When it's Time to Say Goodbye

It was time to say goodbye to our beautiful, gentle Labrador. The decision to euthanase her, thus ending her life, was one we had wrangled with over two months. During this time we had decided yes, as we watched her struggling up and down the stairs in our home, limping toward us, her large shoulder joints riddled with arthritis. The once strong shoulders she had used to pull herself up as the strength had ebbed from her hips and thighs. But, after limping toward you, she would slowly sit sideways and give you the most gorgeous wide grin, full of love.

It was at these times we thought, no, she's not ready to leave us yet. We had changed her diet, made her as comfortable as we could. But the day drew closer. One day I looked in her eyes and saw such sadness and pain. The loving smiles I had not seen in over a week or more. It was time to say goodbye. I thanked her for staying with us, for looking after us so well. She investigated every visitor to our home, checking if it was safe to let them enter our sanctuary. She was never mean. Only once in her 14 years had she she growled at someone. She adored children. She was protective in a very loving way. We cried. I couldn't stop the tears as I made the arrangements with the local vet.

I told myself "you know life goes on". This is just a transition for Cassie, our Labrador. Still we cried. We cried because she would no longer sit and grin at us. She would no longer talk to us with her large soft brown eyes. I would no longer fondle the soft velvet fur on her ears. Yet I knew and fully understood about spirit as Master Kuthumi's channel. Michael and I both did. I also understood there must be others in the world who have this same experience when it is time for a much loved pet to go. So I decided to ask Master Kuthumi to share his thoughts on this.

Master Kuthumi.

My dear channel and friend, I come forward and yes, I do feel your sadness, and also your very mixed emotions at this time of transition. For that is what you are experiencing, transition - the transition of a loved one as the soul crosses from one dimension to another. The love for the soul is great. You feel such sadness that you will not see, will not feel your pet again. It is the same when a human crosses over. The love is no less. Many pets are loved as a child, as a member of a family unit. However when there is illness, as in this case, do not think of yourself my dear friend. Rather think of your dog being free of pain. She had other disease manifesting as you thought and felt intuitively. It was her time. She had stayed only because of the love she enjoyed from you both. So be happy for her. That she is now back to spirit form, she is free once more.

Although she now resides on another dimension she still remembers you. All crossed over souls can do this. They remember all, particularly the emotion of love. All crossed over souls can visit those on Earth in spirit form. Each of you, (Michael and Lynette) are capable of seeing and hearing your much loved dog. For others who cannot, a trained medium will be required. A medium who can communicate clearly with spirit - animal or human. They all go to the same dimension you know.

So understand and allow the tears for a short time. Then replace your tears with thankfulness. Be thankful for the joys, the experiences you shared together. Remember with love the personality. Be grateful for so many wonderful memories. Memories which brought happiness to your own life.Be happy there is no pain for Cassie now she is released from her physical body. If you can think of her in this way, it will make your experience of loss easier to work through.

As you know your journey on this Earth is only for a short time. You connect to certain other souls through the great emotion of love. Etheric ties are formed. A strong relationship grows stronger. You help one another through many experiences. You look after one another in various ways. So when one of you must leave Earth, do not be sad for too long. Be thankful that another soul loved you so much to share your journey, to ease your burdens to give you comfort and joy. Celebrate their life and give thanks. In this you begin the healing of the emotional body. The healing of your sense of loss. Know your loved one does not forget you, no. They to remember the love, the experiences shared.

So I say to you, and also others who experience loss of a loved one, celebrate and give thanks for all your loved one gave you. Give thanks that they chose to share their journey with you. It is a gift they give to you after all.

My blessing and love to you

Master Kuthumi


geauxali 12th May 2012 8:18 am

I am crying so much right now, this message has touched my heart so very much. I have a little dog & love her so much she's part of the family. I never knew I could love a dog so deeply.
But thankful for this message of being grateful

mystykandy 15th May 2012 5:38 pm

my oldest and youngest grandsons were trgically taken from us in a fatal car accident. the oldest was 19 yrs old and a very special person, and the 3 yr old was the same as his older brother. they had a sense i always felt and the baby as if he had a secret and in his short three yrs, little Colton did in his way share his secret and 19 yr old Dylan did as well in a quiet, gentle way.
they were headed home. Dylan had dropped his 1.5 yr old son off at his mommas house and then went and picked up his baby brother, they never made it home.
we are devestated. at this time i feel so very lost and having trouble wanting to let go of the griefe. it feels as if i do that i am letting them go completely. i have a great beliefe in life after death but this has really affected me.
is there anyone here who can recieve from Dylan and Colton any messages they amy have for us? i need to know they truly were meant to go as they did.
grieving grandma in az.

k 15th May 2012 9:30 pm

Mysty, I watched a movie last night, "I Dreamed of Africa", the grief of loss is so profound as we do not understand why. Maybe some of the written material at http://www.anandgholap.net/index.html untder the titles of "Death and after" and "Life after death" will help. I recall when someone I loved died, I sat at the dining room table and looked out at a spot on the grass that seemed so dark and horrible, my heart sank into a deep grief, but all of a sudden a monarch butterfly flew up from that spot, and all of a sudden I knew he was alright. The terrible feeling turned into a joy. That was the morning of his funeral, and instead of grieving, I felt peace and bliss as I sat among the other morners.
I know that when I am able to see beyond the illusions of the astral plane, my pets will be there. They are still with me, but in my ignorance I can not see them because they left the physical clothing they had, that I can see, behind. Death is not an end, it is just a change in form. We are energy and consciousness that does not ever end, we do not lose anything we love.

k 21st May 2012 10:01 pm

I was looking at the cover of a cd today that was created by someone who loved his mother very much. She inpired him and they must have been very close. He wrote.."I will miss her everyday, but she gave me so much, I am happy to allow her to move on to other spiritual levels." He was able to step back and see the big picture of us all on a spiritual journey. We do not really die, we just move on in another form.
I have felt a lot of sorrow from losing my dogs, but I am finally able to also see the big picture. They leave me to go on to greater incarnations, on their own path of evolution. In some ways I think the cultures that celebrate death are more aware of the great plan.


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