The Holograms of Creation

I Kuthumi come forward to speak to you once more. This day I come with a plea to all who will listen. I ask that you release your thoughts of fear. We here forecasted this time of transitional energies you are now experiencing within yourselves- within your mental and emotional bodies. We have told you many, many times that you create your reality - how you choose it to be. You have heard, but have you truly listened? Have you taken it into your mental body and pondered on the power you have within your grasp? You have the power to create. To formulate your own future.


This is possible because as your thoughts become intensified on an outcome or event, you create a hologram of what you wish to be. The more you focus your thoughts, the stronger the hologram you create. Do you see? Do you understand now the great power you hold? It may be timely to also point out the soul responsibility of this power. For if misused you will be held accountable not only in this life time, but also perhaps in your future lifetimes.

So you begin to see the learning in creating for yourself. Of course faith is also necessary. Faith in yourself and your own ability to create, and also faith that it will manifest in your future. Let us now take this hologram a step further. Imagine if you will that your hologram of creation was for peace on the planet and you had used much energy creating this hologram. You saw in your mind people of all races happily greeting one another with respect while quietly going about their daily business. People respected the Earth again and were caring for her. You saw all of this and as you did so, a feeling of calmness engulfed you. You felt somehow content. This was a strong hologram of creation.


Then you met a few of your friends for coffee. You shared your hologram with them because it seemed so real. After all, your hologram was born of your higher will, your intent, and most of all, faith. That wonderful belief of faith connected to the Diamond Light in your heart. So you shared passionately because you really wanted this to be on Earth. One of the friends laughed and said, ”I have the same vision. I’ve seen this too.”

“So have I ,” said another. So now the strength of the hologram is magnified. With more intent, more energy, more of the same visualization, so the hologram grows.

As each person shared their vision with others the hologram of creation grew even stronger and larger. Someone e-mailed their vision to a friend in another country. So the hologram now merged into another country. Even more people gave their energy and faith to this hologram of creation.

Merging Energies

So you get the picture. I wish to point out here that in your current time of evolution, with the new Ions of energy in the Ethers, and Light energy now emanating from many of you, your holograms of creation have never been stronger or capable of such power to manifest. I have spoken previously on the energy changes in your Ethers and their effects on your higher awareness and soul awakenings.

Crystal Grid

The crystal grid of the planet has been replenished. The grid holds a balance for mankind. Imagine if you will the great symbol of Infinity - 8 – circulating the energies from the Ethers, merging with the energies of your thoughts and your holograms of creation, merging with the crystal grid of the planet. Can you imagine this my friend? Now, can you also visualize the crucial link? It is the center of the Infinity symbol - 8. For this is where higher energies meet with the intent, the will and holograms of creation of mankind. The center where all merges as One.


So, review for a moment your thoughts, your intent. What is your intent now? Is your intent all about you? Is your intent coming through your Higher Self, or the lower selfish Ego Self? Review. Adjust if necessary. Then think of your desires. What do you wish for your future - and the planets future?

I ask also that you ponder for a time on where you are giving from. Is it from your heart with compassion, or from your financial center? I have always advocated a fair energy exchange. All must be in balance. Therefore Light workers, ask a fair price for your teaching, your knowledge, your time. Know it is your ego which will require extravagant financial reward.

So as you pause, as you consider my words, listen to your Soul. You will feel if you are currently out of balance in any area of your life, of your intent your faith.


In the coming months it will be important that you maintain balance within. Understand the power of your creation and the process of this. Join with like minded people to create peace and tranquility through the planetary changes. Journey together in balance. Always in balance. This will be your strength through these transitional times.

Allow love and compassion to guide you. Do not give energy to any fear based thoughts. Fear must now be replaced with a new hologram of creation. Understand if you live in fear, if your thought s are fear based, then your hologram of creation is one of fear. So what do you think you will create? What is it you will draw to you? More fear of course and situations which will activate the fear you are holding within. Therefore you create a cycle of fear, going round and round.

Remember your thoughts are the basis of all your holograms of creation.

Be at peace

Master Kuthumi



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