Post Eclipse Survival

Are you still alive? Maybe not willingly...but alive nonetheless? ...All things considered, if you still have a pulse, give yourself a tremendous pat on the back because you just survived what I consider to be the mother load of all transitions.

For the first time ever on this journey, I actually had a passing thought that we might not make it home after all. It wasn't a lasting thought, but it was a thought... and after all the hard work and the agonizing slow death of our past lives, I was SERIOUSLY in a bad way and needing answers.

Barely able to hang on a second longer, I had to call on the big guns to find out what... in God's holy name... happened to us, and more importantly WHY?!... this is what I learned from Metatron:

Just prior to, during and following the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century, there was a massive energetic centrifuge of divine love that was built and held around many of the old patriarchal planetary structures that have been gradually dismantling.

This centrifuge acted as an energetic separation container, a protective armor for the falling reality systems of masculine imbalance to prevent any unecessary damage to the human psyche during this very powerful event.

Because so much energy was required to sustain this electromagnetic force field, the help and willing participation of wayshowers across the planet was summonsed for July 22nd and to assist in the divine plan. This soul-level participation enabled the activation of copious amounts of love though the divine feminine to hold the space for, and to counterbalance a massive masculine heart-opening.

This was successfully achieved by many selfless anchors who held the light of sacred love within their hearts, minds and bodies as we collectively made this dangerous transition through the most powerful of an astonishing six eclipses this year!

As a result, those starseeds/lightworkers who participated felt and are still feeling the physical, mental and emotional ramifications of such a monumental act of love as the outworn and imbalanced paradigm gracefully, yet pertintently perishes under our new sun.

Holy Heart Openings

The sacred centrifuge that was being held in place by many of us over the last several days served to protect humanity and the earth from unnecessary catastrophe and strife while the solar eclipse built up the momentum necessary to blast open the male heart-center.

Apparently, and as I understand it, this centrifuge was created to filter the separation of the largely imbalanced plexus-centered masculine energies of sexual corruption, greed, anger, rage and power-over others, from the divinely balanced heart-centered masculine energies of grounded empowerment, organized structure, supportive co-creation and the leadership regulation necessary to balance the free-flowing energy of the divine feminine.

These two potent forces collided and merged through an absolute act of divine grace which will enable the balance of both male and female energies to run concordantly through the human body.

For those who participated in this extraordinary event, you may have experienced some of the physical & emotional discomfort asscoiated with the solar plexus and heart clearings....

Mentally you may have noticed a need to use extra discipline in keeping your thoughts centered and clear.

Emotionally, this may have accounted for any volatile feelings of EXTREME irritibility, rage, anger, anxiety, or sudden short fuses. At worst, you may have had to talk yourself off the ledge.

Physically this clearing manifested in many uncomftable ways, however, the most unique to the solar plexus and heart openings seemed to come in the form of odd soreness in the abdomen muscles/solar plexus area (kind of like you did too many sit-ups or crunches), relentless heartburn/indigestion-turned-nausea, heart flutters/palpitations/skipped beats, middle/upper back pain...directly behind the heart, between the shoulder blades (kind of like you've been stabbed in the back but forgot to remove the knife). Also because the heart area (chakra) also governs the lungs & breasts you may have experienced bronchial clearings and/or unusual sensitivity/soreness/swelling in the breasts if your a female. (kind of like PMS on steroids)

The rapid cellular detoxification caused by these intense clearings can also surface on the skin in the form of rashes and/or itching especially on the torso. (kind of like eczema meets heat rash) A clearing of this magnitude can push physical toxins out of the body faster than our organs can process, so skin eruptions are common.

In addition to those specialty issues, there was also an assortment of the usual symptoms experienced from a major energetic shift/download: sinus congestion, sore throat, stiff neck, body aches, lower back pain/stiffness, lower intestinal clearings, sudden bouts of vertigo, seasonal allergy-like symptoms, deep fatigue, restlessness, insomnia/deep-sleeps, weird dreams, food cravings (protein), bloating, weight gain/loss, aching/stiff joints, etc.

"This excess of masculine energy that is being transmuted through the willing lives and bodies of wayshowers is very potent and it is only those warrior beings who embody high levels of love and light who have the ability and experience to properly clear these morphonegenetic fields . In other words, this is their area of expertise." -Metatron

This unbelievable task laid the foundation for balanced divine human creation and is enabling centuries of patriarchal imbalance and westernized dominance to take its rightful place in support of the divine feminine.

The Creepy Stillness

An eclipse always seems to stop time, energy, and movement... but this eclipse was beyond that and could definitely be felt during the 3 day energetic window (and still to some degree) around the July 22nd event. Some of us were being quarantined for protection, some souls departed, and even more souls landed in what I call the cosmic way station...not entirely here or there, but in a safe in-between place to choose. These are alternative reality structures apparently created as a fall back plan for those souls who couldn't make the complete jump.

If you were one of the lucky few who were able to maintain an upright position through the transition, you may have noticed this "quaratined" stillness through apathy or disconnect while walking around in a daze and wondering what to do with yourself and life. This was also apparent in financial stagnation, blocked communication with others... even the wind seemed still.

But this period of stillness acted as a sacred severing of the past to enable us to freely move forward into the new and true. In retrospect, I now believe that the "radical alterations to earth's holographic reality structures" that Metatron referred to in the last transmission was actually a reference to this whole transition...a kind of preemptive spirit-booster to carry us straight through hell.

"The magnificence of this extraordinary event (July 22nd solar eclipse) seals your creative ability to take conscious control of your destiny, to monitor and align with the christed energies that are beginning to flow unobstructed through your bodies and into the earth's core for the unscripted creation of a new earth." -Metatron

What Next?

I am hearing that the upcoming lunar eclipse on the sixth of August will offer closure for past miscreations as well as to initiate our new beginnings based on the now-anchored foundation for the future of earth... meaning these new beginnings will not be based solely in individual desire, but in the shared desire of the highest good for all.

And ass-uming that this may have actually been the last battle for the experienced, yet weary warriors, it is apparently because of this minacle eclipse sandwhich that our roles can now finally be replaced by the next wave of awakening souls. In fact, all divine roles of wayshowers everhwere will be shifting in the month of August and the war decorations for the first infantry division will finally be the freedom of will and the expression of absolute soul integrity in form.

"Those well on the path to cocreating with the Source of Oneness will be catapulted into their rightful place and position to lead the next brigade into unity, however, those still steeped deeply in separation concsiousnes will be prestented with the next level challenge of choosing through polar extremes." -Metatron

I am also being told that there will be physical & financial clearings and miraculous healings coming in the next month... "Those who have major illnesses may be suddenly catapulted to a level of wellness, and those who have been using their bodies and lives as divining rods for the last several years will be brought to a state of balance and perfection." -Metatron

Post lunar eclipse

Following the August eclipse I am being shown changes of great depth as each of us alings with our true state of harmonic resonance. This resonant vibration will account for the many miracles and divine synchronicites that will fulfill the lives of all who valinatly participated in this noble venture and journey into oneness.

And keep in mind that although many soul groups (not all) have been responsible for much of the planetary grid clearing while connected to the 3d dimensional hologram since 2000/2001, this was just part of our J O B and once we are freed from these reality structures through completion of our soul contracts, we will no longer be fettered by these celestial events and astrological happenings. In other words, we will be residing in a vibration that is no longer "bound by the governance of earthly (karmic) law" Metatron put it.

So until we integrate the energies from the next lunar eclipse, be sure to take a much-needed rest to restore your biology and be super nurturing to your self (sleep when needed, drink lots of pure water, take walks in nature, soak your bones in sea salt baths, etc). Remember too that the as the heart center adjusts to these new frequencies it will require extra is important to refrain from straining the heart through vigorous exercise/stress/or any kind of overzealous activity at this time.

Very soon we will be able to exhale, retire, quite our J O B's and LIVE as we had intended for so long. Our creativity, joy, passion and forward movement will return once again and we will be permanently and firmly anchored in our new and true home.

In the meantime....kick back, put on your 3D glasses, and enjoy the show!

Be with you post-eclipse in early August,


Sonic Princess 28th July 2009 10:19 pm

Ahem, can someone remind me again why I signed up for this 'JOB'?!!
..the hours are long, and the pays crap!

Dragon Soup 29th July 2009 9:01 am

*finds a nice poufy chair, plops into it, and munches on some popcorn* 8D On with the show, we go!~

Bluebelle235 29th July 2009 9:27 am

This is all quite new to me and I must say I was a bit sceptical when I was reading it all. That was, until I remembered that on Wednesday, I had suddenly felt rather unwell with, you guessed it, indigestion/heartburn, nausea (only for a short time thankfully), back ache between the shoulder blades and sinus type symptoms and dizziness when lying down. When I checked the calendar to see what the date was that day, it was the 23rd. That's just freaky!!!

jrjames 29th July 2009 9:43 am

Bluebell, I am glad you only had it for a short while. Can you imagine since 2001 to some extent and very pronounced since the solstice. Thanks. Lauren for confirming to us we are not left for dead. I wondered if the powers to be realize that we are literally on our last legs and just barely.

vivlogan 29th July 2009 12:02 pm

How I looked forward to hearing from you! Its helpful to know there are others who are experiencing similar symptoms as you have described. I got up pre-dawn to usher in the sun on 22nd, full of excitement and anticipation about the new energy flowing in. By Saturday 25th I thought I was 'departing' in a really bad way - with symptoms of vertigo, high blood pressure, diabetes (none of which I have to date), really bad mood swings, bloated and sore stomach, nausea and as of this morning, lower back pain. Emotionally the old survival fears (particularly of financial lack) are with me all over again.
The question is, have I landed or did I not make the jump? Quite honestly, I have no idea where I am in the scheme of things.

Bright Sorcerer 29th July 2009 1:59 pm

This really ties in with Karen Bishop's most recent "Wings" message and both have been very comforting for the most part, as far as understanding. I spent a few days at total odds with my Guides. I was cursing and swearing that they weren't doing their job but expected me to do mine. I was directed to resign from a job of 5 years in May and kept being told by my Guides that abundance and prosperity were almost here... almost here. I've known my time in my present location was temporary when my company transferred me and I keep being told "patience, patience".... It took a LOT of trust for me to even consider quitting a job largely because of the financial aspect. As I said I spent a few days where I was close to livid with them and getting fed up with what I considered stupid games. I told them that if I stay here much longer I feel like I will lose all momentum and desire to be in service. I can feel it happening already and it scares me. Thanks for this message of hope... it is much needed at this time. Blessings, Nick

ShaktiKa 29th July 2009 2:19 pm

thank you so much Lauren for explaining what was going on. i had constant pain on my left shoulder blade for three weeks and what i can best describe as an intense spiritual crisis culminating on July 13th when i was literally at the end of my tether not knowing if i were able to pass through or if i would somehow implode! like you say, not pleasant - - but in a lighter place now. such a relief to know others are going through this also!!! love, K.

fuzzylogic 1st August 2009 5:37 pm

I have never felt so weird in my life. I had headaches, heart palpitations, stiffness, insomnia and other issues as well. I was going to go to the Emergency room because the shift was so intense.

I really hope it is over because I will need several months to recover.

Alisa Rose 3rd August 2009 1:32 am

A beloved friend sent this out to me.
I JUST finished writing several articles about the eclipse dynamics & how to take care of ourselves, for my newsletter, Flourishing In Nature's Flow". What I was not aware of is the REALLY GOOD NEWS Metraton ( sp? my spelling abilities have definitely been askew)explained.
Amusing , because it usually takes me much longer to write articles & these just poured out! Several other experiences of greater ease in the past two days had already gotten my attention.
You also explained the molasses that my life has been for so long. And yes, I had a sudden onset of cold/sore throat symptoms on 7/22, & I KNEW I had to throw out my schedule & stay in bed on 7/23.
Joy to ALL!
Alisa Rose

Geoff Freed 3rd August 2009 4:18 am

Dear Lauren Aug 3 so apt. I do a blog geoff freed online and many of my readers have said how accurate you are and have experienced along with myself regarding the symptoms. I started writing in 2005 and picked up the symptom information in 1967. I write from a scientific angle and this is my mission to prove the symptoms and energies scientifically in an easily understood manner. Thank You,, Thank You. Dr Geoff Freed

Enigmaress 4th August 2009 4:17 pm

(Peeking out my blanket) is it over yet? Or do I have to continue barricading myself in my bedroom? That has got to be the weirdest and confusing thing I have ever experienced. I was literally on auto- pilot, just moving along like a zombie getting all kinds of symptoms and crying at the drop of a hat. To tell you the truth, I almost volunteered to admit myself into a PSYCH unit. If it wasnt for Karen Bishop and Lauren validating all this weirdness Id have gone completely mental. I hope I can now go back to some balanced state of mind... my goodness!!

Love & Blessings To All

Lucy 3rd August 2009 6:53 pm

Hi Lauren,

I just want to add my voice to the money others that have posted messages in response to this article. I want to give you a huge THANKS for all the messages you have given this year regarding each and every major "shift" event. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for your clear and concise way of explaining what has been going on, I would not have coped with the eclipses as well as I have (that being said, it still wasn't easy!). I appreciate all your efforts in helping us mere mortals to understand what's happening. I can only hope that the eclipse this week will be much easier to handle and we can finally enjoy our rewards thereafter.

Warm Regards, Lucy

lay 5th August 2009 7:59 pm

i guess that explains whats happening to me. im a healthy person and my heart is aswell. but in the past couple of weeks i have had crazy symptoms in the heart and head area. i have been hooked to a heart monitore for a couple of days, had an ultra sound, going for a blood test and will be in the hospital soon to undergo another heart test. but so far docotors cant figure it out. my heart is shoing to be fine.

adj 6th August 2009 4:16 am

I just found this site through a facebook group. Thank you Lauren for this article.

Ciel 7th August 2009 12:20 pm

Thank you Lauren, this is awesome! I found you through a facebook group too.. All you are saying explains so much.. Beautiful Post Eclipse Day with a Beautiful GIft for me.. I am honored to be here!
Blessings in Love
For All Our Relations!

Stark Raving Zen 10th August 2009 3:30 pm

Ugh. I know nothing of what has been happening to me since January of 2009, when I was instructed (nearly forced) to quit my stressful job and begin a new life odyssey. I had always been a channeler, but did a fine job of ignoring it for the most part, just using my guides' messages to do the best I could with what I had. Well, that no longer became possible as I was instructed that now my life's work would become the survival of Humanity itself. I still know nothing... just find things like this site every now and then for glimpses of explanations. Otherwise, I just go with my guides, listen to Archangel Michael's words, and do the best I can. Thanks for this post. I was starting to feel like a failure for feeling so depleted and robotic. The rage feelings I was trying to suppress around that time made me feel like a lunatic. My body is still painful. But now it makes more sense. I'm just hoping this wet blanket feeling will pass soon. It feels so ridiculous to feel sorry for myself, but I do sometimes...