The Light Path

I Kuthumi come forward again, to guide you forward, to embrace your true Soul Light with the loving power of God, the Creator of all that is, Universe upon Universe, Light upon Light. On your wondrous planet you also have great power to create, to step into your full Soul Light.

Are you ready my friend? Do you choose to let go, to release your past totally, fully, and prepare to walk a new path. You face a new year in your linear time. A fresh start. I ask you how many suitcases of baggage will you take with you? Some of your suitcases will contain baggage of long ago. Old experiences you have placed deep within you, only remembering when one of your senses triggers the deep anger and resentment you so carefully tried to conceal from your mind. You see these deep memories all contain a level of anger, sometimes so subtle you don't see. You mask it with guilt, self hate, injustice, pain. Yet I tell you under this is anger, still, waiting to be awakened by a smell, a word, a feeling, a visual picture.


Other 'suitcases' will contain more recent events. Feeling forced to complete work you don't enjoy, yet feel you have to in order to pay your bills. A recent argument. A comment from a friend or loved one you ' took to heart', then promptly pushed it deep within you feeling the comment wasn't justified, or was quite unfair leaving you feeling hurt. Yet you couldn't let go of it, no. So, another 'suitcase'. There are many incidents, many situations. Some of you will have a lot of luggage. Others only a little. I tell you it matters not how many 'suitcases' you have. What matters is your decision. What you choose to do with your baggage. I keep reminding you of your choice do I not? This is truth. You see you are able to choose. You have free will. Free will to create. Many here- myself and The Council of Light- seek to help you, to guide you through. Indeed I myself will lead you in a meditation to release fully all your baggage. To let go totally. But first you must choose. I can guide you, show you how. But I require a determined yes. This is your part my friend.

Travelling Light

Your new year as I have said is a pivotal year in your evolution. Your time is speeding up along with the higher vibration of mankind and the planet. No longer can you sit on the fence and think 'I'll do it later'. You cannot. For letting go, travelling light - if you will pardon my pun - is only the beginning. The second step is adjusting to this new feeling of Light, of peace of true happiness. Yes, you must adjust. Lifetime after lifetime you experienced light and dark. Some of this you still carry within you. Some of you have been unable to clear the pain and anger from these experiences. So you have simply re-acted the same way, and piled more pain and hurt on top of the original pain. So it deepened. It became too difficult to deal with, so you turned away. You may ask "why do I carry what happened in another life time? When I pass, does it not leave me?" Not always, no. The deeper the pain, the more the core experience is repeated, not dealt with, and the core pain is built on, becoming larger and deeper. The Soul memory contains all, both positive and negative. All of you have experienced positive and negative, Light and dark, love and hate - all of you have.

You cannot know love without knowing hate, you cannot choose Light without understanding darkness. Both must be experienced to understand. I have spoken recently of the importance of balance of the left and right brain. Now it is time to completely clear out your baggage. The 'suitcases' of baggage you have held for so long. This is a process that may take you some time. This matters not. Some will be more ready than others. Yet I urge all to prepare yourselves. I urge you to begin now.

Light Path

In this way you become ready to embrace your new year. A year of beginning a new path forward. Many of us here have joined together to prepare this new path, a Light Path for you. It is time now. What you choose to create after you have let go of your baggage will be new to most of you. You will no longer simply wish for a situation in your surroundings to be different, you will desire to create it. To bring the change into your reality. To create a better life. To walk a Light Path of peace, of stability, of love. This is why I come today. This is why I assist you to let go, to release. You are all a part of God. You also contain the power to create. You have forgotten your soul power for many years.

I tell you - awaken, Remember. It is time. Walk your Light Path.

Master Kuthumi.


Guzar 7th January 2011 11:26 am

When you speak, please speak in truths. Time does not speed up, time does not exist. We are the physical container for the SOUL that is here on this start to learn lessons. The lessons that are present are the ones the soul asked to be present. There is no right or wrong only BEING. No baggage, only lessons learned. Honor the lessons. Every SOUL is light, there is no light path, only the SOUL path.

Please let your soul listen and speak, not your ego translate and place the message into words only the ego can relate to. The communication talks as if the soul is not aware of the I AM.

IC2ITUC 8th January 2011 10:18 pm

GUZAR, I think you should read this message again. You are reading more into it than it was meant to convey. My perception of "baggage" is that it is usually put there from each one's Human ego and they have not released or transmuted it yet. This baggage affects one's individual Soul's growth, development, ascension into 5D, and one's life's blueprint that they came into Earth to work on. Of course we have the "Free Will" of Eternity to chose experiences and to work on things at the pace we choose. Yes, in the big picture, there "is no time" but, as you know, currently in linear 3D there is a perception of time. Be late for work enough times and you will get a financial lesson from 3D reality to help you realize time exists here! :roll:

Lynette 9th January 2011 4:55 pm

Thank you for your opinion. I remind you that there are many vibrations of energy, and many dimensions also.
There is no time as we know it on Earth on the higher realms. This can be easily seen while in a deep meditative state on a higher dimension where our time does not exist.
I choose not to give your comments any energy, because you are being very judgemental and obviously not fully aware.

Guzar 10th January 2011 1:07 pm

Actually, you CAN experience the 5D now as it has always been.

The so called veil is gone and it is present if one chooses to experience it.

I address the slected words of this message for the intent is not what it seems.

The response of the "channeler" demonstrates exactly what I was addressing. She speaks in defense, which is an ego response. Because she did give energy to the response.

She has passed judgement of spiritual growth. My guidance to respond to her original message as it this response to to address/restate what was said in the first message.

Every SOUL that ventures on this panet has free will, it has NO THING related to dimension, only the energy of this star we occupy at this moment.

Guidance was to respond to the intent. My choice was to deliver that which was given.

Point made.................


Loki 30th December 2011 7:41 pm

"We are not being tested. We are administering the test" - KRYON (Test of light VS Dark)

Our presence here is by agreement. This dimension is not a representation of ultimate truth. I think anyone reading these channelings is well aware of that. Much is hidden from us in all appropriateness. And I believe it is up to us as individuals to discern what is truth. We continually evolve and refine what we are able to comprehend. Like the movie said..."You can't handle the truth!" (ha ha) If the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth were to come; well turn the lights on. The party is over. And it's time to go home. Oh but wait a minuet, we agreed to play by the rules; and it is all so we can experience ourselves relative to that which we are not. Oddly enough we seem to have to deceive ourselves on purpose, so we can experience our own truth in our own way, until we are ready to accept that which is %100 true; Which is where we started. So tolerance of other people's views,3d or not, is a part of the compassion we must have for the highest good. (Of everyone, of course.) :smitten:

Loki 30th December 2011 8:05 pm

Hey Lynette!! Thanks for the awesome channeled message. I ran out of room on my previous post. I just wanted to add that,even if it were true that human channels have their own filter, which is biasing the message, it's not only the 3d words that we,the readers benefit from, when we turn to spirit. Our desire and intent to receive the light is there no matter what we study, in the attempt to improve our understanding. I don't think we have to have everything "perfect" in our 3d mental concepts, in order to still receive God's love and light. After all, we don't really accept God into our lives simply through intellect.
I am married to a very old school Pentecostal church going Christian. I learn from her every day. She has one of the most beautiful hearts I've ever known. She doesn't believe in many of the things that I do. But her level of compassion helps balance me. My so called enlightened understanding doesn't make much sense to her, but she is tolerant of me and our differences. She may think so, but I doubt that I could ever be persuaded over to her way. ONLY LOVE MATTERS.


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