The Season of Balance

My friends, it is I Kuthumi who comes to speak to you once more. I bring to you the Emerald Ray of the heart. To cleanse, heal and also to invigorate you. It is time to move forward in your life. To release all threads, which the ego holds so desperately, release the past. It has no place in your emotional body. Move forward in the prism of Light and Planet time.

The seasonal Equinox is upon you. This one holds much importance for humanities consciousness.

Just as the portal of Light on 09-09-09 was opened, to flow much Light energies onto the planet, this Equinox follows on with a new burst of Light particles. These particles of Light carry also the energy of balance. Encouraging all to create balance in your lives.

The world has experienced a cleansing on many levels. This was necessary as so many were living a false lifestyle built on materiality and it's many lower vibrational trappings. And so it became necessary to cleans, to review, to create a new path forward. Many find this extremely difficult. Many have had to diversify and find new work skills. But I say to you many have also grown to new heights of awareness. Many are also happier now the financial pressures have been lifted from their shoulders. So the cleansing has also contained many blessings.

It is time now to re balance your mental and emotional bodies. Release completely the old angers, hurts and injustices that you have experienced. Why burden yourself further with their weight? It is not necessary to carry this heaviness. For it is a heaviness my friends. It is negative emotions, negative thoughts, resentment. And resentment, no matter how small, sits on your shoulder like a boulder weighing you down. Holding you in lower vibrations. Yet I tell you it is you who chooses this to be so. Yes. Think about this. It is your choice. And yes, someone may have hurt you, or cheated you, betrayed you, but it is you who chooses to keep the hurt alive on your mental and emotional bodies. How? by continuing to give the incident energy. Each time you remember, your hurt and anger grows. You feed it again. So the negativity grows in your aura. Think about this I urge you.

For thinking, checking and clearing your emotional body will help bring you back into balance. This will allow you to absorb more of the Light particles at this important season of time - the Equinox. Do not entertain negative thoughts

For negativity on the mental plane is like a virus. It spreads very quickly out to all areas of your life

It feeds the ego self. Self discipline is required, it is true. But the wisdom of the soul knows this, and merely is reminded and adjusts your own thoughts accordingly.

There is another area which pulls so many of you down. That is the judgment of another. From person to person, race to race, country to country. To judge is ego. Yes indeed it is. So many judge without truly considering the other person. Gossip is rife. You have the power within you to cease the cycle. For as long as you engage in judgment you will not attain balance in your self or your life.

The Equinox is a time of new beginnings. A wonderful time on your planet where many will experience yet another shift in energies. It is a time of acceptance, of one ness. Of stepping forward in balance, in peace. In the new energies as your heart is again empowered with Light particles, I urge you to take time, to look once more into your own heart. Open, cleanse, renew, and connect to the Greater Sun - the Light of God, through your own inner Sun - your heart. Allow that energy to also renew Mother Earth. Feed her with your love, your Light. The Equinox brings you the renewed energy, the Light of balance.

Your transformation is under way. It began quite some years ago. Now you see, you understand how we assist you.

You understand the vibrations, the dimensions and the prisms of Soul. This season, the Equinox is a time of true awakening for all.

Use it to gather strength to help one another. Join together to meditate, empower your selves through fellowship and the new energies. It is time to claim your birth right. It is time to anchor the new energies into your own heart, radiating to your entire being. The Season is here, the Season of balance. As above - so below. Anchor the new energies into your heart.

In this way you prepare to walk a new path, to create your New Earth... Where peace and Light will prevail in Oneness. The doorway is open. It is the time, the Season - of balance. Open your heart and receive. We have given you the Violet Flame, indeed many flames. The Violet Flame to burn all negativity. The Blue Flame of healing on all levels. The Red Flame to ingrain new attitudes of new ways. The Yellow Flame to engulf you in Divine Grace and consciousness. In full acceptance of love for all. The meditation of the Sacred Flames instructs you in the Initiation process of the Flames .I now give a meditation to attain balance.

To step forward, there must be the release of the old ways, thoughts, emotions. To release and cleanse opens the door for the new energies to enter on all levels of consciousness. Fear does not live there, only joy. Joy in loving. Joy in receiving. Joy in being. Joy in the Oneness of all.

Master Kuthumi




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Kuthumi School of Wisdom

This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

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