoken before of the Eagle. Flying high above all below. Seeing all, yet staying on it’s path of flight. Your new year, as you release the old, must be as the Eagle my friend. See all, the good, the bad, observe it all, yet stay on your path. Stay in the Light, in integrity, in Oneness. For if you observe someone in anger, or someone insulting and betraying another with spiteful words, then realize they too are on their journey. They will learn and experience as all must. Move away. Do not give the distasteful words energy. Do not add to them.

Stay on your path. Do not be drawn off that path by darkness. Do not be tricked in this way.

Be wise my friend. Understand you are only responsible for your own words, your own feelings, your own reactions, and your own actions. Not those of another, no. Remember this as you now prepare to release, to transmute in readiness for a new path forward.

It is time to clear your self. Do not allow old emotions to bog you down. It is past, see it as an experience. Instead of bitterness, ask yourself what have you learnt through that experience, no matter how painful it was. Then ask yourself, who did the experience belong to? Yes my friend. Was it yours? Or was it theirs? Whose experience? You will need to look deep within to answer this question with integrity and truth. Yet the answer may also free you.

I urge each of you to use this powerful energy of December 31 to cleanse within, to awaken your Diamond Light, and to become as the great Eagle – all knowing, all seeing, serene and peaceful.

Be at peace.

Master Kuthumi


johneblums 30th December 2009 8:58 am

On the wings of light of the solar eagle I flew to begin my journey here. That eagle has now become the angelic being that I see as my self at the Throne and Realm of God-dess. I have passed through the gates and many facets of the rainbow pathway to the great celestial Dia-Mond, to the land of Arca-dia, and now I wear the fluid invisible christal light vestment of the 'Many That Is The One-ness'. I am united at the apex point of the Tetragramaton with the Trinity Oneness and my trinitised twins flame, and as separate entities we are four stars. We sit upon the celestial Rock of Ages and gaze out at the cosmos of our creation, like two pairs of eternal lovers lying in a sea of coloured flowers. This is the eternal place of absolute freedom, joy and wellbeing : the place that now I see and remember as my Sovereign Heart, my Rose of Love and my Lilee of Purity.


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