The People In Your Life

My greetings to you as our energy fields touch once more.
I must tell you we here of the White Brotherhood are filled with joy as we see the Light within each of you becoming stronger. As you return to your full quotient of Light and joy, you are also releasing the old paradigms which have created pain and unhappiness through many of your lifetimes.

If you wish to hasten this process, simply move forward through your higher learning into a life of love, joy and faith. Choose not to have negativity of any kind in your daily life, either through thought, sound or action. Move through the layers of vibration, always seeking a smoother, peaceful path.

This brings me to the subject which I wished to speak to you of today - that of people, the many people, and the various levels of vibration which surrounds them, all those who enter your life. Some of the people will have a profound effect on you, others will simply pass by in a brief moment of time. Some will cross your path to end a karmic issue, others to guide and teach you, still others to open your heart and heal you, on your emotional body. Many of you are too busy to notice why a another enters your life. The wise ones among you, will pause a moment and consider.

Even another who serves you in a store contains a lesson for you. You may think little of this as it happens to you so often in your life. But think for a moment, pause and reflect with me, how did you feel, were you in a peaceful state, or were you rushing or agitated, impatient - what was your attitude to the soul who served you, and attended to your needs in this way? The wise one would be peaceful, for this is their state of being they choose, perhaps acknowledge these other soul with a kind word or warm greeting to brighten their day. For you know not what is happening in their life, and a kind word lifts the spirit.

There could be another you can think of in your life who irritates you so, and you have decided you do not like them. The more you think of this person, the more you dislike them, you probably are feeling some anger as well, and of course by focusing on this person and your emotions, you feed the emotions even more and so the dislike and the anger build. Can I say to you stop and look at what you do not like about this person. Is it what they say or do, or how they do a particular task, look at the core issue creating this negative emotions with in you.

Now look at your self. For in yourself is the core issue, that is so irritating to you in another. You may be trying to hide it, but it is there. You are seeing yourself, a part of you that you that you do not like, in that other person, the person who has entered your life to show this reality to you. This person gives you these opportunities to change and move forward, to grow.

Leaving the old behind is enlightening, for in doing so there is always growth for the soul. Many are now ending all karmic situations. You may not see the soul growth until your emotional healing is complete. And yet this may be the very reason why you chose to incarnate on Earth, at a particular time, in a particular country, into chosen circumstances. To release all old paradigms you have held onto through life time after life time. This is great change, great growth. It is a time to be still, and to listen to your Soul, your heart, your true inner feelings. It is time to create a flow of Light energy in your daily life through this, in this way. This will give you peace, a deep peace which cannot be bought, nor stolen from you.

As always I embrace you in Light.

Master Kuthumi



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This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

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