Close, But No Cigar

Bearing Down

"We're in the thick of it" is what the unseens said the other day while I was frantically trying to balance myself in the shrinking space between electrocutions.  While on some I level I felt semi-relieved to hear those words, the smaller, less reverent, and definitely-more-frustrated-part of me couldn't hold back a "yeah, no shit."

I mean come on...these transitions are far from subtle and we can all feel the thick of it...but what we are all violently screaming to know is: where will we land and whennnnnn?

And here's what those voices in my head said:  there are two major portals left to walk arising at the end of this month and one in the beginning of August.

These two major gateways are purportedly bringing us in deeper harmony with the "master creator within"..."the reconnection of your inherent creational powers will come forth through these gateways and in doing so, the next level of transformation and resurrection of physicality will commence."

If you've been on this journey long enough, than no doubt you have been stripped down to either complete apathy or cynicism...or both...but either way you should have enough wits about you to realize that those words above are always much prettier than the physical reality we will most likely consider this fair warning that though we are close, we are still climbing...and if it's not obvious, I despise that fact more than you do.

Here's what I am being shown... and please bear with me as I try to find clarity amidst generous amounts of vertigo and fatigue:

In the coming 2 weeks, there are magnanimous energies flowing toward earth as if some miraculous force of God is landing to resurrect the planet and her people.  This energy, which culminates in the full expression of major planetary bodies will directly and indirectly energize all forms of matter to step further into the realm of oneness.

Unless you live under a rock...which I guess accounts for most of have most definitely caught wind of the astrological foreboding emanating from astrologers and metaphysicians in relation to the cardinal T-Square alignment involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto—a rare alignment and profoundly suggesting societal and socio-economic transformation.   

Well, according to the Pleiadians, July 26  is one of those major portal days when Saturn opposition Uranus becomes exact, which also incidentally falls on the first day of the 13 Moon Calendar-Mayan New Year and directly following the full moon in Aquarius on July 25-26.

Then, soon after, on August 6-7ish a cardinal grand cross is activated between Jupiter-Uranus, Pluto, the Moon and Saturn-Mars-Venus...and, if all that weren't enough, the Lions gate opening directly follows on August 8th.

Now I am no astrologer...and barely know what any of that means... but it sounds & feels like some big forward moving stuff.  Truthfully, I am hearing that these astrological events will be especially impacting on the outer world, but we are experienced enough to know that we will also need to anchor and stabilize these energies within ourselves as well.

Luckily, I am also hearing that for those who have cleared the bulk of their karmic-goo... peace of mind will accompany this passage of great change.

Collective Rebirth

No doubt we are smack dab in the middle of birthing a new reality....and it hurts like hell...but I am told that the contractions over the next two weeks of labor are the impetus for grand physical restructuring by which we will merge into deeper union between spirit and matter and which will initiate a restructuring of all physical bodies of matter, including the planetary body.  This usually amounts to upheaval on one level and breakthroughs on another, where some (those aligned with love) are able to climb ahead and others (those still unawakened) will fall deeper into the abyss of cause and effect.

This merging of polarities, which peaks on the 8/8 gateway, results in a deeper realization of our god-self.  As these masculine and feminine energies merge, the left and right hemispheres of the brain unite to form a bridge between worlds and a flow of new-level information streams between physical and spiritual reality where we are able to see and know things we didn't before and which will also give us the insights needed for creative solutions to clean up our messy lives...and as always, just in the nick of time.

As a result of this incoming energy of merging worlds...which, incidentally is already beginning to seep into our personal energy the next two weeks there will be a resurgence of divine love which the unseens are referring to as "a uniting of your inner-god with your outer-form."

For us to become complete through this move beyond karmic creation and into resonance creation... requires that we are able to absorb the encoded light quotients cascading down from the great central sun into our pineal and pituitary glands.  Unfortunately, our physical bodies are recoiling at the thought of downloading ANY more light, so it is imperative to remain neutral to these energies, let them flow through you, and not attach any human thought to their inevitability.

Using Discernment

For those of us who have been working toward the actualization of our divine potential, there is much to be considered during this time... especially as it pertains to our thoughts.  The most influential aspect of these astrological, solar and galactic forces will be our ability to initiate come unstuck...and to realize our capabilities as co-creators of divine intent...and this begins with the increasingly more powerful energy of thought.

The quarantine that each of us has been protected by over the last several years is beginning to lift which means manifestation is becoming nearly instantaneous... the space between thought and procurement is disintegrating and we are slowly beginning to see signs of this in the physical. (think phone you really need that caller ID anymore?)  Though sudden miracles are appearing, ironically, this is mostly true for things we don't need right now....but an indication of what's behind this clearing cycle nevertheless.

All in all it is very important that we use discernment and self-responsibility by not giving our power away to fear based thinking... especially during these gateway periods when collective frenetic thoughts moving up and out and are swarming us. You may find that you need to lay low for a bit, stay in a safe space or with friends and loved ones to regain your composure or to steer clear of these energies during transmutation periods.

The End of the End

For the time being, the pressure is definitely still building and we feel all but ready to pop, yet we are still wrapping up much of the past and any old business in need of resolution.   So much to tend to, so little energy.

"The completion of all wayward elements is drawing nigh and there is only a short window of opportunity left to finalize details....arriving in mid-August is an influx of energies that will need space to fill up the vacuous void of your past lives and carve the new potentials for your future."

This preparation the rest of this relentless journey.... seems to go on foreverrrrrrrrr and tho it is all completely necessary to take full advantage of our new beginnings, it is exhausting to try to work within these dense energies of the old paradigm when so much of ourselves is firmly planted in the new.

A perfect example of this in my own life is a seemingly never-ending bankruptcy finalization.  In order to save my home from foreclosure last year, I filed bankruptcy to apply for a much-needed loan modification and restructure.  This was first supposed to be finalized in March, then got adjourned to May, then got adjourned to July and today was just adjourned AGAIN to September.

Even tho I just. want. this. to. be. over. with...I also know in the bigger picture that everything is undergoing a major vibrational upgrade....readjusting, restructuring, and realigning to match the new energies so that when the time comes to fully move forward, everything will be in sync with my our new and completely authentic lives.

This energy of the old with the new pushing through is apparent everywhere right now...important things keep getting postponed, moved ahead...then behind...then ahead again.  Plans (if u can even make any) change at the very last minute, we think we are going one way then suddenly we are not...well aligned opportunities arise and just as quickly, disappear.

Its pure insanity really...yet, many good things do come from these universal adjustments.  For instance, because my bankruptcy kept getting postponed, I was miraculously able to align with the timing of the government equity adjustment plan and my loan...which was $100,000 upside down... qualified for a market value adjustment saving me thousands and thousands of dollars in the end.  This was COMPLETELY unexpected at a time when I had NO IDEA how this situation would resolve itself.  

Moral of the story?  When in doubt, get out the way. 

So yes, this waiting and uncertainty is the pits, and letting our higher-self take control has been sooooo boring...but I promise it will all be well worth it in the end when we are smooth sailing in our new lives.

Physical Happenings

As usual, purification symptoms abound.  We are still integrating the energies from the recent eclipse period as well as some new symptoms that are arriving from the influx of the next incoming wave.

The most uncomfortable changes seem to still be taking place from eclipses and are manifesting in the base of the neck/head/shoulder/upper back area with tons of pressure that can feel like your skull bones are fusing together.  I actually said in a recent post on the TWYH forum that I felt like Neo being plugged into the new matrix through the base of my skull.  The jaw (TMJ), teeth, ears, throat and gums are all healing from this intense download in a major way so you may be having all sorts of related issues in these areas.  But that certainly doesn't mean we are relieved of all the other symptoms like heartburn, middle back pain, nausea, intestinal discomfort, siree Bob...they just get piled on top and counted as bonus symptoms.

Also, the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses were challenging all of us at the base levels of financial security and physical safety which kicked up TONS of fear and stress around mortality and financial failure.

You know that stress I am talking about...the kind that keeps your jaws clenched when you're not paying attention and makes everything in life seem impossible.  This was evident everywhere and in everyone (even if you don't have financial challenges) during that potent portal period, and the physical body really took a toll.  Insomnia, restlessness, jitters, vague anxiety, soreness in muscles, cold sweats, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, etc.

And now we have the lunar energy of the full moon on Sunday coming at us and kicking up increasing levels of anxiety coupled with the solar energy of the Lions gate piercing our pituitary/pineal glands as they attempt to merge in sacred union, so the usual Leo sun sinus/allergy-type symptoms are slowly creeping in.

The pituitary/pineal glands govern a lot of bodily functions and hormones including body temperature and sleep, so this is some unfun stuff....these detox symptoms vary in intensity and can include hay fever type symptoms, feeling really cold, then hot...sometimes with sweating, vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness, feeling spaced-out, deep fatigue, sinus congestion & pressure, itchy-watery eyes, sore/dry throat, congested ears, headaches, etc.

If you are challenged by these symptoms (or any others), self-nurturing will obviously still be required as is the need to rest and ground these powerful surges of energy into our lives and bodies for a bit longer.

What's left?

To complete this journey, there is only one thing left that is required of us...full presence in love.

This means that it is beyond crucial that we continue to remain neutral, clear and keep ourselves centered in love each time we feel a spike in earth's electromagnetic field.

The amount of love and fearlessness that we are able hold within our bodies will determine the level we are catapulted to through these remaining portals.  This simply means that in order to fly, we must step off the path of known in full faith of the unknown...wings outstretched...and with the absolute knowing that the wind will support our flight.

These next two weeks will collectively bring us to a point of jumping into seas of untold depth where at any given moment we will have two choices: we can get swept up in the undercurrent and fight to stay afloat, or we can relax into the momentum of the swells and body surf those waves with pure excitement as they guide us effortlessly to the shores of our new lives.

In the end, we are all exactly where we need to be and at this stage of the game there is nothing left to DO but BE.

So I guess we'll do what we always do...BE patient.

Until then....



FutureNow 23rd July 2010 6:45 am

I placed a comments similar to the following last night on Laurens site but it did not show up--so I will express my thought here:

May i ask what about the last post? it is quite different from this one. Does this post mean the one from last week with all ist miraculous promises is now "null and void?"

I would like to say more but for now I will see "what happens" next :)

Dr.Druid 23rd July 2010 8:18 am

My lord, I'm feeling it, last night I asked my higher self for something ANYTHING to help me cope with it all. I was given much while in sleep (of which I had plenty of in order to escape). It was this :-

Like moving from normal TV to digital HD - I was told that we're not clear yet but when we are we will definitely know it this wonderful message just like the last resonates completely!

I'm simply not manifesting anything and money is a real issue - thank the lord for Lauren - Thanks! - Anyone who wants to get in touch with me please do as we need to help each other through this messy and painful process. Namaste! Druid xx

Sarah Shiddian 23rd July 2010 8:53 am

Dear Dr. Druid,
I do not see your profile with an email address.
You can reach me via my profile.
Love and Light to you.

Tzaddi 23rd July 2010 9:17 am

In the nick of time: Lauren speaks! I misunderstood, thought we were done with the physical symptoms and was feeling so alone, keeping my lower back aches, popping neck bones, unsteady legs, and sleeping like the dead to myself. For no reason whatsoever (as in, I have no plans) I am suddenly refinancing my house to take out as much cash as possible--in case I get plans? In case I decide to move? And smiled when I read "we're where we need to be." I'm totally cool with staying the present moment and not knowing, because that's where i live, and I also like being prepared. Because I can't focus on anything else (like finishing my book), I'm enjoying gardening again. Re' the "heart clean-up" that's going on, I'm noticing how my mind throws out garbage about any and all people I encounter-- About the guy who cuts me off on the highway, "where'd you get your license? Mailorder?" but it doesn't stop there; it's pretty much continuous, and last night I finally said, out loud:"just stop! I don't want to listen to that junk!" and wow: it stopped. Amazing. I'm mulching today-- alone

FutureNow 23rd July 2010 10:11 am

no more 'waiting room" for me--going with the flw of MY own intuition is peaceful! :)

Tzaddi 23rd July 2010 10:34 am

Oh yeah, re' allergies; I'm on my third tincture of "Sneeze Relief" since Last Fall. Usually, one bottle lasts me several YEARS.

shapeshifter 23rd July 2010 11:41 am

The self-empowerment mentioned in the previous report has been quite evident for me WHILE the onslaught of turbulent energy waves continues. My ability to surf these waves without drowning in the sea of emotion, leaves me feeling quite agile and immensely powerful. I guess it all depends on how you interpret self-empowerment.

GottaLoveIt 23rd July 2010 5:54 pm

I loved reading this! I love her way of writing about this crazy stuff!

I had a meltdown today...was ready to throw in the towel...very upset...scared....tired of having no money, blah, blah, blah....exhausted....

I pray I make it through all of this....

FutureNow 23rd July 2010 11:45 pm"", "amp", "&...
well dont believe me
but all these people that people want to
are just signs they are off and you are
need NO ONE
just share
wake up

kissedbythesun 24th July 2010 7:50 pm

OMG!! I just happened to be browsing this site because a friend suggested it. I read your article and I swear I was the only person on this planet who was grimacing at this universal centrifugal blender. It stops long enough for you to use your sleeve to wipe this morning's sunny-side zen flakes off your face before it takes off again. All you can do is hold on tight and concentrate on turning that grimace into a v-e-r-y contrived smile. Assuring yourself that after two years there's nothing more to purge but wait; there are the dry heaves you weren't expecting. It stops momentarily for the universe throw some more stuff into mix and goes from "pulse" to "frappe" in two seconds.
This is my first time on this site. I was laughing in agreement with you so much that I had to join. (Even in joining, I had to do the site's "type the letters in the box" four times.) Thank you for posting your connectivity and what to do & "be" while we're all waiting for the universe to unplug this universal centrifugal blender. This has been a true test of my namesake,

kissedbythesun 24th July 2010 8:04 pm

Hmmm...I really didn't want to post this twice.

Nothingness 25th July 2010 10:56 am


Did you thank her enough? Did you tell her that you enjoyed reading the article and now you feel good? If not, you should not expect your comment to show up. I've posted lots of comment on her blog but they never showed up.

Part 1:

She doesn't keep track of what she talks about. I remember she had written on an article that: we are going to get rid of our fat suits on 09/09/2009 which haven't yet happened even for Lauren herself. In her article on lunar and solar eclipse she said, we are going to feel very healthy after those events (something like this) and not only we are not but also she and most of her readers are reporting about uncomfortable physical symptoms.

Nothingness 25th July 2010 10:58 am

Part 2:

If you notice, she says "I'm no astrologer" but she writes about astrological events and their great impact!!!!!! She just blindly writes what she hears from those unknown entities to only make others feel good. I used to feel good after reading her articles. But later I learnt not to feel good. It seemed silly to me… I was suffering from physical symptoms desperately waiting to read an article from her only to know that all those physical problems were normal. Do Lauren's unseen friends exclude any physical problems that we may not have?

These entities are called genies in Quran. They are beings who live for more than 3000 years and that's why they know a lot. It's said that human being must not let them interfere with their life because they cannot be always trusted. Why?... because the Whole Picture has never been revealed to anyone anytime. Because of this statement I don't take anyone of them serious, not what Quran says and not what Lauren's unseen friends say.

Nothingness 25th July 2010 11:00 am

Part 3:

Last year I spent lots of money to buy her books. I found them very interesting in the beginning but the more I read the more I realized how cheap the information is. I'm really sorry I spent my money on them. I don't donate any money to feel good never ever.

I at least expected you Lauren to be a little bit open to people who may not agree with you. What do your unseen friends tell you to do with these people? To ignore them?

Thank you SL.

FutureNow 25th July 2010 1:49 pm

@ nothingness
I understand much of what you say and thank for acknowledging me as well! i often feel i am invisible when i comment on what i see happening with "supposed channelers"
All I know is that we must trust OURSELVES our own inner being-- or future SELF ---all the same to me :) and we are the masters of that and no one can tell us what is true for our reallity right NOW
--people love to follow and hang on to another's Truth (religion or channels all the same) I respect all views but read these posts now more for "curiosity" I know all is well for me now and trusting the journey even when it is friggin hard is the peaceful path of joy for me--you must trust you and i must trust me!!! this is freedom...

msflattop 25th July 2010 10:40 pm

Me as well, Dr. Druid!

msflattop 25th July 2010 10:46 pm

Futurenow and Nothingness...if this is not your cup of tea, why are you here in the first place? If you don't buy what Lauren says, why read it? Just because it doesn't resonate for you, doesn't mean it can't for someone else. I think it's wonderful that you can trust your own again I ask...why are you here?

Rainbow Princess 26th July 2010 8:46 am

Thank You Lauren for this message, I love your work and you always manage to make me laugh!

Peace and Love :thumbs:

Nothingness 26th July 2010 9:04 am

@ Futurenow
You may feel that way because you are not at the same vibration as they are. I used to be an active member here on SL a year ago. But now I feel heaviness in my heart charka when I open the home page on SL. Love, :)

@ msflattop
I'll first ask you to notice and re-read my comment. I never meant that her article cannot resonate with anyone else. I spoke my mind like everyone else can do. I particularly addressed Lauren herself not her readers. I'm suggesting that she should review what she writes. Those entities cannot be trusted; there is no doubt in that. They only give humans some hope to keep up. If you still wonder why I'm here, I'll kindly tell you. I only registered to join Futurenow and also write my own opinions. That's the only reason. I sincerely hope you reach a point where you can trust yourself and need no body to tell you what will happen and what not.
Goodbye folk

FutureNow 26th July 2010 9:17 am

Dear ms---
In answer to your question It is for connection with others and curiosity as I mentioned already :)
I would not have connected with "Nothingness" if not for here :)
I am not against anyone I am just wishing to encourage others to connect with "their own wisdom and inner knowing"
take care

Mys. Terious 26th July 2010 10:10 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

Mys. Terious 26th July 2010 10:09 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

Mys. Terious 26th July 2010 10:07 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

FutureNow 26th July 2010 12:58 pm

All is well--we are all n the journey
bye for now
J :)

bootcraft 26th July 2010 8:57 pm

I am emerging as a long time follower of Lauren's work to finally post my first comment ....

And while I would think that my very first comment would be motivated by my desire to thank Lauren for her saving words, time and time again, I must be honest ...

It is actually your lengthy and divisive comments, @Nothingness, that brought me out of my shell. You claim that Lauren ..."just blindly writes what she hears from those unknown entities to only make others feel good."

What a bitch. How dare she take on the enormous task of being a channel to keep us all linked with the greater unknown and keep us faithful and in good spirits during such difficult times.

And I, as well, have purchased all of her books ... and I, as well, have thought they were cheap. I mean, for under $20 - my life has changed. My perspective has changed. My world has shifted. Cheap, right?

And so, I continue to follow Lauren's work - I continue to donate to feel good - I continue to have faith.

So, quite obviously, that is why I am here.

I just can't seem to figure out why you, however, still are.

lizzie444 26th July 2010 9:17 pm

nothingness your totally in the thick of it hahah

and you bought all her books hahah sucker!

lauren your the man! keep it up!

shapeshifter 27th July 2010 10:05 am

Well said :thumbs:

FutureNow 27th July 2010 10:57 am

If everyone on earth loved each other, the earth would shine brighter than the sun.

-- Source unknown

FutureNow 28th July 2010 6:32 pm

Just saw in my 'account" and this post was at #32 comments and I just wanted to be #33
-for fun ;)