Weaving Your Aspects into Enlightenment

I Kuthumi once again enter your energy field to instill healing and further understanding as you seek to merge higher vibrations into your daily life.

As your year progresses you may wish to pause, to oversee the progress many of you have already made in this year of preparation. Preparation of the first steps of your enlightenment. Can you be still? Can you sit quietly, breathe energy into your heart centre, and oversee the experience of your higher journey? I ask you to make time available for this. Go back and view your steps. For some, these will be great steps. For others perhaps an acknowledgement that deep within you, there is a higher awareness, the small voice you hear, but until recently had refused to listen to, refused to acknowledge. If you relate to this I applaud you on your great awakening. Your next step will be feeling, listening to what you feel at any time, in various situations. These steps are crucial on your path to enlightenment.

My Interpretation of the word Enlightenment

Some of you may wish to know my interpretation of this wonderful word - Enlightenment. We can break it up en - lighten - ment.

You are (ment) to experience (light - in) your conscious mind, in your subconscious mind, in your heart, spreading out to your entire being. This is Enlightenment. Being aware of, feeling, living in Light everyday of your life - this life. Some of you are expanding that Light awareness from your previous lifetime. Yes, you see each lifetime of learning, continues in your next lifetime. You may meet different soul members (players) in each lifetime, yet your learning continues. The soul must expand in knowledge and in Light essence. I have said your Light quotient is the only thing that crosses with you to this side. What do I mean by Light quotient? This is combined with your higher awareness of existence, of life - all life - with the Light essence you hold within your being. The more Light you hold, the higher your vibration becomes. Therefore in your next incarnation that Light quotient remains with you, and is built on again with even more higher learning and experiences. You are ever expanding in Light you see. So my interpretation of the word enlightenment is simply holding as much Light as you truly feel you can hold every minute, every hour, every day. For in doing so you operate on a higher level of thought, action, love, DNA. At this point, you are indeed experiencing enlightenment. The learning is to maintain it. Maintaining this level is the next learning step.

Second step of Enlightenment

You may think this an easy task, but remember this encompasses all of your bodies, particularly your lower mental and emotional bodies. These must now be left behind in past learning and experience. In this step you must now operate from your higher mental and higher emotional bodies. Remember also that not everyone you meet will be operating from this level of awareness, so the learning continues.

For now let us come back to your present time. You have now entered a crucial time in preparation of the opening of the Great Gateways of this year 11-11-11 and leading onto the Enlightenment Gateway of 12-12-12. In preparation it is time to truly acknowledge the Light disk of your true self - your authentic self.

Weaving of your Aspects

You have experienced the awakening of your Soul. Stepping away from paths of varying levels of darkness into Light, into peace. The awakening has taken time, much time, indeed many lifetimes. But now the time is here to step forward again. A time to release all cords of your past emotionally.

I have spoken at length on the healing process of your lower emotional body. I have given meditations on my website to assist you in this great step each of you must take. All of your experiences over many lifetimes have been a part of your evolutionary process in coming to acknowledge the Light Disk of your higher heart. You have experienced love and hate, victim and abuser, male and female, Light and Dark. Yet each life contained great learning, yes indeed. Each lifetime is an aspect of you. Each timeline of parallel existence is an aspect of you. Your ego self is an aspect of you. Your higher self is also an aspect of you. These are all part of you.

So do not fear your darker shadow side, no. Be thankful for the lessons, thankful for the tests which provided you much strength. Your shadow side has been your greatest teacher on your enlightenment journey. Do not fear, rather give thanks that during times of adversity you gained strength, wisdom and the knowledge of how the experience felt. You see there, the feeling, was the greatest learning.

Some of you may say "no, I don't understand". I say to you again the understanding is in how the experience felt. As you begin to gain more higher wisdom and hold more Light within, you will understand my words fully.

The time is now to understand and accept all of you. All of your aspects. It is time to acknowledge you in your totality. Time to weave all of your aspects together in Love, in Light. I will give you a meditation with easy steps to assist you. I do this because this is a vital step for each of you. Until you can achieve this you will not be able to step forward and continue your journey. All fear must now be acknowledged and released through your Light Disk. Prepare for the expansion of your Light Disk to a new level as you progress toward enlightenment..

Peace, strength and Love to each of you.

Master Kuthumi.


grammanet 12th July 2011 9:24 am

Thank you for this post!
It comes as usual with perfect timing and unconditional LOVE! :) >

I received a deep level reading from you earlier this year that has been an incredible tool assisting me on my path! I am in AWE! >

Light and Love.. Annette M


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