All Aboard? Last Call to LOVE!

“The earth that you once knew is no longer…there is a new vibrational pattern that has permeated the blueprint of the planet and you now exist as members of the galactic community, cousins to the enlightened citizens of your galaxy.” -Pleiadian High Council

The New Earth

In just a couple more days, thru the solstice on 12/22, we will have completed the last and final recalibration of 2011, and according to the PHC, this completes our journey to new earth.  We may not have a full understanding of what this means for each of us individually yet, and most of us are still too weary to find out, but I am hearing that the profound realignment that took place over the last several weeks was required to fortify ourselves with LOVE so that we are fully anchored in christed-consciousness for the global restructuring that will take place this coming year as a result of our arriving here.  And it promises to be another big year in the sense that the physical restructuring and transformations of 2012 are inevitable, and will serve their purpose to effectively shift the human collective to the HEART of all matters and open all pathways to LOVE.

This will mean many different things to many different people but above all else, the PHC wish to allay any fears of 2012 calamity and remind everyone that ascension is an inward journey where our outer world is merely a projection our own consciousness, and that our individual part in the collective experience of earth is vital right now.  Each of us holds a piece to this universal puzzle, and so each of us has a major role to play in raising our own vibration, increasing our LOVE quotient, so that collectively we can increase the vibration of the planet and participate in the wonders of the new world.

(NOTE: There are a lot of fear-based-energies circling the planet with regard to this coming year and all the prophecies, predictions, & intentional programming designed to thwart our inevitable arrival into 5D, so it is important to stay connected to LOVE thru the holiday season and just allow those energies to be if you feel them.  If your sensitive, you may be feeling a sense of impending doom, or just an unidentifiable anxiety looming over you.  This will pass shortly, but even quicker if we remain detached and merely observe the collective energies in motion.)

In 2012 we will be learning that LOVE is all we need… but not in a lyrical way, in a very vibrational way.  When we make this profound shift, LOVE literally becomes the animating force of life…the fuel for our creations, our biology, our relationships.  When LOVE is fully woven into the tapestry of our lives, miracles become the very fabric of our existence.

LOVE, not 2012, is what we have all been gutted primed for…

Source Code Revealed

There is a very scientific aspect of ascension that is beginning to permeate more of the collective mind with regard to resonance, and those at the forefront of a new-humanity know this intimately.  Those souls who are ushering in the new world are beginning to sing to a different tune.  Literally.  The new (angelic) human is attuned to the 528 Hz resonance of the sacred (high) heart which resonates in harmony with the crystalline (christ) grid.

The 528 Hz vibration of LOVE is the Source Code of creation…THE universal key required to unlock our co-creative potential, to free ourselves from bondage and enter the playground of new earth.  This code acts as a vibrational buffer to ensure that the sacred powers of the universe are only bestowed upon those of pure heart.

For those of you who saw Christopher Nolan’s Inception, there is literal truth in the many layers of symbology in that film.  The most obvious in this case being the mathematical code “528? that is repeated over and again throughout the movie…a phone number, on a napkin, the hotel room…but the most interesting is that the number 528 was in the actual vault combination to “unlock” the safe which contained the secret to the cathartic relief of emotional suffering….and all of which was driven by the “heart” of the main character to return “home” to his children where his LOVE is.

It took me a couple months to connect all the dots, and some of you may have figured it out long before me, but I realized (in retrospect) that the last several energy updates were leading to this revelation and that each title I was given was very telling…even obnoxiously so… beginning with: “Inception: the final initiation”, “11-11-11: Source Code Activation”, and all the way to “The Arrival of Universal LOVE”.  

In other words, as we cross the threshold into 2012 we are literally waking from the dream, from the illusion of limitation. The resonance of universal LOVE that we are required to embody unlocks the proverbial gates of heaven so we are no longer trapped within the making of our unconsciously-created & holographically projected world of fear…those fears that have been providing us with ample “proof” that we are not good enough, worthy enough, loved enough, well enough, or just plain: not enough.

So what’s most pressing in this moment, before we step into completely uncharted territory, is the observation/release of anything remaining in our mental, emotional or physical selves that is based in fear and therefore holding us back from the embodiment of LOVE. Whatever wounds you are revisiting right now, its important (but not easy) to view as objectively as possible and with the (light) understanding that we don’t have to drag this baggage around any longer…that a clean slate is not only a possibility now, but a requirement.

“The new blueprint of earth requires LOVE now more than ever, and for those who hear the call, the impacts will be greatly lessened.  For those who refuse the call, the impacts will be greater.  We say this not to elicit fear, but to remind each of you that true healing is possible now but requires the firm commitment to release all that is not LOVE. For those who have been dedicated to the work of releasing these patterns of fear, unprecedented openings are before you. “ -PHC

Wave of LOVE

This wave of LOVE that the unseens are forever telling me about and that always seems just slightly out of our reach must be a really big deal because they are not only asking me to emphasize and repeat the word LOVE a trillion times in this article, but they are asking me to dedicate this section to it (& to leave my 2 cents out).  Also, my personal experience with the Pleiadians is that whenever the council shows up, it’s time to pay attention.. their austere mannerisms seem to seriously mean bizzness:

“The incoming wave of LOVE is pervasive and unstoppable. It is lifting you to heights unknown.  We will say this…you are not only going to be delighted at what you have created for yourselves, in that the universe multiplies & returns your LOVE-based efforts 10 fold…but you will be in awe of your own personal dedication to this journey.  You will be swept up in the throes of self-love like never before, for you will realize, maybe even for the first time, how much LOVE was really required on your part to arrive here.

We understand your contempt, but can’t emphasize this enough.  Considering the circumstances, the fact that each of you will feel the absolute warmth and glow of creator’s LOVE touch your hearts and lives is nothing short of miraculous, and this holiday season we wish for you to bask in the knowing that it is you who brought forth these energies…and, collectively, it is you who delivered the world from evil…and it is you who responded to creators call to come forth and in some cases, to incarnate in human flesh for the first time, just to see your missions through.  These grand missions of LOVE are not by accident or default, but by the compassionate grace of GOD that lives within each and every one of you and desires for nothing but the purity of LOVE for all. 

We, the Pleiadian Light Family, are filled with the same LOVE for all of you, our human family, our galactic kin, and deeply we appreciate and honor your contribution to the collective journey of earth’s ascension.  You are soon to be taken back by the full breadth of this truth, for when see and feel LOVE from our vantage point, undoubtedly you will be transformed.”  -PHC


The 12:12 stargate that we recently passed thru…seemingly unfazed…was a time of completion.  According to the PHC, the 12:12 activated/imprinted the final encodement required to make the shift into unity, or christed-consciousness for those at the helm.

“Now, we say this with great care, for we realize that there are those who are not yet operating on the unity timeline, but for those who are, this is a marker point, a time of solidifying the results from your grand efforts.”  -PHC

The 12:12 gateway (and the energy leading up to it) was at least partly responsible for this latest round of emotional debris that has been kicked up to be expunged from deep within our core. Kind of like a last-ditch effort to resolve all fear-based (e)goo matters that we have been working on throughout 2011.

No doubt, we are all being revisiting by our ghosts of (Christmas) past, and in some cases…depending on the density still remaining in our lives…this has been a time of some really impacting, life-changing revelations.  These things that are rushing to the surface for our attention can seem daunting/terrifying at first glance, but this urgency/intensity is just the answer to a universal clarion call to whole-heart-edly illuminate every corner of our lives and bodies so that by the time the solstice rolls around we can lock into position for 2012, and begin again….in an entirely new cycle, with a new life and in brand new world of our making.

This is not to say that what comes up at this time will simply vanish, just that we are being gifted with the awareness of where LOVE is still needed in order to fully shift into our 12th dimensional blueprint bodies.  If these finalizing energies dropped a bomb on your life, realize that an explosion can serve two divine purposes…1) it will unmistakably, and without fail, bring our focus and attention to EXACTLY where its needed so that we can heal/release/restore whatever is calling us… and 2) it can serve to shift us, rather quickly, into the mental & emotional framework required to align with LOVE during this pivotal time. If you’ve experienced a jolt, realize that a jolt was needed, but that once you are aware of why, 75% of the work is already done.  The other 25% is in LOVing yourself back together.

“We would add that the 12:12 presented many of you with options to choose a new pathway, these options were presented as either revelations, or a call to action.  How you respond to these situations is what matters now, not in the resolving of them.” -PHC

So although there wasn’t as much fanfare around the 12:12 as the 11:11, the PHC say this passageway was nevertheless impacting because it opened the doorway to the 12th level of genetic activations, the finalization of the christed-template on the planet.

“We would say that these energies are coming to uplift humanity in certain sectors, and to equally dismantle corruption in others.  The way for each of you lies in the choices presented to  you now…how you choose will determine the path of your soul in the coming year. Choosing LOVE over fear is the only path to redemption.” -PHC

2012: Phase Two

“The coming calendar year, the greatly anticipated year of 2012, is a monumental breakthrough in what we term, planetary consciousness.  By this we mean that those who have laid the plan for a new earth have far exceeded our expectations.  Because of this, what is coming to pass is much grander, much more comprehensive and more delightful than even we imagined.”  -PHC

2012 is what the Pleiadians call the year of…drumroll please…LOVE!  Actually, they refer to it as the year of divine or universal love, but this is also the year we enter (on the solstice) into what they have termed “phase 2? of ascension: the physicalization phase, and the implementation of the divine radiance of love.  This is the year when those who are here to serve the highest good for the planet and her people will be “coming out of hiding”…this group will wholly supported, protected & catapulted to positions of greater influence, whereas those who are self-serving will be continually called to divine-order.

This is the time/year/world/era we have been waiting/working so diligently for and the unseens share that all the many potentials that are arising revolve around LOVE as the driving force of creation of our new lives.  The new earth is here and LOVE is the only way to enter….LOVE is the key code that grants each of us access to the co-creational forces of the universe and can only be accessed from within ourselves and by loving ourselves.

In 2012, LOVE will finally become the predominant force on the planet and anything, anyone in opposition to LOVE will fall away.  No one, no thing is exempt.

“We have so much to share with regard to this upcoming year, but we will sum it up by saying that those who are aligned with LOVE will rise to meet LOVE in unprecedented ways.  In fact, the word LOVE itself will shift to something greater, for LOVE as you knew it will not compare to the LOVE that will to pump thru the heart of earth and humanity.  The lifeblood of Source will flood thru your rivers and veins and will  permeate every living thing with the radiance of divine LOVE, the sustenance for life on the new earth.” -PHC

Wishing each of you a holi-day season filled with LOVE and an effortless transition into 2012…

See you next year!




zorro 20th December 2011 4:06 pm

Thank you, Lauren.

Mik 20th December 2011 4:56 pm

Service is love.

edmerlov 20th December 2011 10:41 pm

Amazing message! Thank you so much for delivering! I am looking forward to bringing the full force of my soul and soul family into action in 2012. WooHOO!

Shinzarae 21st December 2011 12:59 am

Thank you for your messages your messages as they are grounded in your integrity.

The mention that "those who have laid plans have exceeded our expectations". Hmmm.

However, what is not clear is that in fact we had a greater opportunity that eluded us on 11/11/11. As our credibility has been tarnished, future "dates" really have no bearing anymore. Thus, all of 2012 will be or not be. Most of us are just taking the present day and living it. Living life according to our soul purpose. On one level, many channelers sound like Fox News because they just want to keep everyone pumped up without sharing levels of truth.

Can we imagine any of us once again "expecting" that 12/21/12 will be the ascension and living in hope and allowing another false expectation to come and go?

Thank you for the message of Love. Love also encompasses truth - right? Basically, most LW's have been through the last and final releases or purging for over two years now. Every month, we are just one final step away...and yet dates come and go.

I live an optimistic life. Yet now, grounded in reality.

Ursel 21st December 2011 9:04 am

Thank you so much Lauren; Happy Solstice

amberhill 21st December 2011 9:55 am

On an impish note: I just wish I knew what love was. What it TRULY is. So it's pure, sans illusory veils.
I want just that and that alone, sans inter-planetary power games.

Deeni 21st December 2011 12:10 pm

Dear Lauren, and the PHC,

Just last night I was re-reading your last message, praying for a new one to come soon.

And here you all are!

Thank You all so much for this message, it has brought me back to centre, and has given explanation as to why I have been feeling like something really GREAT is coming.

It also explains why certain things have come to light recently, confirming that I have processed it all, for the greater good of all.

LOVE is the answer!

I had it come right up in my face this am, right after I crashed the car into the garage, due to black ice.

I began to berate myself, but eventually, I just had to laugh. I lost control. I had absolutely no control.

And it was FUNNY!

Rather than wallowing in the mire of lack of control, I revelled in it. It was freedom, personified.

It will get fixed, but I also know a good chuckle will be had by all that visit at Christmas.

Raise the vibration! My husband has had quite a few laughs already.

Much Love and Light to you Lauren, and the PHC
Merry Christmas and a Spectacular 2012!


Kathy Wilson 21st December 2011 12:59 pm

The 528 frequency is the exact vibration of the Solfeggio note MI, or Mira Gestorum as it's known in ancient Latin. Translated that means "miracles gestating". This frequency is currently being used by leading edge biomolecular research scientists to repair DNA. A very powerful frequency, indeed.

Toni 21st December 2011 5:53 pm

A+++ Absolutely Accurate SiS ~ LOVE has begun ~ What FUN ~ I Love You ~ :thumbs:
My fav ~" When LOVE is fully woven into the tapestry of our lives, miracles become the very fabric of our existence." ~ Yes Absolutely. :smitten:

LordJesusChrist 22nd December 2011 2:55 am

The Good Force be with you!

Welcome aboard in our NEW EARTH where LOVE is the essence of our existence. Many thanks for your excellent message! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and let LOVE shower forth many blessings upon you on 2012!

Live forever and prosper!
Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:

donnico 22nd December 2011 4:12 am

You call it Love, but for me it is really the means of living, being in harmony, balance and unity with all the rest. Yes, Love is a one of good definitions to understand or feel the gradus of such unity, but it is still about describing something which nature is opposite of describing... It is just like a catching of the exact moment of deep and colorful sunrise over sea after a long winter solstice night...

thank you for your inspired messages!

amberhill 22nd December 2011 9:07 am

Suberb description, Donnico! Thank you.

maniktwin 22nd December 2011 10:42 am

Amen Shizarae. I've found that getting too far "out there" can result in homelessness and untold agony. Keeping at least one foot in reality, not getting so pumped up that I'm not thinking with my god-given brains, helps me to stay housed, fed, etc.

Tessiero 22nd December 2011 12:10 pm

What a delight to find this message today. It was just what I needed to remind me what I (we) am about. The negative thoughts and emotions that are bubbling up from inside creates
a darkness that pulls me in. This message reminded me to stay grounded in what I know is true and that is LOVE! Thank you for the inspiration to rise above what I am experiencing in physicality knowing that I am surrounded with support and love beyond my current understanding. I have the courage to face this day with a smile on my face and love in my heart. Thank you. Many blessings to everyone.

Simeon 22nd December 2011 2:11 pm

Thank you Shinzarae, for putting into words, that which I too feel! Very reassuring...
Bless you

COBALT 22nd December 2011 6:57 pm

"In 2012 we will be learning that LOVE is all we need… but not in a lyrical way, in a very vibrational way.  When we make this profound shift, LOVE literally becomes the animating force of life…the fuel for our creations, our biology, our relationships.  When LOVE is fully woven into the tapestry of our lives, miracles become the very fabric of our existence."

Love and hugs!

euphemiarose 23rd December 2011 12:01 am

exciting times we chose to live in! your post caught my attention on a couple of points, at present I am loving a tool called Trinfinity8 which uses solfeggio and fractals and 528 frequency music, one musical choice of many...really looking forward to what lies ahead in regards to 'healing' tools.

cheers :)

euphemiarose 23rd December 2011 12:03 am

PS: Lauren, thank you so much for all you share, really grounded and practical info I truly appreciate!