Aligning with the Cosmic Pulse

We are still in the stillness, completing the recalibration of our light systems and grounding our higher-self, or divine blueprint, into our physical bodies. In this way, the ascension process is really a descension in that we are quite literally grounding our soulular-self into form. As we ascend into higher levels of consciousness, so too do we descend deeper into our physical bodies. Quite extraordinary.

This process has taken us years to release discord, activate our DNA, clear our cellular memories of imprints, and purify our physical vessels so we could embody the full essence of our I Am presence.

And the most recent shift especially has taken a momentous toll on many, which is why we have been blocked from any forward movement. In other words, we are being quarantined until our metamorphosis is complete, for the moment when we can emerge from our cocoons with fully grown wings.

During the whole ascension process we are really aligning with the cosmic pulse of the universe that connects us to the ebb and flow of creation with effortless ease.

Here is an excerpt from the 12 Essential Steps that describes this perfectly:

When we (align) with our divinity, we naturally align with the rhythm of universal flow in a way that requires very little external force. We become the fulcrum of cosmic happenstance as a clear channel leveraging the might of the universe with our will.

...we gain an intuitive understanding of when to Be & when to Do, when to receive & when to give, when to allow & when to act. This intuitive rhythm of non-action & action links us directly into an automated classification system where all parts work cooperatively for the function of the whole.

...And we can gauge these moments of alignment by the amount of clarity, ease & synchronicity that create seemingly effortless success.


Power Points

You may already be feeling the increasing intensity of energy as we prepare for some very powerful celestial alignments...most of them are hitting us this week, but in reality, the whole month has been jam-packed with some hefty cosmic currents.

It began with the powerful full moon in Cancer on January 10th, and directly following on the 11th, we quietly slipped into Mercury retrograde. This retrograde, being the first retrograde of 2009, has been calling us to re-view our intentions for our life's purpose while clearly marking an identifiable path for new business and career moves. We are finally beginning to see our new & true directions as important cosmic events lead us to a Solar Eclipse/New Moon combo on January 25th/26th.

This new moon in Aquarius (humanitarian visionary) coupled with the Solar (masculine) eclipse and some very grounded groupings of planets will make it an empowered new moon for radical & real change. This moon (with the added power of the eclipse) declares that "everything can be different" and the change that we seek will be the kind of change that we can finally sink our teeth into.

New doors are already beginning to open, pushing us in new directions...directions better suited for our soul's intentions both on the micro and macro levels. These new energies that are causing unprecedented shifts in consciousness could really be felt on January 20th during the inauguration of our new American president, Barack Obama... a clear indication that the new earth has indeed arrived.

And if all that weren't enough, throw in the Chinese New Year (the year of the Ox) on January 26th, and we have one muscular cosmic cocktail! The combination of all these events gives us reason for celebration as we literally blast into this very exciting ELEVEN year of manifesting change.

(If you are interested to know more about the numerology of this eleven year, I encourage you to read 2009: The Magic of a Universal '11' Yearby Simone M. Mathews at


The New Space

Have you been feeling the urge to organize your closets & drawers, clean the clutter out of your life, exercise or eat better over the last few weeks?

As we approach the masculine energy of the solar eclipse we are preparing to enter a cycle of activity. Intuitively we are being guided to clean the slate, organize and get our proverbial ducks in a row to welcome a rush of forward moving energy as we finally become more visible to the rest of the world.

And speaking of we become more grounded in our power centers it is common to suddenly notice unusual or unexpected bouts of self-confidence...feelings that suddenly your "life work" has value. Or you may be really seeing the value in being YOU for the first time...this is because it is time! Pretty exhilarating.

Unfortunately this yang energy can also manifest as feelings of unrest, impatience, stress, anxiety, and a sense that we should be doing something. But really we are just being revved up...preparing for take off. While we are still integrating the latest push it is important to not over-do it or push ourselves prematurely, tho it can be tempting after so many months...who am I kidding? many years of incubation.

Another very interesting, tho somewhat startling realization about this new space is the unusual amount of noticeable spiritual activity. If you have been suddenly experiencing changes in your eyesight... like floaters, color spots, blurred vision, an inability to clear your eyes, focus, etc... chances are you simply adjusting to the new frequencies.

What is happening is we are beginning to see through dimensions, to perceive the spirit world in a more finite way. These physical changes in our eyesight will reflect new and brilliant hues of light and the way by which we used to perceive energy will shift to a more 3d dimensional will seem as though our world is a hologram of layers and dimensional vortexes of energy.

As we settle in and become accustomed to this new frequency, we will be able to see much more than ever before...and this is magical...IF you know what is happening. As we begin to see more and more of the energies and beings that have always surrounded us, it can feel as though we are constantly zooming in and out of dimensional fields of perception, but this will pass... rather, we will acclimate. Eventually, our worlds will blend so completely that they will seem as one.

Are you ready to go where no one else has gone?

See you there,