Your New Energy Field

My dear souls, it is I, Kuthumi who comes to speak to you again. The rainbows and holograms of Light abound on the dimensions and in your atmosphere as beliefs and encodements are in the midst of renewal. Some of you may feel awash in a sea of mixed energies. Energies which you cannot see, you can only feel. Yet you cannot deny all on Earth are in the midst of renewal.

In my previous transmission I gave you three key steps of what I called an essential survival kit. This was to give you hope and relief through practical assistance which all could understand and begin to integrate in their lives. I come again today to speak of this. I understand that acceptance is difficult for some of you. It is the release of control which is the core issue. I ask you to trust that which many of you cannot see – you can only feel. The feeling is so strong within you, it cannot be denied. Your soul is stepping forward now to guide, to lead you forward. This is why the feeling within, the pull toward something greater feels so real to you. Your soul is your very core, your essence. It cannot and will not be denied.

The Galactic Equator

Your Universe is also evolving. The planet is crossing the equator of the Galactic Center and the Photon Belt of energy abounds. In your busy day to day world it is easy not to think of this and what it means to mankind. Huge cycles of time as you know it are ending. We see it here as the ebbs and flows of life in the great Universes. Life is everywhere. Life continues on beyond your physical experience, beyond your planet, beyond your Universe. Even your scientists are understanding this.

But what of life around you as you search for new pathways, new understanding. The three keys I gave are essential. However there is a fourth key of completion. What do I mean by completion? Completion of experience. In this I include past and present experience. For though you can imagine and plan your future outcomes, it has not yet come into being, so cannot be at a point of completion. Yet it is not merely a matter of working through the first three keys and then saying to yourself, “I have completed that now. “ You could say you have completed 85%, that is all. The remaining 15% lies in the fourth key of completion. Completion is total release on the emotional body. Total release of all cords and attachments. You are completing that which is past. That which you have experienced is in the past, it is done. The experience cannot be altered. It is as it was.

Yet I say to you your attitude toward the experience can be altered. The remaining threads of emotion you have carefully stored within your emotional body can be altered. They can be released, let go of, thereby the experience is in a state of completion.

My friend, this is what much of mankind is experiencing now. If you can understand this process and work through the four keys to complete integration, then you are free. Yes indeed, free. Free of unwanted emotions which create such illness within you. Free of unwanted experiences and material cords. You use only what you need for survival. So many have material and emotional clutter in their lives. Now each of you have the greatest power of all at your fingertips. The power to be free and the power to create your future experiences. It is a time of asking yourself, “ what have I learnt?” Through your many lifetimes of experience, both successes and trials, what have you learnt? The technology has grown - have you? Until you integrate all through your emotional body and begin to operate from your Higher Emotional Body of Spirit, of Light, you cannot say you have fulfilled your placement of this lifetime completely. For all have the opportunity to do so.

Mankind is in the most fortunate position of so much higher learning and ancient wisdom being available. Many more channels are now opened and giving our words of wisdom, of assistance and knowledge to lead mankind forward to his collective destiny. For this to occur each must understand. As you understand there is no fear. In lifetimes past, many Light workers were chained in fear. This must now be fully integrated and totally released from the emotional body. As this occurs, the experience on the soul memory is healed and also released.

Higher Knowledge

Your time is speeding up. So much higher knowledge is now available. As the planet moves closer to the integration of new energy creating a New Earth, time as you know it will cease. For the past and future will no longer exist. You will be in the moment – continually. That is how it will be. In this the ego will be defeated. The ego loves to play on the time lines of your past and future experiences. It can create so much fear and control this way. When you fully understand this and live in the present you will have integrated this powerful aspect of the ego. Remember this is also an aspect of you.

So you see how important this time is for mankind. You choose. In choosing, you create. Each thought you create enters the Ethers to merge with the Photon particles of Light. As your DNA changes and grows with the Light particles, so does your understanding of your entire being – your energy field, your higher chakra system, your many aspects, your attachment to God. Man is now becoming aware of this. You are entering a new awareness of the energetic Light field and your true magnificence.

Master Kuthumi



bettina 19th September 2010 7:17 am

I went back to re-read the previous post, before continuing with this. Couple them together--Wow, I just had a V-8 moment. It all makes perfect sense. Thank you for the light-shine on the path. :smitten:


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