11-11-11: Source Code Activation

“We would open with this: Congratulations!  You are officially on the runway to new earth.”- The Pleiadian High Council

The Anticipation

So here we are…on the cusp of the long-awaited completion of the Mayan Calendar, the ancient and accurate “time”-keeper of 16.4 billion years of evolutionary consciousness.  There is so much going on all over the planet to support the emergence of a new evolutionary cycle, but the event that is really blowing my mind is the ceremonial pilgrimage of the Mayan Elders who will carry the Thirteen Crystal Skulls from one US coast to the other and culminate in a (highly sacred) Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony (The journey will begin in Manhattan tomorrow, 10/27/11and will conclude in Los Angeles on 11/11/11).

For those unfamiliar with the significance of the Crystal Skulls, Cal Garrison says:

…these ancient relics are said to contain information about the history of our planet and the future of mankind. Carved out of pure quartz crystal, and other crystals such as jade, the Skulls generate an energy field that activates human consciousness in a way that expands our perceptions of reality. Ultimately they are the manifestation of Spirit in a form that is now helping to shift the magnetic frequency of Mother Earth. When the Spirits of the Skulls are ceremonially awakened, ancient wisdom, wisdom that has been preserved in a crystalline matrix for eons, enters the unified field and fills the collective consciousness with all the knowledge of everything that has happened on the planet in the last 26,000 years, and perhaps beyond.

To think that all that sacred energy is coalescing less than 60 miles from me is pretty trippy…so much that if I tune into it, it rattles every cell in my body with a visceral excitement that I can hardly contain.  Which is odd considering I barely understand the ramifications of it all.

And if you’re wondering what this will mean for us…well, the Pleiadians say it will take about 2 weeks to integrate more clarity about what this means for those way-showers who are about to step fully into their divine roles and purposes in the “active duty” phase…and about a century or seven to digest what this leap in evolution means for the planet as a whole.  Overall, the time between now and the 11:11 gateway is alive with potential and our conscious participation with this sacred passageway is very powerful, and can be felt in a very real way thru prayer, meditation, visualization… or really, just by thinking about it.

One thing we already know…well, two things: 1) our physical bodies still haven’t caught wind that we need them now to move into position…and 2) the energy of what’s to come is pulsating so vibrantly that we can literally feel our supports about to birth thru the veil.  Our new/true lives are so close to us now that it’s tantalizing.  If you tune in, it literally feels like Christmas eve…only, it may be that Christmas eve you spent as a kid with the flu : ((

We have some idea what our gifts may be, but we don’t REALLY know for sure…and that’s the excitement of it all.  We definitely made our wish lists…likely, many times over .. but the unseens say that even our wishes pale in comparison to what’s in store.

We, like you, can feel the pulsing energies of convergence building around your sphere and we are just so delighted at what each of you, the new earth guardians, are about to experience in yourselves, and witness in each other.” -PHC

Aside from the fact that we are finally climbing out of the deep void we were stuck in for the last several weeks, nothing much has changed on the outside yet…we are still needing to nurture ourselves and to remain centered in our heart-space while we continue to allow the full birth of our multidimensional selves to take form. Those who are ready are priming to become the official new-earth guardians & overseers, the protectors of all of creation and masters of the material world here to lead humanity into the full breadth of love by virtuous example.


“The moment that each of you have been waiting for, the moment that we have termed “inception” is approaching.  This is heralded by the massive energies precipitated by the opening of the 11:11 stargate portal on 11/11/11.  What this means for the way-showers is monumental, for it is this group who will be physically laying the template on earth for all other inhabitants to follow.” -PHC

Last month, on 9/10/11, our bio-circuitry was apparently rebooted.  We had undergone an immense (read: grueling) upgrade during the summer months from that obnoxious triple eclipse sandwich that shook every one of us to the core…and then in September, Mother-Father God pushed the divine-human reset button to start-up our new operating system.  Most likely you slept thru this the way we slept thru most of September…actually, now that I think about it, you may not even remember September.

Well, whatever… definitely not the first month we’ve slept away… tho prayerfully our last?  Either way, now that we have been upgraded & rebooted we are reorienting ourselves aaaagain and that always means the usual cellular changes (read: fatigue), most of which this time relates to our newly downloaded programming that includes the integrated understanding that every cell has intelligence. (more on this coming soon)

Our bio-circuitry is adjusting to incorporate and adapt to the new codes we are already receiving from the upcoming 11:11 stargate portal.  The emanations sent forth by the great central sun are encoding our biology with new mandates, new directives and the Pleiadian High Council would like for us to know that the new human apparatus is well-equipped to handle these changes, however, it may be of benefit for those of who are experiencing great difficulty to embrace the many modalities available to us to assist in easing the transition on our bods, as well as to give a much-needed boost to our emotional and mental well-being.

I am hearing some folks are having trouble assimilating to these new frequencies and for those heavily in the embodiment process, this is just a reminder that we don’t have to suffer thru these changes alone…that help is available should you need it. The PHC say that there are many people here specifically to support us thru these changing times, and that if we don’t utilize these gifts and offerings that we may be robbing ourselves of a great opportunity to not only survive these changes, but to thrive in them. The physical body needs care and nurturing as it is being resurrected into a body of light, but the incoming frequencies do not need to bombard our system in the ways we are accustomed to experiencing them if we open up to the opportunity to be supported.

Overall, I am hearing that the 11:11 will bring in some robust energies that, depending on where we are on our journey, will either catapult us to freedom, or bring up a new layer of goo….or both.  In all cases it will be the next level of our personal evolutionary development and this means the biological aspects will need to be addressed…whether we are ascending into an angelic-human or not.  Experience has taught us that any energy blast or major portal opening will mean more rest, relaxation and downtime is required. No one looks forward to that but at least we are so beat up by now that its nearly impossible to resist any more. I guess we have that going for us…which is nice.

On Becoming Self-Contained

The PHC are talking a lot about our recent release from our final and deepest karmic patterns and that we are already beginning to witness this in the way that we are no longer bound by the emotional strings of attachment to others, to places, or to events that once defined or confined us.  We are now able and ready to live our lives according to the principle of the ONE.  This means that we have  integrated the mental & emotional understanding of what it means to be freed from the repetitive cycles of the karmic wheel and reconnected to our true Source of power within.

We are beginning to witness this freedom in ourselves and in our personal relationships where we are refacing old issues, old wounds that once crippled us, but now these same situations feel empowering…empowering in the sense that we are able to see the value in these dynamics, to feel a sense of appreciation for their teachings, and to honor those lessons of growth that are truly ours, while releasing all feelings of responsibility to that which is NOT ours.

We are becoming self-contained, self-responsible beings of mastery and those emotional entanglements which have been projected onto us by others are now VERY clear, which means they can be severed.  This also means that once we have unhooked ourselves from these remaining cords of attachment, we will begin to live from the space of true independence, self-sustainability, and freedom, which will enable us to know our authentic selves in ways we never have.

“This time in your life is one that will astound you…you will find strengths, and gifts, and talents emerge that you never knew existed.  In some cases, you will come to know yourself in a way that elicits a sense of self-love and respect that you thought was only possible to see or feel in others. Though in truth, we say this…that those things that you have so respected in others were really only self-reflections of those unintegrated aspects of YOU…until now that is.”-PHC

The unseens bring this information to us so that we can feel the connection to the fact that we are no longer bound by the trappings of untruth, of illusion, or the polar opposite of that which they call, self-aggrandizement….for our new reality will be that we are much, much more than we ever realized, and the gifts of remembering this have been well-earned. They also mention that as we unveil the truth about our true capabilities as masters of the material world, so too do we unveil these truths for others…which is, in part, the purpose of becoming a christed avatar on earth…to share our radiance with all who beckon, to teach by example and to bestow upon others the universal love that flows within our body and cells.

“Moreover, we are proud to be part of, and witness to, the unfolding of the most momentous “time” in history. We are representatives of your galactic origin and so we too have much invested in your BEcoming.  Through this gateway, you are centering yourselves in universal abundance and grace and this means that each of you who don robes of honor are becoming a universe unto yourselves. We know that this may seem out of reach to you now, but know this: as the sun shines forth on the last day of the last day, a sincerely new day dawns.” – PHC

On Becoming Multidimensional

We are soon to experience life as multidimensional beings, which the PHC say is one of exquisite undertaking…a way of living life through the perception of simultaneous realization & with the ability to focus through the incorporation of many dimensions of awareness…at once.  This is not something that we have context for, so the Pleiadians would like to offer..to the best of their ability…a small frame of reference for those who will be entering this new landscape.

You are the first group of souls who will be utilizing your full human potential and christed-monadic capabilities.  This means that those of you who are entering leadership, or earth stewardship roles, are those of you who have undergone a full 12 strand DNA activation and have enabled the extensions of your over-soul to do the same.  This is the beginning of the new multidimensional human race, the seeding that will begin the long evolutionary journey home for humanity.” – PHC

Unfortunately, my work is always a little ahead of me so I don’t have a complete understanding of what all that means yet, but what I do get is that those who resonate with this truth…that is to say, those who feel this to be true…will embed this reality within the matrix of man, thereby allowing the distortions of our human genetics to be returned to its original design.  This, they say, is what biological ascension assures us, the propagation of a new-human race and apparently there are many of us here to exploit this divine opportunity.

For those who are called into guardianship, stewardship or leadership roles, the 11-11-11 gateway is offering us the ability to not only anchor into multidimensionality, but to open the doorway to the christed heart within… that which commands usage of the sacred adamantine particle (the base-level particles that create all physical manifestations of LOVE).  This opening will prepare us to utilize the laws of magnetic resonance…the universal design for creation in the new earth.

A Call to the Order of Melchizedek

The new field matrix that has been set up by the dedicated light-weavers on this planet is pulsing at its portals with unprecedented potential for change, but access to these portals can only be activated by those with the “keys to the universe”.  These key codes are embedded in the DNA of the new-human matrix and, by their very existence, unlock the codes required for the next level of our planetary ascension.

Those who will be opening these portals are those who have completed their first level missions of service, and are preparing to receive new directives. These directives will be released thru the activation of what the PHC refer to as The Source Code in our DNA, which apparently is  T H E  entry code required to access and enable our full multidimensional participation with the crystalline grid  which includes our new-earth mission or “next level of divine service” on this planet.

“What we would like to make clear is the fact that those who are activating to this level of service are those who will employ the missions required to prepare humanity to ascend into multidimensional consciousness.  This means that each of you who are encoded with the new-human prototype will be embarking upon a new journey together as a soul group of cosmic initiates thru the Order of Melchizedek. This Order is of the highest… a soul collective here on earth at this time with a mission to awaken the codes within humanity for the resurrection of the christed-template and the template of sacred co-creation.  For those who have contracted to serve in this way, it is by the Order of Melchizedek that you will be now be called forth and under your new-level directive.” -PHC

For all those who find resonance with this information and/or the Order of Melchizedek, it will be you who seeds humanity with the cosmic intelligence required to make the shift into 2012.

“We are in awe of your dedication and resolute ability to stand in personal integrity and honor as human-galactic overseers of this planetary body. Hold your heads high, for you are about to step into the most supreme form of embodied existence.  We watch from our headquarters as you take the final steps into greatness, your true galactic heritage and home of the stars.” -PHC

See you on the other side…

Happy trails!



zorro 27th October 2011 6:32 am

"We are becoming self-contained, self-responsible beings of mastery and those emotional entanglements which have been projected onto us by others are now VERY clear, which means they can be severed. This also means that once we have unhooked ourselves from these remaining cords of attachment, we will begin to live from the space of true independence, self-sustainability, and freedom, which will enable us to know our authentic selves in ways we never have"

Authentic Self Activation Code:

Is it I? It is I!

Read forward and backwards 3X

grammanet 27th October 2011 7:19 am


Essence 27th October 2011 8:25 am

Thank you Lauren for this message ...

I can happily say that whilst I am still having trouble assimilating the new frequencies , that I am On The Other Side
of this Negative Energy Soul-Saving Clearing Process, it is Totally orchestrated by my Divine-Inner-Friends who are guiding and
protecting me ALL the way in very clear, compassionate, loving, often humourous and effective ways.

I have put a huge amount of effort into clearing the negative, invasive and certainly unwanted, Chakra-overlay programs from
my energy system, it would not have been possible, without the beautiful Divine help I have received. They use totally advanced
healing techniques and technology that has been regularly used on my own-inner-healing-system to strengthen and clear it (it was previously blocked
by anti-Spiritual negative alien technology which was put into my own Chakra system).

For me it seems impossible, in my experience to do this by ourselves ... we are in the middle of a very beautiful and Powerful Soul-Saving Mission by a Remarkable massive group of Divine Beings.

Continued below ....

Essence 27th October 2011 8:29 am

I would like to help a little more, based on my extensive personal experience of dealing with the often STRONG Electrical Pulses ...

I put three small 1.5 volt ‘walkman‘ size batteries in a plastic bag, for convenience. I make 5 identical bags and put one bag on each Chakra (base Chakra upwards to the Throat Chakra) Sometimes for 5 minutes or so, sometimes much longer (falling asleep with them on, with them lying close to you, can work wonders!)

They have a Remarkable Effect upon the Negative Overlay system that was imposed upon our Chakras .... I also have a little pack in my work bag for when I use a computer as the computer triggers the Pulse Attacks too and the INSTANT RELIEF is just great! Putting them near my Crown Chakra and/or the Back of my Neck/Nape whilst I lie down is also really good to stop the mindless CHATTER (which will stop in time for all of us).

I really hope this is helpful.

Blessings to All

from Eve

maniktwin 27th October 2011 12:55 pm

It's "almost" here, just 'round the corner. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

amberhill 27th October 2011 1:16 pm

Thank you, Lauren, I read it three times.

You shared more than you are aware of, and in an understandable manner! Deep bows;-)

It is FANTASTIC to see (or rather feel) how the new 'order' is emerging, arising, being formed, creating itself.

FANTASTIC to observe the individual voices that are giving their frequencies to the big symphony of wisdom that's in creation.

Everything so far has been a warm-up really. I feel like after the sound-check, waiting for our on-stage time.

sunsine 27th October 2011 2:44 pm

ALways confused, what does this code mean. I have done it but do not know wha to expect.

sunsine 27th October 2011 2:54 pm

Hope you do not mind me asking questions. I cant totally relate to cutting cords and moving forward but I dont know where I am going (unemployed) but I am not scared and should be. I feel there is something bigger and better that is coming to me but I also do not want to fool myself.

I dont fit in and find there is no assistance whatsoever for any of my needs, not that I need help but that I am being pushed away inadvertantly. Again, I dont know where I am going.

ALso...and this concerns me: A Call to the Order of Melchizedek. Are we talking about a "church" that says their male members are part of the Melchizedek priethood?
I hope not. OR is this from the heavens.

I also asked the question about the activation code below. People are freaking out right now and I am peaceful and calm and I still love people and wish people understood their role to love one another..make sense? Hence: I feel like I dont fit in....

Can anyone give me any advice as to what is happening in my life, can you relate? Thank you very much for your time.

Toni 27th October 2011 8:22 pm

OOO ~ watt fun ~ a head trip across the usA. I see a rainbow order coming out of this. It's a bit brown (soup) at the moment like a kids first painting when all the colours get mixed together before they know how to pain t & blend.

"the seeding that will begin the long evolutionary journey home for humanity." - PHC

300 yrs 'l be a peace of cake compared to that 26000 polarity wobble.

The source code is LOVE ~ how could it be anything else ~ Deep within the core of every cell is a seed called Love awaiting perfect conditions to flourish.

BBQ flavour source is my fav.
Aaawsome Aaagain Lauren :thumbs:

KamiMac 27th October 2011 10:27 pm

@ Sunsine -

I can totally relate to your situation, but unlike you, I have been a basket case. When I first lost my job 4 years ago I was handling it okay because I had severance & unemployment benefits... then cashed in my 401k. Now I am literally penniless, losing my home, and can't pay any bills. Some of my depressions are severe, so I teeter between those and my better spiritual moments. My guides evidently didn't want me to remain in ad design and are pushing me to write. When life doesn't move forward, it's because you're being prodded in another direction.

As for the Melchizedeks, they are an amalgamated soul group of ancient souls who are nearing ascension and paving the way for the next oldest soul group to succeed them. They came from "elsewhere", lived in Atlantis, walked with Yeshua, and often assume pivotal roles. In fact, in reading your description I feel that you are likely a member of that group.

It's important that you keep up your spirits thru the difficulties... "hanging in there" raises mass consciousness, thereby helping everyone! :)

lilpepper 28th October 2011 7:30 am

On the August full moon I received a bunch of codes. I see with the 3rd eye and all these golden symbols were floating at me..and into my energy field. I really don't know what they are but here is what I wrote in my journal.

The other morning I got up then got really sleepy. I was sleeping good then something bumped my bed hard..and the toilet paper in front of me was blowing hard. I was to tired to get up..so just went back to bed...hearing few odd things in house..last full moon..there were all kinds of golden things..symbols, floating at me when I woke up..havent had that happen since 07 or 08.....

poetic555 28th October 2011 7:57 am

Lauren I so want you to know how much I enjoy your postings, always witty and easy to understand! Funny!

"Blessed Be."

k 29th October 2011 6:50 pm

A Guardian of Hell....that is just what my soul has decided not to be. I have paid the ferrier at the river Stix, it was not just coin that he demanded.

insightstar 7th November 2011 7:25 am

Thrilled to receive the confirmations!!!!!!!!!!!