Your Intent

My love and greetings to you.

I wish to express to you that we here, all of us including the Karmic council, the Galactic federation and other Light beings are aware of your inner and outer turmoil as you begin to experience the great shift in mankind's evolutionary process. Those of you who are aware of the Light, no matter how small the spark, will be aware of the change in energy and the change on the planet itself. Your weather patterns are changing, and the great Earth plates are becoming restless. Many, many helpers, angels, guides, masters, galactic friends - many workers of Universal Light energy are now actively assisting mankind through this great shift you are living through. I tell you this as a form of comfort, of encouragement - you are not alone.

I wish to encourage you to open and activate your heart chakra, for this is the way ahead now - the only way ahead. For through opening your heart chakra, you open yourself to more Light, more peace, more inner strength, more faith - all will be needed as you move through the shift. Part of this shift, which has already begun, is the mass shift in the consciousness of mankind. By being aware, and opening your heart chakra, giving and receiving more love, you will assist in the great shift in consciousness - bringing man's conscious awareness to a higher vibration of love.

There is great power in togetherness, in joining energies and conscious thought. Further, as you ponder this fact, ask yourself - what is my intent toward this shift which I am part of? With what intent will my action be powered by?

You see, no matter how small your contribution to the mass awareness - your intent is all. You may simply decide to open to excepting that change is occurring and decide to release old thought patterns of fear or doubt. This is admirable, but I ask you again - with what intent will you choose when you release your old doubts and fears?

You see, your intent matters a great deal in any action or thought process you undertake. Allow me to explain further, using the example I have just given. If you decide to release old thought patterns because you feel you have to, but still hold a little resentment towards this action, then I can tell you, this action will not assist in the changes very much at all. Nor indeed, the effect on yourself, on your physical, emotional and mental bodies, the effect will not be very great either. Why?

Because you felt you had to, but didn't really want to, your ego self would have blocked the process a great deal. Therefore the effect of your action would be greatly limited. Now, let us look at the other scenario.

Let us say you have decided "Yes, I need to release my doubts, my old thoughts. It is a positive step to do this, I know I feel so much better." You see, already we have a change of energy - can you feel it? You become positive, open, willing, full of anticipation. You already are aware what a positive step this action will be. Therefore you create a positive intent!

And remember, like attracts like. Even with energy this law is true. You are now attracting positive, determined energy with faith and a positive intention. Because this energy goes out into the ethers, many Light workers, both here and in your own dimension pick up this energy and come around to help, to assist in your release and healing.

Now do you see, the power of intent? In any situation. It is indeed time for all of you to become aware of your intent. To think about it. To think how you are assisting in your great shift.

Can I say to you, alone, your efforts are small, but together, oh together, just think of the positive vibrations, the mass Light we can create, and the great joy we will all feel as we merge together into the Golden Age, through the Great Central Sun. What joy indeed.

As always my love to you on your daily journey.

Master Kuthumi



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This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

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