Your Word

Good day my beloved ones, my friends of harmony and Light.

I come today to speak to you of the Word - of your word. The words you use each day of your life - your experience.
I speak to you today from an illuminated temple, filled with the Golden Light and illuminated essence of God.

This channel has been thinking of the word and it's use for some time now. I have listened in silence, waiting, for we have more work to complete in this area. Yet even as a part of her part knows the answer, she has asked that I speak to you on the subject of the word - your language. It matters not what language you speak. No it does not. For I wish to remind you of correct use of your language, and the need to develop respect for your language.

As you know you are now moving to higher vibrations of being. You are engulfing more Light into your being. More Divine Light of God, of luminescence. Many are experiencing this, yet it can only be achieved with an unselfish love in your heart. Only insuring this great love is contained within you, is nourished and cherished, will you grow and expand in your higher awareness and Light.

Therefore look to your words. Pause, sit quietly and go within. Observe your attitude and your intent of your words. How do you speak to another? And with what intent do you express to yourself to another? Of course your very thoughts are encompassed by your intent also.
If your heart has risen to one of illuminated love and goodness for all, then of course your words will reflect this. In turn, you will receive this love yourself. Those around you will begin to respond in a more enlightened commutative way also.


You desire peace, an illuminated peace formed from the Light. This is a part of God's essence you seek. It can only be obtained from your higher awareness. The Light will give you this awareness. The words you use, the way you relate to another, the love you feel, will reflect the Light quotient you hold within.

For those of you who to choose to abuse the language and other people, it is your choice. Yet you have incarnated to grow in awareness, in Light, to address any karmic issues which are unresolved, to enable you to achieve growth of your Soul. It is time to leave the old paradigms you hold firmly onto behind. You can begin this transition by the correct use of your word. Speaking clearly your truth in a loving way. With loving intent and respect. Respect for you, your total self, and for another. In this way you will integrate more love and Light into your throat chakra. Those of you who resonate with this, will need much healing and Light to penetrate and heal this chakra. This will lift the vibration of this chakra.

The time of duality in speech is ending. By this I mean to show others a face of goodness, of balanced leadership, and grace, yet privately speak words of abuse and discord to others who love you, to co erse others to do your will to your own benefit - I tell you, you will be held accountable. You will answer for your actions, words, and thoughts. Further, when you return home, there will be many tears and anguish as you review your words and actions to others. Also, I say to you, do not think it only one person.
For in many cases your incorrect use of your words and actions contain a rippling affect.

Yes, like a pebble in a pond, many others may be affected by your actions also. I urge you to think of this - all of you who read my words. See to it your words and actions do not harm another.

This is a great part of your learning at this time on your planet. There are many experiencing pain through their actions or the actions of another - particularly in the area of relationships. It is a time of looking to yourself, of depending only on yourself, not relying on another, to become responsible for yourself - your words, your actions, what you choose to create in your life. You cannot look to another to be responsible for you. No, you cannot.

You seek peace, in your daily living, in your inner being. Then I say to you - take responsibility now for your own thoughts, your words, your very actions. Seek help in the energy of the Light, for it will sustain you and also raise your levels of awareness. In this way you will indeed achieve higher awareness and inner peace.

Master Kuthumi.



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