Mastering Distraction: The Art of Getting What You Want

Are you a master distractor?  Chances are, you are much better at this than you think. And this is a GOOD thing.  Over the last few years, we really have mastered the art of distraction...distracting ourselves from the relentless discomfort of What IS, so we can allow What Can BE to come fully into form. And in mastering this metaphysical game, we learned that the more fun we have, the easier it is to play.

We also learned in the beginning that the only way to jump from one vibrational reality (or set of potentials) to another is to:

1) Ask/intend for something better
2) Make peace with where we cease feeding the present discomfort of "not having" with the energy of our attention/focus
3) Align with the vibration of what is desired (aka LOA: that which is likened unto itself is drawn)
4) Allow it to come to be thru complete detachment (trust/neutrality)

Suddenly seems like a lot of steps, doesn't it?

Luckily there is now an easier way.

The Vernal Equinox in March brought with it the activation of a new set of diagnostic codes which initiated a more complete merging of the male/female (manifest/unmanifest) polarities within us. For many of you, the integration of these energies in cellular form is what will result in the complete vibrational alignment with your divine blueprint.

Because of this deeper alignment with source, you may be noticing that it is becoming increasingly less important to pay conscious attention to getting what you want. In fact, you may have noticed that small manifestations are still arriving rather effortlessly and with shocking speed.

It's even becoming easier to see how cocreation really has very little to do with consciously intending for better specific realities since it is our spiritual nature to continually create and recreate higher and better be, do and have all the things we desire that will make life more enjoyable and expand or enhance our potential expressions of divinity.

In other words, our desires are really nothing we need to think about or plan any more...they just are. And when we get completely out of the way, they are fulfilled.

Conscious cocreation really requires a more holistic approach based in overall vibrational sustainability, as opposed to the fragmented version of manifestation that is so readily taught today. It is about becoming conscious of the truth...that we create our reality... taking responsibility for that role by acknowledging our past unconscious choices, cleaning up our vibration by letting go of discord...and the rest is about allowing something better to arrive.

Which, is where most people trip up.

So if we no longer need to consciously intend for what we desire...what do we do while we are "waiting" for our intentions to ground?

In a sense... nothing.

But nothing is really hard to (not) do in human form since we are generally programmed to always be doing something...and when we are doing nothing it is way too easy to focus upon the discomfort of What Is, or the waiting for What Will Be, which in turn creates more discomfort and more waiting, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

The trick to this trade is exactly what we have been doing all along during our individual and collective ascent into higher consciousness...simply distracting ourselves from What Is to allow What Wants to Be.

Intuitively we knew that in order to experience a better reality, we needed to completely disconnect from the one at hand, so we could then feed and nurture a new and higher reality...but this was so much easier said than done.

The truth in this concept actually comes very natural for parents and babies...think about how often and successfully we distract children from any unpleasantness to quickly lift their attention to a better-feeling place. Or my fav... when a toddler falls and then looks around to see who is contributing to their reality of pain before they cry. Many times a baby will only cry when someone acknowledges their suffering... so what happens if the suffering is overlooked?

A profound shift happens...

When we make peace with What Is... that is to say we offer no resistance by avoiding the temptation of e-motion-al attachment... the unpleasantness quickly passes by.

The same holds true for managing the time between the What Is and What Will Be of our intended realities: If we cease to resist (feel discouraged by/get attached to) the present by knowing that it is temporary, while distracting ourselves with ANY better-feeling thought or experience... the unpleasant feelings fade and we are immediately aligned with Source again... freed up to experience the vibration of goodness which in turn expedites the handling of our universal request.

And just to be clear, distraction is NOT in opposition to is the key that unlocks the source vibration within us and allows us to effortlessly access and play with the future potentials of desire. Distraction is brilliant for immediately releasing us from the heaviness of what is by focusing our attention on anything else that feels good.

So as the equinox period draws to a close with the full moon in balancing libra and with the celebration of the ascension of christ-consciousness approaching, we find ourselves still in the familiar void, teetering between the worlds of What Was and What Will Be.

And along with the void always comes the physical integration, which we are still in the throes of (extreme fatigue/flu-like symptoms/vertigo/back aches/soreness/muscle weakness/digestion disturbances/appetite changes/ect.) as we complete another remarkable biological recalibration.

So be sure to put the finishing touches on any preparatory plans for your very new physical lives. Our connections and inspiration will soon return and in even greater ways, but... for a few moments longer...we gotta keep practicing the fine art of distraction while focusing on that better-feeling place...

We're so, so close!



k 10th April 2009 12:13 pm

I feel like I have dismantled everything I have held on to for over 24 years. It is like Humpty-Dumpty taking that great fall, and it is hard to not wonder if all the kings horses and all the kings men will get my life put back together again. It is like wandering around in the dark trying to find the light switch, trying to muster the faith that I will be set on the right road to fullfilling my true purpose. That God does really love me and has not abandoned me. The fight with the fear and the ego. I know it is all necessary.

angelk 11th April 2009 2:27 pm

Yes, I have been working on letting go of my life-long "learning" of how society views things to be. Utilizing The Work of Byron Katie has been a gift to self-realization for me, going deeper into self and seeing the beauty of it reflected and projected around me. Peace through grace is the magic. I really enjoyed your article. Thanks so much!

Tan Won 12th April 2009 6:39 am

You are ace!!!! I love reading your messages, they are delivered in a way that inspires me and confirms many things for me. I really enjoy your expression, well done and many thanks and many blessings for what you do.