Letting Go of Our Ascension Story

The Ascension Story

So by now we know that there are two ways to ascend beyond duality consciousness:  thru physical death or through physical upgrades. 

The latter, by which we have termed physical, or biological "ascension", is not foolproof by any means, yet it is the most highly supported and regarded endeavor at this time of rapid evolution.  And those who have chosen this route to higher consciousness are the frontiersmen, the pioneers who have founded a new world...a new perceptual reality... and are preparing to share in the untouched bounty of its limitless abundance.

The final trek was a steep, slippery slope.  Some weren't able to hold on thru the recent blast of equinoctial energy, but those who did...those who led the brigade to its vibrational destination..are no doubt tired as hell, worn out, and battle-weary. Yet, it is also this group who has mastered the ability to steer clear of illusion, even in the final hour, and hold tight to the mast thru the punishing winds each time the seas get turbulent. It's these brave souls who have taken the hardest hits, faced the harshest elements, weathered many unbearable storms and as a result, it is these souls who are finally stepping into retirement.

The end of this soul-contract is not like retirement in earthly terms, more like a feeling of indescribable accomplishment and far reaching new beginnings... a time of graduating from spiritual warrior to earth master....from carbon to crystalline....from polar to scalar...from linear time to unified NOW time.

Transcending Time & Space

I have been hearing that the solar gateway of the 2010 vernal equinox...within the sixth night of the galactic wave movement... is providing us with the opportunity to enter into timelessness. This means that those empty vessels who have released the burdens of duality are now in the process of transcending time & space and preparing to operate within the compressed fields of zero-point energy, or unidimensionality.

Unidimensionality is used here to describe a unilateral point outside of time and space....it is the result of merging into completeness thru collapsing timelines and operating from the perspective of ONE.

The Next Phase

The next act in this ascension play is all about the outward expressions of our internal rewiring.  It is the phase by which we get to apply our knowledge and workings of energy in physical form.  This part of the journey duly requires that we access the fields of pure potentiality, also known as scalar wave energies, to procure the blissful results that we have been working for years (and lifetimes!) to manifest.

The Vernal equinox was a powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity and played a significant part in restructuring the entire earth and cosmos .  The solar surge came cascading down from the great central sun to instill new codes into the planetary grid. 
This amazingly powerful event caused a necessary recoiling of our energies for a final regrouping & readjustment period before we externalize our energy fully into our physical lives.  This served two major purposes: 

1) to ensure that the final ties of genetic karma have been severed and dissolved prior to creating again.
2) to ensure that all wayward elements of past creations have come into plain view for the purposes of physical completion as we finish out the purification phase of our personal ascension.

As we begin to flow with the the universal tides and not against them, we will suddenly be pulled along in a sweeping current that will seem to wash away much of what we considered burdensome over the last several years.  This wave of love is permeating every aspect of our life and body and carries a light quotient never before absorbed by human inhabitants.  It is also prudent to mention that this wave of "love" energy will expose & destroy much in its path, that which is not aligned with the vibration of love.

The Sacred Completion

The first phase completion period, which is what we are currently undergoing, is also a time of deep cellular re-patterning in preparation for the new cycle and thru the sacred season of rebirth.  As mentioned in the last update, we still have a foot in both worlds (the old & new) but this sacred passage...between now and the June solstice... is POTENT, and gifting us with many new capabilities & opportunities.  If we are able to manage these increasing energies wisely, by staying neutral to them, we will find ourselves well-prepared to sail new seas. 

The Pleiadians are giving us three ways to effectively utilize this sacred time: 

1-Allow yourself to bathe in the light of renewal with self-nurturing and care, remembering that there are many physical changes needed to complete your biological upgrades.
2-Where possible, wrap up old energies, complete old projects, resolve financial & relational hindrances
3-Create space for your new life by letting go of all memories of struggle...both in your mind and in your physical life and relationships.

Granted...for most path-pavers, anchors, grid-workers, light-workers, star-seeds, and all divining rods here with the role to clear negative earth energies & genetic karma... letting go of struggle can be like letting go of our entire earth experience in this lifetime. 

For these souls, struggling was the only option available since most of us were dabbling in dimensions that we weren't genetically coded for.  This is not to say that the struggle wasn't valuable, surely it lit a great fire under our arses and fueled us to escape the extremes of polarity...however...for some, this has become such a a way of life that anything outside of struggle is completely foreign and unknown.

This group of warrior souls is so used to pushing through, fighting, clearing and resisting the outworn ways, that it is nearly impossible to imagine a life of ease.  Which is exactly what we are being urged to do now.

Releasing Your Ascension Story

As the warrior brigades complete the physical transition from carbon to crystalline, much will be melting away.  The pain, the battle-scars, the suffering, and the constant struggle to stay afloat in the intense energies of a planet we never felt we belonged to, will be evaporating as if by magic.  This is because we are finally approaching our "home dimension" now that we have achieved our "destination vibration".

These cellular memory imprints are the result of our battle-wounds from embarking on the long journey home, but now all memories and scars will be brought to the light of transmutation and healed through the power of our unidimensional, or present moment point of perception.

This means that we are being urged to release all attachment to our ascension "process" and "war stories" so we can arrive at galactic consciousness with no strings.  Time to brush ourselves off and get aligned with the dignity of a job well done. The pain and suffering has become so acute, that wiping our hard drive clean may seem impossible, but keep in mind that these shifts are quantum in nature and therefore release us from those linear time lines which tie us to pain.   
Ever notice how some days (when riding the crest of an energy wave) you find yourself so present that you are completely disconnected from all the years of work to get to that moment?  Well that is what it will soon be like all the time.

The ascension "process" is so all-encompassing that it is easy to get lost in it all, to over-identify with it and to be-lie-ve that it will go on forever.  But the equinox energies are pushing us beyond suffering and beg us to see outside of that reality now.   The new codes for the second phase of the journey...the outer materialization phase...are here now and reminding us that our personal ascension is only a means to an end, and that the end is really just the beginning.

How do you know if you are in the process of shedding your ascension story, stepping out of the "climbing phase" and moving on to the "materialization phase" ?

Here are some tell-tale signs:

  • you have completely lost personal interest in things like healing, spirituality, metaphysics and especially ascension....even the word can turn you off. (this is not the same for those with contracts to serve as healers/metaphysicians/spiritual teachers/etc. for the next wave of awakening souls)
  • you have lost interest in any channelings or ascension related articles & any information that comes from outside of yourself (yes, even mine ; ))
  • you're bored as hell with everything in this realm
  • you no longer wish to remain isolated and trapped like a hermit
  • you've been re-prioritizing your external life, simplifying & streamlining everything to match your internal self.
  • your long held-desires/projects/partnerships are starting to peek thru and materialize in the outside world (this is still on the slow side, but little signs are popping thru the ground like the first signs of spring)
  • you are tired of being alone and want deep meaningful relationships.
  • you are desperately longing to live a "simple, normal" life doing simple, normal things again.
  • you are feeling like things are less "serious" then they seemed before.
  • you just want to PLAY!

What's happening from an energetic perspective is that we are fully grounding and stepping into our roles as the "physical" guides for the next ascension waves, and to be that...the guides...we need to be completely detached from the "process" so as to not get tangled up in someone else's goo.  And, yes, there will be plenty of goo flying around as the energies continue to intensify toward 2012 and beyond.

Physical Happenings

Because we are still integrating and vacillating between worlds, we are still experiencing the highs and lows and intense physical symptoms.  The most prevalent extremes right now are a result of the equinoctial energies which are stimulating every cell in our bodies and can result in feeling cracked-out and over-caffeinated with over-the-top stress, sleeplessness, and restlessness... to extreme heaviness and sleepiness each time we recover from being electrocuted by God.

As we adjust to these highly concentrated solar blasts to the crown & 3d eye, our pineal/pituitary glands are on hyperdrive which can cause insomnia/deep sleeps and..in the famous words of Austin Powers...some freaky-deaky dreams!  Add to that all kinds of detox "seasonal allergy-like" symptoms:  sinus/ocular headaches & pressure, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, sneezing fits, runny/stuffy nose, itchy eyes/ears/nose, sore throat, high-pitch ringing in ears, vertigo/dizziness, etc., etc.

Also present is the relentless soreness/aches and pains, indigestion/heartburn from thymus stimulation/heart openings, pain behind the heart, lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, sore/hot feet, crazy food cravings, ravenous hunger/loss of appetite, nauseousness, digestive imbalances, fatigue and O-MY-GOD-THE-BLOATING.  Some serious water retention here to protect our cells from being fried...compliments of the afore-mentioned electrocution. So if you look like a water-ballon right now you are so not alone.  All I can say is thank god for sweat pants.

Things to do to help ease the discomfort during this time:

1- When the energy is building up and intensifying (hence, when you feel like someone slipped cocaine in your chamomile): get physical... move the energy thru your body and into the earth... stretch, exercise, drink lots of water, use nature to ground yourself.
2- When the energy is integrating: veg out & sleep (as if you had a choice).
3- Take as many showers/baths/swims as possible to keep your energy field clean (and to wash off that nasty detox slime)

Some other (more positive) side effects from the equinox punch are occasional deepening of present moment awareness....which is giving us the ability to finally focus attentively on our creations that we have been dying to birth and without scattering our energy/focus elsewhere... the slow return of passion (sexual & creative) as our sacral/root chakras wake from deep slumber, and the occasional/random/fleeting feelings that our long-held dreams are actually possible.

And that's a wrap...

Happy christ-consciousness ascension season!




oconshane 27th March 2010 7:30 am

Thank you Lauren
So much gratitude and love to you
Been hanging on by my fingernails

whiterose 27th March 2010 7:35 am

Your message has positively, absolutely hit the nail on the head for me - thank, thank you Lauren

with love

new_birth77 27th March 2010 8:33 am

(and that's all I have to say)
Thank you!!:)

patms77 27th March 2010 9:34 am

thank you so much. i prayed i'd get a message from you today as i am experiencing great pain and fatigue for about a week now. you are the one who always offers me a wonderful explanation, as well as a great big dose of love and hope. namaste, darling!!! love & blessings, patti

oconshane 27th March 2010 9:47 am

Yes, Yes, Yes to all of you


Kathleen 27th March 2010 10:19 am

Thank you Lauren! And yes I am starting to get my fill of reading ascension materials. Which surprised me because it has been what I've looked forward to every morning for the last year or so! Of course ~I still look for yours and a few choice others. Yep, you hit it "right on" once again! And a special thank you for "keeping it real" with lots of humor!
Love and Blessings! :smitten:

astrelsa 27th March 2010 11:02 am

Lauren, thank you so much for describing exactly the way I've been feeling! Now that I know what it's about I can relax and stop wondering what's 'wrong' with me! :smitten:

Satya 27th March 2010 1:29 pm

"Electrocuted by God", lol, that is EXACTLY how I've been feeling! Thanks Lauren, now I can describe what I've been going through! : )


mifasolasi 27th March 2010 6:44 pm

Wow.. what a message!! :angel:
Thank you Lauren for this valuable support!!! :)
Love :smitten:

johneblums 27th March 2010 10:10 pm

All the hype about ascension is not new; it started at the beginning of the 20th century and now 3 generations latter some are rediscovering it. The real meaning of 'Ascension' is the 'Evol-tion of Love' in a species,a planet or an individual.This has been going on for many millions of years on earth, just that our knowledge of those past great spiritual civilisations which coexisted with less advanced races, remains unbeknown to this epoch of civilisation. So regardless of all the present hype about new energies, cycles and 2012 and beyond, some people and species on earth are already way beyond the level of intellect and knowingness of their One-ness with Mother-Father God-dess, compared to the still limited information generally that is being channeled; where most channelers haven't yet met the Absolute Oneness of All Creation. When that experience occurs then they will have no need to discuss the ascetics of ascension,as preference for physical ascension is just another one of those old religious paradigms; for the 'garment' of one's eternal light has no need for a physical body.

tomcarrolls 28th March 2010 5:21 am

I've been unusually skeptical of all spiritual texts and teachings lately, including Spirit Library which I only recently was led to by a friend. But I still read the articles on here every few days or so, and it has been far too often that exactly what I'm going through or have been going through is mirrored on here.

Thank you so much. Life is mind boggling and if I'm not careful it gets downright scary just really absorbing the fact that I EXIST and so does the Universe. Just unreal...by my estimation, nothing should exist! And yet it does, and here we are...it gets sort of eery somtimes. I am so thankful for these messages and the other people on other who are going through what I'm going through...WOW!!

Aimee Marie 28th March 2010 11:54 am

Greatful to read and connect with this beautiful message.

Katrina 29th March 2010 10:50 am

Carolyn and all, I am amazed at the growing numbers being drawn like magnets to the messages they most need to hear. The awakening that is happening is so wonderful. Truly the only challenge I'm facing these days is the allowing of good. So much good abounds and the shifting of my own habitual focus from struggle to good hasn't been easy. But, as I'm am coming through on the other side of that old way, the Hope-Filled Lightness and Clear Vision of a Bright Future are filling the spaces purged of toxic waste. It takes courage to BE your authentic self, particularly when you've never really gotten to know you. We are so abundantly provided for, so completely loved that there is NOTHING to worry about. Just trust & flow!

Katrina 31st March 2010 6:44 am

tomcarrolls, I've been experiencing the same thing. Lack of interest, even skeptism of "new age" things, even though this has been my way for most of my life. And also finding the EXACT message for what I'm going through. I mean EXACTLY! So precise that I have to take the words in a little a time to digest meaning. I feel that this is part of the process. Everything is shifting. Transmutation. Transformation. Evolution.