The Flow Of Divine Power

My greetings to you as I come once more to assist each of you in your times of transmutation. Yes, it is the correct word, for I do mean transmutation - not transformation. For you see this is what is happening now, with the powerful energies within and around you. The new energies in your very atmosphere, which filters into your daily experience. And also the new energies within your very being. I will explain further.

Many are aware of a new energy which has been filtering through your ethers of Earth for some years. It has been constantly changing in intensity and power. At your time now, the strength of this energy is such that many of you are feeling physical symptoms because of this flow.

Many are feeling quite tired, experiencing physical aches and pains, lethargy, headaches, interrupted sleep patterns also. This is due mainly to the physical body as it adjusts to a newer higher energy. This will continue for some months to come.

Further, the emotional body is also experiencing a transmutation. The ethers are thick with emotional issues which of course create emotional energy. Indeed, anything which must be cleared will be. Any relationship, on any level which is not built strongly will collapse. Some of you will find that some of your relationships have been completed, and you will part. If you have allowed issues to lie under the surface, and not be spoken of, these issues will be revealed in order to be dealt with. And so with the new energy flow, it is important to maintain clarity in all your relationships. For in your current times all false and negative expectations of another will require transmutation to an expectation of great integrity. If you are using another person for a selfish reason, it can no longer carry on. The energies now will bring this to the surface, to be seen, to be adjusted and clarified.

You are preparing to enter the gateway to a new level of being. A new level of experience. I have already told you of the importance of leaving all old negative paradigms of behavior behind.

For the change is not only in your outer energy field. The change must also be on your inner energy - the energy containing your true beliefs. Indeed, the very core, your heart center. Many of you who are wise now begin to reside and flow from the higher heart center we call your sacred heart. I tell you it is no longer enough simply to know of this, to have this higher knowledge, no. For now you are being called to begin functioning from your higher heart center. Yes. In every experience of your daily life.

The energy permeating your atmosphere and creating the physical and emotional changes you are experiencing is from the Divine - God. It is a Divine flow of energy. A higher vibration than many have experienced in an incarnation before. This is why you are experiencing these changes in your being. Why many are seeking more peace, and a higher awareness of existence.

Further I tell you, this Divine energy flow is activating the diamond Light contained in your sacred hearts. Many of you are familiar with the term New Age, and more recently, the Golden Age. Did you think for this to be, for you to experience this new level, that you could continue as you always have before? In the lower vibrations of war, control and greed? No, this will not be the way of your future times.

For my friend, you must prepare to receive the new Divine Golden energies into your being - in it's entirety. You must now learn to function from all of your higher bodies. this begins at the very core - your sacred heart.
I tell you the most precious, the most sacred, the one most treasured possession you have does not exist anywhere in your physical world. No it does not. You will not find it anywhere on Earth.

For everything you now enjoy will leave you as you pass to another level of existence. You can take nothing with you of a physical nature. But - ah, my friends, you can take your one most precious, sacred possession - your Light. Yes, the diamond Light of your sacred heart.

Further, if you have been wise, your Light will have grown and expanded through correct living and attaining higher knowledge. Through allowing all to see and share your Light. For in so doing you assist others by example. By giving others the opportunity to achieve great Light, great soul growth.

It is that the lower energies, the lower behavioral patterns, the false unbalanced emotional issues must now be transmuted to a higher vibrational energy. One which will expand into the new Divine energies now surrounding Earth. As the lower energy is transmuted through the Divine Light you become free. For many of you, this is a new experience. Yes, simply to be free. To have no thoughts of lower desires, of hurting another through thoughts, words, or actions. To be truly content with yourself, to love yourself - to simply be.

This my friends, is what you will experience in your Golden Age. Therefore I say to you to embrace more Light, breathe more Light into your being. For this will hasten the transmutation of your physical and emotional bodies. I say to you all - begin now.

Begin to live in Light.

Master Kuthumi


Laura Best 7th May 2008 9:52 pm

Thank you Lynette and Master Kuthumi!
Nemaste, LB

Oddur Thorkell Joakimsson 23rd September 2008 6:28 pm

According to the universe, not everyone will power up, not even close.
What is your take on that.


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