On Mastering Mastery - The Arcturians

Greetings from the stars benevolent souls..we are the Arcturians!

Presently, within the plane of human existence, there is great exacerbation in the polarity of consciousness. The juxtaposition of growing light and its paradoxical shadow are very telling of the choices that each of you must now make to ensure that you are unplugged from the mire, centered between poles, and relying solely upon your own internal navigation systems as you patiently prepare to replug into an entirely new reality matrix.

This beloved friends, is the way of self-mastery.

Mastery of the self is the permanent decision to rely solely on internal guidance despite the seeming contradictions of all external realities.

As each of you fully integrate individual self-mastery you create by default, a new way for all. New systems to rely upon become apparent as you break free of discord and new opportunities become possible as you anchor your en-light-ened potential into form. This mastery requires that you resist the ways of old in exchange for surrendering to your full potential, that of your divine blueprint.

Mastering mastery is where many of you currently reside, tipping the scales of personal empowerment by releasing doubt and the societal-based infrastructure of shame that suffocated your very gifts while coming to the full realization that your truth is the only truth you can follow.

The warrior within you is slowly losing the stamina to fight for a cause & to remain true to your internal knowing...but we assure you that this is because the fight is no longer needed.

Each of you who have longed for, beckoned and recalled your rights to choose your reality have sacrificed so much in the descent to third dimensional existence that you fail to see, to feel, to know & to remember what true freedom can be. We are here today to remind you of what the fight was for, & to assure you that you have not sacrificed in vain.

Warriors, way-showers, star-seeds, light-workers, all the names you give to yourselves as a group of souls who petitioned to come here at this momentous time to pave the way for all of humanity, pray tell.

We realize the burden of suppression...the suppression of your light. Like a dim flickering candle in the wind you press on daily to shine. You have often been subjugated to the force of collective thinking and occasionally your external flame has been temporarily extinguished. But did you notice that each time the cosmic winds die down, your internal fire reignites that external flame?

Do you know why this is?

We will remind you that it is because you cannot fail in your pursuit for glory.

The light within each of you is too strong, too bright to fully dampen. Your DNA regulates your earthly experiences, yes, but ask yourself this... what regulates your DNA?

Indeed it is your light! The light quotient that you hold far exceeds the light quotient of earth's electromagnetic field at this present time. For how else could it be so? You are voluntarily seeding the planet with the potential for change and this is precisely why the discomfort of being powerful is so pronounced, for you have not yet had the ability to adequately express your true nature.

And though this is uncomfortable at best, realize that this has been for your greater good. For once you have uncloaked the truth of your essence, there is no turning back. The power that you emit as ascended gods and goddesses will be impossible to contain once you have fully unbridled your limitlessness.

And so again we remind you that this Godliness is indeed what you are here to express, and time is running out for those on earth to choose the better way, for soon the better way will be the only way and surely this way will be for the betterment of all.

In your dealings, the light will follow you, shine forth before you and radiate outward in all directions, yet casting no shadows for your light now comes entirely from within. All external sources of light fail to illuminate the human soul in totality, for this light can only be attained and sustained from your core.

As you learn to work with your internal radiance, you will begin to exude this radiance without. And this will be evident in your dealings. Your ability to affect others will be unmistakable & your ability to work with the universal forces will be paramount to your new roles. Those who wish to learn of the new ways will undoubtedly be drawn to your light so we say... build it, and they will come.

Build what you ask?

Build your temples, build your external realities to match your internal radiance. Build the divine compliments of grace that are bestowed graciously upon each of you and toil not over your worth.

Stepping out is the next step

As each of you begin to build your new temples of light you will also begin to feel a profound sense of security. Your foundation will suddenly feel very strong and your footing, secured.

What is happening is you are beginning to embody the full essence of your truth and the time has come for you to share this essence with all. You will know this to be true for you will feel greatly empowered in your new roles and at peace with being and expressing the magnificence of your divinity.

The stage of life is greatly supporting these new roles now, though outward appearances seem grim. Humanity is in search of a new answer and the realization that one cannot depend on external support is at the fore. This realization is the quintessence of change for the human populace, and self-sustainability will be the result.

All is in alignment, the New Earth has been formed, the grids have been activated. The final component will be the resurrection of humanity and human resurrection will be the backbone of a global effort for planetary rehabilitation.

When every human is honored for their truth as god-bearing souls, the illumined reflection of divinity will seep into the collective consciousness of earth. This reflection is the elixir of reform, for no permanent change can come about without spiritual reform.

As way-showers, your role has always been to reflect the light in others...to honor the soul choices of those who share your path and especially those who do not. Now more than ever you will be needed to reflect the light of God within every incarnate, yet this need only be carried out by living in the full radiance, the full splendor and the full joy of your individual truth.

The great equinotical forces of heaven are bringing unprecedented balance to the lives of those who chose this inner truth. You who consciously choose balance, choose to neutralize & align with the zero-point energy of creation for a New Earth.

The equinox portends of great things to come for the balancing of polar extremes is vital to a unified society. This balance point will be available for each and every soul to create new systems of governance.

What you are witnessing in global affairs is the rising consciousness of a planet which is exposing the fallout of greed, domination and power over others in exchange for true leadership. This time on earth is beyond historical, it marks a ripple in cosmic creation and precedes the greatest shift humanity has ever seen.

The new energies have fully arrived and are here to stay. The final vestiges of fear are being expunged from the earth, and her people are releasing those many fears through their actions, thoughts and feelings. This expulsion is a necessary component for transmutation and will continue in different sectors of society and its systems until all darkness is exposed and released. Nothing will remain unaffected by the new frequencies and all will eventually rise to the reform and walk the talk of the New Earth.

Time to walk the talk

Brave souls, beloved warriors, Gods & Goddesses of light, the time has come to walk the talk.

We surround you in the light from home, urging you onward to fulfill your soul missions through the implementation of your divine blueprints. Your old contracts in service have expired as you enter the realms of mastery, plugging into a playing field much different than the one you have previously known.

This playing field is quite literally one of your choosing and the rules of yesterday no longer apply. Here, you are the sole creator of your reality, and based on your choosing, only you are responsible for your creations.

We urge you to consider each choice; each moment you decide to honor, to accept a thought-form realize that these choices are the building blocks that matter. Each choice is alive with greater potential than ever before and it is up to you now to build your future potentials with the light of consciousness.

As you do, as you put forth your conscious efforts to maintain the light of truth in every thought, word and deed, so too do you consciously co-create abundant realities for yourself and for all.

Your consciousness, alive with intelligent particles of energy, programs liquid-crystal holographic reality systems that will rapidly manifest into physical form. For this reason it is vital to stay centered between extremes and in full faith of your divine plan.

You are but one step away from the full glory of your divine radiance and many committees of light surround each of you at this pivotal moment to keep you entrained.

On behalf of the entire Arcturian civilization, we bid you farewell!

In joy,