On Finding Purpose - Council of One

Greetings beloved way shower(s), gods & goddess(es) of divine light! We come forth to connect with you in the spirit of Oneness...

Eons ago there was a seed planted in your collective experience as incarnate(s) of human consciousness. This seed held within it the diagnostic codes carrying the genetic memory of home, yet your ability to activate this seed lay dormant for many, many lifetimes.

Now, and in this extraordinary time before you, you hold within you the power to restructure your human experience to match the harmonic frequencies of home.

We say this to you as a reminder that you have chosen to enter into this particular time/space continuum, this divine matrix of evolution, with the knowing that you would have the opportunity to trigger your activation as a seeded way shower of divine intelligence.

What this means for you on a soul level is vast, for you have worked many lifetimes to be in a position to anchor your truth into form. Now and before you lies the challenge to see this truth clearly and to remember in each of your earthly endeavors that you are here with a purpose, serving as a guiding light for humanity and aiding in the total reformation of the divine light matrices that embody life on your planet.

We will remind you that though your earthly endeavors may seem pale in comparison to the truths we lay before you, this is not to say that your life on earth is separate from these intentions.

Contrarily, your purpose on earth is of divine importance!

Each time you remember your joy, your divine gifts of heritage and the full splendor of your multidimensionality, you anchor that vibration into earths core, increasing the frequency of the overall planetary collective.

And as you remember to awaken to each of the truths that live within your heart, so too do you activate the possibilities for all others to experience and live truth. This is the role and purpose of the seeded way shower, to germinate earth’s landscape with the lighted aspects of divine creation.

As such, you may find that as you venture onward in your life’s travels, that you may suddenly feel the urge to relocate, to start anew or to feel the freedom of a new beginning in a new direction. To this we say that each call of the heart is a call that will bring you unparalleled fulfillment should you trust in its authenticity.

And though you may feel conflicted about your earthly direction at times, know that this is temporary, for you are only beginning to ground the principals of full truth into form. During these times of uncertainty we remind you that you may always rely on the pervading wisdom of the heart…in each circumstance, that which feels good and right, prevails as truth.

On Finding Purpose

Many wander aimlessly in search of the heart's call, yet many jump in head first with the knowing of a definitive purpose in the bigger plan. To each way we say... you ARE the plan!

Do you see that you are merely urged to come to the place within yourself that knows you so well, that knows that you have it all, and can do it all when you believe this very truth to be true? That you are the hands, the heart, and the mind of God in physical form, here to create a new and better way strictly from the inspiration that you feel to do so?

Knowing this, ask what feeds your soul with nourishment and encourages you to step outside the confines of limited thinking...those thoughts that say you must do this or that?

This special part of you is your essence that we speak of, your particular frequency, and your ability to find and express the totality of your multidimensional humanness into form. This serves as the center point to all of life’s encounters as you become the divine magnet effortlessly attracting your hearts desires.

Fulfilling these desires is merely a shift in consciousness for once you realize that you can be and do and have all that your heart longs for, then truly the rest is in allowing this to be so.

And as you become one with the voice within, your essence speaks thru you in all ways. These ways are those by which you will come to see, to hear, to feel and to know a harmonious life of overflowing love, fulfillment and grace. You will open to the fruits of your divine labors and will expect the miracles that are due when you deeply connect with the you that is true.

Beloved soul(s), we ask of you to remember always that you are the creator of all that you desire. And though you are always supported on divine and universal levels to fulfill those desires, you must also remember that you too are the creator of all that you do not desire.

Create from the heart-felt desires that live within you, from the purpose and passion that feeds your burning fire despite all seeming contradictions. Honor only that which enlivens you, that which breathes new life into you, for this is the soul's nourishment!

Our time has come to part, but lovingly we leave you with these words as a daily reminder and affirmation of truth:

"What it is that I most desire?

Today I will focus on that and only that.

I will develop the momentum of a powerful single-pointed focus.

I will not waver.

I can have all that I desire, it is written and it is law.

I wholly engage my inner strength to see myself thru.

I will not waver.

Joy, passion, and mental discipline are the guiding lights leading me to my destiny.

And that destiny is a choice. My choice.

Today I choose wisely. Today I choose with love."

We are your brothers and sisters from home, awaiting your arrival at the knowing that you are free. In guiding love and reverence for all that is, we are the Council of One.