Post 11:11:11 -The New Earth Movement

Purging, purifying, balancing

No doubt we have been thrown in that familiar cosmic rinse cycle again... purging, purifying, balancing....purging, purifying, balancing...and this time around has been especially brutal for the sensitive folk out there. It's really amazing to me how there never seems to be a bottom to this hell...

If you've been on this ascension train (wreck) for a while, you are probably very at home with these cycles...if not, they go something like this:

A typical day in the Void

Wake up at 11am-ish. Walk (or crawl) to couch with blanket. Turn on TV.

Watch any reality-marathon on Bravo: Atlanta Housewives, Top Chef, or if your really lucky, you'll catch a whole season of Project Runway. (Note**You may randomly cry during every episode for no apparent reason.)

By noon...and by some act of God... you will yourself off the couch to the kitchen where the food is...during commercial of course. You may or may not realize that you are starving, because suddenly you have no gauge for hunger and nothing seems appealing... and so you may/may not forget to remember to eat.

You may also try to convince yourself that food will help, by which, you then indulge on something either toxic (for Americans, this would be nearly anything from a grocery store) or just extremely high in protein, fat and carbs...or maybe both....because preparing anything at all is just out of the question.

Immediately following...the onslaught of nausea...yet, you're still hungry on some level. Or are you? Just generally unsatisfied and vaguely discontent.

So you quickly (and when I say quickly, I mean slightly faster than sitting) drag yourself back to the couch before commercial break is over all the while contemplating your next snack...because you're definitely still hungry...or are you?

From 1pm-ish to 4pm-ish repeat above.

At 5pm-ish, you realize your chores have been backed up for weeks and so you decide to empty the dishwasher until 7pm-ish. Two hours was barely enough time for that, so of course you left the plastic storage containers on the counter... cuz matching those lids is very obviously another days work.

Time to eat again. Or is it? Your so hungry, but your not. Maybe you take a bath instead, trying to soak the pain out of your aching bones. But you're in a quandary because you're still hungry... or are you? This conundrum goes on for days...unresolved.

By 9pm, you are so tired of feeding your body and trying to determine its needs that you surrender to bed again...after all, you need your rest so you can get up tomorrow and do it all over again. And again. And again.

All in a days work.

Gearing up

So yes, we are in the void...AAAAAgain...tho luckily we seem to be at the tail end of this one. For those of you new to the void, welcome. Here you will experience NOthing for long and extended periods of time. No connections, no desire, no energy, no financial support, no motivation, no clarity, no inspiration, no forward movement, no starting, no finishing, nothing, nada. In this space of no space there is only one thing to do... exist. And fortunately/unfortunately...that's the point.

Why? Because this down time is required for fully activating our divine blueprints, aligning every single cell with the new and true (5th dimensional energies), completing all old business... and for the first wavers...preparing to finally and fully step into your leadership roles.

The most recent disconnect precipitated by the last push that we have been wading through for several days now is starting to resolve itself ever so slowly, and we are beginning to regain our composure, however, this process will continue to ebb and flow thru what I am hearing as "the final push" which will most likely pop us on the 11:11:11 gateways (11/11/2009 & 11/29/2009) and will reveal any remaining vestiges of fear or unresolved energies before we complete this cycle. yay.

In case this analogy crossed your mind, ascension really is like trying to squeeze that last corner of toothpaste out of the tube...we're being repetitively kneaded & squished as we purge the final remnants of fear, left with absolutely nothing but our bare bones (and when I say bare bones, I mean 30 lbs overweight) so we can, quite literally, start everything anew.

Post 11:11:11

Apparently there is a culmination of energies hitting the planet thru these galactic gateway portals that will bring the wayshowers/forerunners directly in contact with the new and true while simultaneously shifting the mass consciousness with another round of outworn-system collapses. If you have been noticing that your perception is recently colored with the vague feeling of impending doom, this could be why. Not that these proposed events are good or bad, only that the powerful energies behind them are kicking up collective dust for clearing and pushing us further beyond our perceived limits.

These high frequencies are also purifying and preparing the members of the first brigade, who are now treading uncharted territory, to be fully equipped with new earth resources and connections that will precipitate and facilitate an easy transition into ascended living.

In other words, you can't take it with you. All lower vibrating reality constructs MUST be eliminated or restructured to align with the new earth frequencies. And this means EVERYTHING...relationships, jobs, residences, finances, projects, creative endeavors, partnerships, businesses, etc. All of it must undergo a complete vibrational upgrade if it is going with you into a higher state of being/living.

This preparation period definitely accounts for those seemingly impossible relationships as of late...for example, if you are unable to connect with people who you normally connect with because of misunderstandings/conflicts/disharmonious energies/etc., most likely it is due to an upgrade...aka, letting go of any aspects of yourself and others that are hindering higher dimensional connections based in love, honesty, transparency, mutual support, respect, etc.

As we shed the old perceptions of ourselves and others it can be challenging to relate to people with all the discordant energies rising for release and transmutation. If you can stay centered in your space as these energies work their way up and out, this will pass...and when it does, you will feel even closer to your loved ones. This energy is also severing relationships and ties with those who we may have outgrown vibrationally, so you may find it easier in some cases to just move on (sometimes temporarily) and let go of those who no longer serve your highest good. Your gut will guide you well here.

Masters of the New Earth Movement

When all of our personal re-calibrations and physical upgrades are complete (post 11:11:11's), we will finally be journeying into the most amazing part of living in human form, and this new life will clearly reflect all of the work we have done on a soul level. For those embarking on the new earth timeline, I have this to share from the Pleiadians:

"Be well prepared to exercise your divine power as masters of the new earth movement. You will be the guides, the examples for the next wave, the next generation of souls here to transform the earth into a living, breathing example of love."

I will have more to say about this in future posts, but the star beings are making it known that we will soon be working with them in a different capacity. Now that we are bumping up to their "level" of awareness, we will be relating to them differently, and in many ways we will be working with them to create what they refer to as "the new earth movement". (For those of you who have been following my posts for a bit, this is the new work that I began referring to before the June solstice as "reporting from the other side". It is the next level of information available to us as a result of all the consciousness climbing, and this is where the fun starts!)

This movement will first begin with assistance from the intergalactic beings of light to help us understand the quantum technologies of the 5th dimension. They also say that it is important for us to realize that our role is vital in grounding and implementing these new earth technologies, and that their role is only to enlighten and inform us. It will be for the fearless & awakened leaders of the new paradigm who take the ideas and information and provide the template, the groundwork and the resources necessary to employ these efforts.

Preparing the Prototype

Over and again I am hearing that the time is now for those on the new earth wave to come together to begin preparing the prototype for ascended living.

This coming together of souls from all nations, all walks of life, is providing the antecedent for structuring & building a new earth. You may have noticed that you are suddenly connecting with like minds (even if for short periods of time) and people who may complement your gifts of service to the planet. If so, this is for good reason and soon these seemingly serendipitous meetings will become more commonplace as we will need and depend on each other for all of our higher dimensional endeavors.

This structuring process resulting from the connection of like-minds, via the new telepathic grid, will be at the forefront of technology and advancements in the new systems of light. Once these prototypes are prepared and well grounded by the forerunners, all those who desire a better, more sustainable way to live will be drawn to these evolutionary developments. "Build it and they will come" aptly applies here.

In the new year, the intergalactic beings of light will be providing us with the enlightened information and resources for 5th dimensional living for those of like-mind, and in support of the new technologies, to transform the current systems of earth into way stations for transition and to transform our entire way of existing and being into an integral part of an ecologically and economically sound system of living.

This will be the first step in implementing change on the planet. The second step will be in restructuring the way things are made, brought to fruition and the technologies that are used at present. And the third step will be the updating required in systems of governance to ensure the proper foundation for ascended earth living.

And though I am being shown that this will take place over a period of time, and with chaos and resistance on some levels, at the fore will be the blueprint, the integrated system design for all new earth endeavors....

"This period will come to pass as the great resurrection of connection and those who choose to be a part of the new world will have great opportunities for expansion and growth in their field of expertise." - Pleiadian High Council

What Now?

Right now and throughout these waves of clearing, it is so important to stay in your center, to rest, nurture and prepare your body to absorb and integrate these incoming frequencies of love. Its not as if we really have a choice, but if you cease to resist this downtime, you will have a much easier time integrating and remaining at peace with what is. If you do resist, or veer from your center (out of alignment with truth), you may feel weak and vulnerable, or susceptible to fear-based energies (delusional), so use this time to really bask in the nothingness and stay in your pajamas for as long as possible. Any projects/plans/activities put on hold will be waiting for you when this period passes and perfect timing will ensure their success.

Physical Happenings

With the advent of the recent full moon we have been experiencing some major pineal activations which may have sent you spinning...vertigo and excruciating sinus headaches, as well as ear pain/congestion, high-pitched ringing, post-nasal drip, incessant throat clearing/coughing, sensitivity to smells, etc.

We are also knee deep in detoxification & lower chakra clearings as we spin off any remaining densities while grounding fully into our bodies and the earth (bloating, rashes/itching, lower intestinal discomfort, lower back pain/aches, joint stiffness/weakness, FATIGUE) as well as massive heart openings which can include bouts of bronchitis, nausea, indigestion, chest pain, breast tenderness & swelling (especially on the left (feminine) side), middle back pain and soreness.

It is also taking twice as long to do what would normally take us half the time, so be sure honor your level of cap-ability.

The aches, pains & tension (especially around the spine/neck and shoulders) are very real on a cellular level, and keep in mind that we are operating on roughly 30% of our vital life force during an assimilation period, so it is important to bolster your immune system by staying still, avoiding overexertion and feeding your body extra love, purified/blessed water, minerals, nutrients, and live foods until the integration is complete.

We are weaving thru these dimensional reality portals on the way to our destination vibration where magic and miracles are commonplace. What we are experiencing right now is simply the release of old cellular memory some cases, we are releasing genetic toxins that have accumulated over centuries of misaligned living.

The best we can do during these integration periods is to:

  • Remain neutral (the space within you where emotion ceases)
  • Follow the thoughts that bring you peace
  • Let go, surrender to the process completely
  • Remain steadfast in your faith of the highest and best outcome
  • Disregard any and all external distractions and fear based realities.

This 11/11 (11/2009) month is a very powerful month of spiritual mastery... a month of fully aligning with the YOUniversal YOU while bringing your radiant inner self to your outer world where you will soon be needed to share your brilliance. We are so close to our goals and dreams so use this time to willingly excavate any remaining fear in your life so that you remain in participation with, and conscious of, the vibrational upgrade that is already taking place both within and without.

Mostly, be sure to stay true to your inner compass at all times because it is, quite literally, leading you home.

Be good to yourself!




dimple 5th November 2009 5:08 pm

Great timing!!! Thanks a lot...i knew it deeply and you made all more clear... Terrible mood swings days... But, we will survive... as always :) Abundant loves :))

mifasolasi 5th November 2009 5:57 pm

:angel: waiting for the best, practicing stillness and being neutral into these chaotic times.. I thank you so much Laureen for sharing this.. :smitten:

Mariù 5th November 2009 7:07 pm

Brilliant always! :smitten:

Jory 6th November 2009 12:54 am

Thank you Lauren, for this wonderful article. I thought I was going crazy (AGAIN) not being able to move forward and not being able to do anything.
Hopefully this too will pass soon.
Warm regards,
Jory, the Netherlands.

afaton 6th November 2009 5:28 am

Thank you, once again, Lauren - for making me smile, laugh and reassuring me that I am not alone on this crazy rollercoaster! My soul mates and I have the same craving at the same time, and we have now re-named Jellie babies and M'nMs Space food...
Blessings to you and all my fellow travellers out there from Norway. :smitten:

Kirin 6th November 2009 8:01 am

Dear Lauren.

Thanks; again.
When I want to make a drawing, I just seem to stare at the blanc canvas........realizing I can create anything, but nothing seems to come out of my pencils. I concluded that this is as our reality is for now..
I then just let the child in me draw whatever; not focusing on how it looks and laugh gently at my creations..Hahaha..
It is amusing..
When I read your post..I laughed again...

With Love from Holland, Kirin

spiritwarior 6th November 2009 10:39 am

Hello my friend,

LOL>>>>thanks for the warning>>>>

Yep... that is sure on track with what I have been experiencing.

Blessings Be for your help and reminding us... All is well and on Track..

Love and Light

Claire 6th November 2009 11:18 am

I WISH I could stay on the couch all day!! Any advice for those of us still in the corporate world, holding down the fort? There are days when I can't bear another day going to this job, but my guides tell me I'm just where I'm supposed to be to help my co-workers ascend, and they have actually begun asking questions recently. I'm so thankful that Spirit has provided a means of financial support until things are ready to move again. But physically, this is excruciatingly painful being in 3D for 8 hours a day. I am constantly stopping to breathe, protect myself from the energy, or walk away to center myself, but it's exhausting until I can crawl home and collapse. Can the Pleiadians offer any advice?

Ria 6th November 2009 4:58 pm

That was brilliant...haven't had such a good laugh for ages. Thank you Lauren, for humour, confirmation and encouragement
Love to all....keep on hanging in there xxx :smitten:

susie_walker 7th November 2009 4:37 am

Hi Claire - if you haven't found it already, Lauren does a discussion forum on her own site where she sometimes responds to messages so may have an answer for you: I too work in the corporate world supporting myself and my daughter. My job is the best it could be in the circumstances, but I absolutely love coming home at the end of the day and being alone in my own space again. Protecting myself while I'm out there is exhausting and it's always so good to hear of someone else coping with similar challenges. :)

dolores 7th November 2009 10:10 am

Thank you for your work. I have shared your insight and lovely work w/others by leading them to view your posting. We have all found peace and better understanding for your words have truly made a difference. May you continue these great and loving works for the Masters are so loved from my heart and other Light Workers in the physical. AHO! Dolores~AZ.

drimmeld 8th November 2009 2:58 pm

I cried. It relates with me so much I'm glad I really understand now. I'm a healthy 22 yr young man, and lately the physical things you are talking about have been causing me issues. Side pain left chest, lower back, headaches. I have some emotional imbalance and some days I really feel like there is something wrong with me because my mood is so out of place. It's like I'm impatient. Not to mention my synchronicity has increased by 200% and 1222 222 333 444 1111 777 417 4127 are everywhere. Only at times when I'm not thinking about anything really, all of the sudden I'm nudged to look at these numbers and I almost want to slap myself sometimes because I almost feel like I'm crazy!

This has helped me understand a lot more of what's going on. And I hope that it's true. I guess back to work on my alignment and spiritual growth. Thank you!

peace love and light

Shine Your Heart 8th November 2009 4:05 pm

Ahhhhhhh!!! Clarity at last. And to think I was feeling guilty for having so much downtime :) For those of you who still have to maintain a corporate job, a daily meditation practice helps too!

Starshine 17th November 2009 11:52 am

Thank goodness for that - I thought I was going mad!