Creating With Mastery: Tools for the Trade

Greetings blessed ones! I Am Maitreya, world teacher for the Spiritual Hierarchy and in divine union with you this day.

On behalf of the councils of light we would like to offer you a timely response to so many questions you ponder during this time of great shifting into oneness and personal mastery.

What I have come to share with you pertains mostly to your divine heritage for you are those who have been walking the path of the ascendant for many lifetimes. You are known to us as the Warriors of the Way for your endurance and tenacity in the name of higher consciousness.

Now we would like to share with you many blessings from on high...

You are coming to a cycle in your life where you will be capable of many miracles as you continually surround yourself with the light of higher consciousness. The planet and her people are now in a position to be freed from the lowest forms of density and it is in this freedom that you will find great reprieve.

Our hope is that you will continue to reflect on your ability to create a peaceful world by sharing your light with those who surround you in times of despair.

As a wayshower of divine decree you will be offered many blessings and tools to create a life that accurately reflects the essence of the truth within you. Your vibration carries with it great responsibility as well, for you will be capable to leverage the might of the universe with your aligned will.

With this in mind, we wish to offer you some guidance to assist you along the way...

-Be prudent with your personal energy. We say this as a reminder that you are the creator of your reality, and as such you are responsible for managing the ways in which you allow your energy to be expended.

-Take good care to keep solid boundaries and be diligent in your quest to avoid giving of yourself in exorbitant ways.

-Be sure to recognize that you are the master of your domain and that others can only enter when you are in a state of complete acceptance. This goes for your ability to help others as well as your personal relationships.

-We would also like to point out that you are the chosen ones to prepare the earth for a completely new way of being and living in love. Love can only be actualized in this new space by the total clearing of all disharmonious energies that are keeping humanity bound. Personal mastery requires that you care for your energy first and foremost and that you be mindful of clearing yourself of negativity at all times. Those in great fear will be tempted and capable to siphon your vitality so we affirm that you be wary of who you give permission to enter your field at all times.

-Regarding the law of One…this law stipulates that what you do to/for yourself you do to/for all others. Let it be clear that in personal mastery your attention on the management and care of your systems of light be of utmost importance. This is your first priority and one that will assure success and balance in all areas of your new life.

-Dear ones, you will be called to service in many ways that will delight & inspire you while offering you the ability to express your radiant gifts and innermost desires. We recommend that you open yourself up to all the possibilities that lie before you but choose with discernment; choose only those things that resonate deeply within your heart-space.

The lighted councils on earth are ever so close to those who are here to serve in divine ways and it will be for those of you who offer yourselves and your gifts who will be vastly rewarded with a life of ease.

These rewards come to you in the nick of time for as the dimensional fields shift to activate your connection to the new matrix of abundance and love, the old matrix of fear and lack plays out its final act. This crossover will serve to drop you from one planetary firmament to the next and upon entering this new plane all energetic discord will cease to confine you.

It is upon the arrival of this heavenly level of creation that you will come to know the beauty and the essence of divine personal mastery.

We would also like to share with you a bit about your divine heritage for surely you have realized in this incarnation that you are more than just a human being here to do a good turn for others.

Now and in this lifetime, many of you are tapping into your holographic memories and experiences of the ancient Lemurian days to fulfill your divine plan and blueprint to serve the earth as high priests & priestesses.

Some of you have had many lifetimes serving in this capacity, but in this lifetime you are completing your missions via the higher dimensional electromagnetic impressions that you weave through the morphogenetic fields.

This work that you have selflessly agreed to do was the work of several armies, and you have done remarkably well. We would like to assure you that your time of freedom from these lower dimensional ails and restrictions is upon you and you are to be rewarded in ways never dreamed possible.

This was the promise to the warriors of the new way, the promise of everlasting peace, love, and divine union thru the grace of eternal God-presence. These gifts of abundance are those that you will so willingly share with others as you begin your next journey of navigation, exploration and discovery in an entirely new field matrix of potential.

As you remember how to use your powers of mastery most acutely, you will then be in a position to help others along the way. And as you do, as you create the new world with your hands, heart & mind, so too do you serve to release many pockets of trapped energy keeping the planet is a state of fear, captivity and despair.

We, the Spiritual Hierarchy, are a council of light who serve to replenish the lives of those in service to the One. Now that you have been exonerated from your roles as spiritual warriors we urge you to turn your attention to the incoming stream of higher love that is infiltrating your atmosphere.

You are readying for completely new beginnings by shedding and releasing so much of the old during this cycle of closing. As you release the final remnants of that which no longer serves you, you will find a new energy sweeping in to replace all of that which you have long resolved.

This energy will circulate and fill all the seeming voids in your life and each vacuous trail that you successfully excavated will be replenished with the vital life-giving force of new creation.

No longer will you need to work for every gain, for you have cleared the way to the riches of heaven. You merely need to firmly ground your energy and connect to these new dimensional fields as one governing body together with all of those who paved the path to a better way.

The support of heaven is ushering in and as this energy enriches your love and life you will be overflowing with exuberant vitality and with the desire and ability to share with all.

Share your love and your lightheartedness and it will be returned to you like never before. This is the natural flow of heaven…unobstructed and free...

We are your brothers and sisters of light, your friends of many incarnations and together in the spirit of Oneness we divulge a new plan.

We come only to remind you of the riches of your toils. You are those who well earned them.

On behalf of all the councils of light working to uplift the planet and her people, I AM Maitreya here to lift your sights to the full bounty of goodness in truth.

We have watched you toil, we have watched you sacrifice, and now we are overjoyed at the opportunity to watch you prosper.

In divine radiance and love-filled light, we bid you farewell and good tidings!


Ron Laswell 31st March 2009 11:10 pm

Lauren - Your message truly resonated very strongly with me. It even brought some clarity about recent dreams which I've experienced. In last night's dream, for instance, I was out in public wearing a white "bath" robe. I won't explain it here, but it does make more sense to me now. Thanks for your loving and selfless efforts to relay these messages from spirit. Ommm. Ron