New Beginnings Need Space to Land

Soooo...are you still in one piece after the full moon in Virgo last night? Ouch! If you were sensitive to the event, you may have been seriously knocked-off your groove for a couple days, left feeling defeated at best. The real kicker was the opposition of Saturn to Uranus which was seriously illuminating the conflict between the old paradigm (Saturn) and the new (Uranus).

This conflict was kicking up some hard-core heebie-jeebies...quite a bit of fear around survival and stability (and all the first chakra physical clearings to go with it: lower intestinal discomfort, bloating, frequency, lower back pain, yeast die-off, skin eruptions appetite changes, etc.)... and also some deeply embedded fears surrounding fundamental change. Virgo and Saturn both require a sense of safety and security in the material world and so neither is tolerant of any r-evolutionary new ideas and plans of Uranus!

The result created some pretty restrictive energies that may have had you feeling anxious (insomnia didn't help) and unable to stay grounded or focused on any one thing... but this dynamic also created amazing opportunities for forward movement by pushing to the surface (becoming conscious of) any past unresolved issues, especially as they pertain to our new foundations.

Though we are still in the energy of the full moon and don't have a lot of planetary movement right now to propel us forward, luckily, these energies are letting up a bit now. In spite of that, you may be feeling a restlessness, a deep desire for change and that relentlessly familiar urge for a more authentic life. And tho this is on its way to us, it is still not completely clear how it will come to be... tho little pieces are falling in place all around us and things should begin to pick up and move forward again shortly...especially as we approach the equinox...a much needed time for balance.

A perfect example of these conflicting energies (of moving forward while releasing our past) in my own life came into view very recently as some unfinished financial matters suddenly began surfacing for resolution.

Like many millions of Americans, I have been unable to make my mortgage payments for several months and as a result, my home is in pre-foreclosure. The interesting part is that all of these financial matters that have been following me for the last 4 years have suddenly bubbled to the surface within the last 4 weeks!

I have been served 3 summons for failure to make payments on both secured and unsecured debt in the last 3 weeks alone which is a very clear indication that now we will finally have the support to become fully accountable (Virgo) for our past & clean the slate for our future, so we can move forward into the new and true without any discordant energies keeping us in a state of victimization or powerlessness.

When we are in tune with the cycles of intentional creation and the massive healing crisis that ensues (both personally & globally), and when we shift our intention/attention to what we truly desire, it is so much easier to be the central observer of our life's circumstances... fully present & allowing what IS to BE, while guided to appropriate action in lieu of re-action.

If we deeply realize that we are just being realigned to the reality that we have been holding in our vision for a very long time and trust in the process without interference, it is certainly possible to be a pillar of strength for ourselves and our loved ones and to even find joy in the dramatic crumbling of our outworn lives...those lives that we previously created through the smoke and mirrors of sleeping delusion.

Such is the case when the sheriff finally arrived at my door! Much to his surprise, I was deeply relieved to see him, smiling and almost excited at the foreclosure notice because on a higher level I knew that this finally meant forward movement in the physical realms, and that the time for resolution was at hand. And because of my clear connection and trust in my internal guidance I also knew that I needn't do anything but wait for its arrival to begin taking proper action and making the much-needed and welcomed changes for my financial future.

And this is true for all of us, so if you are one of those at risk of losing your home, or have lost your home, or are being forced to move but may be resisting the process...know that you have done your part well in contributing to the collapse of an outworn system and now you can choose to be excited because change has arrived for you. Maybe not like you had en-visioned it, but it arrived nonetheless to take you where you are destined to be. To your place of new beginnings!

In the end, we really have nothing to fear, only the constant challenge to see beyond the illusion of lack and mis-creation, to keep our sights on our intended outcomes as we draw them near, and to allow ourselves to feel comforted by the support that we receive until those intentions arrive in the physical.

As I said in the last update, March really is the time to square up with ourselves and finish up old business so we can rebuild everything new under the Aries sun in April. New beginnings means building new foundations and living totally from our authentic selves. Our core be-lie-fs have been dismantled and restructured during our awakening process and consequently, our new lives are desperately trying to match those new intentions.

So if you are feeling the urge to really wrap up your past, to make way for the new...know that you will be supported now. Our new beginnings need space to land, so find the courage to clean the clutter and you will feel the freedom of expansion and renewed vitality to manifest the miracles you are here to create.

Keep shining your light! We're all in this together....

With overflowing love,


Jae 12th March 2009 7:28 am

Great...inspiring and uplifting...remembering the flow...
Love N Light

ken 12th March 2009 8:27 am

Hi Lauren,
Thank you for the timely message......I wish all who are going through difficult times, my loving blessings,. and best wishes for the future. When we let go, we let God.

From my Heart

Cy 12th March 2009 8:28 am

Hi Laura! This was so beautifully written and so much of a confirmation of what I was individually experiencing during this past moon cycle.Thank you for confirming and putting so perfectly into words the many emotional nuances experienced over this past week.I am new to Spiritlibray and look forward to reading more from you!Bravo!!! :)

Mariù 12th March 2009 9:37 am

This is exactly what I have been going through in the last few days!!
Thank you for helping me understand what was going on!


rayoflight 12th March 2009 9:41 am

Dear Lauren,
Thank you for helping me understand what has been going on for the past few days. Your positive outlook has helped shine a bit of light on my own personal situation. It is beautiful to see how brilliantly you dealt with your situation. Congratulations on seeing further and beyond.
Many blessings,

aparecida 12th March 2009 12:17 pm

thank you lauren.. this is so right on.. it helps to know that i'm not in this alone, and right in sync with the moment.. love & light

k 12th March 2009 8:40 pm

Your postivie outlook in the face of adversity is truley in inspiration. Being sensitive to the event..I thought it was just the flu making me feel so negative. The first few days of it really kicked my rear, plus having to work with the fever and pain, I felt like I was being abused by the universe. When you feel so bad, you feel so good when you feel better. Interesting how I did not appreciate feeling well so much. Makes me back up and realize there are so many things I take for granted. Your messages hit home. You are gifted.

iwetta 13th March 2009 11:25 pm

Hey Laura,
My house goes into foreclosure on 1st of April.(prima aprilis :D ) I did everything to save it, but then I understood that this needs to be that way and I let it go of it (this was a wonderful feeling of relief), not knowing where to go after, but trusting that I will be guided! Since a few months me and my daughter been dreaming to live in a small house in a forest and in the mountains, but knew that we couldn't afford it. Then a week ago a friend called me and asked me how I'm doing and when I shared with her, that I have nowhere to go , she told me to move to her place(a small house in the mountains and in the forest)And so many other things starting to manifest, so incredible!!!.I understand now that if we want something new to manifest we have let go of our attachments and fears and just have faith that we will be cared for!!! Thank You for that article!!! :smitten: