Recalibrating & Rebooting

Off and Running!

So we have just about completed the first month of the new year and without wasting any time, 2010 is off to a running start...and it's only the beginning of much to come.

While the first two weeks of January (pre eclipse/new moon) offered us the opportunity to see beyond old limitations and distractions that were keeping us bound to an old life, the middle of the month (post eclipse/new moon) branded many with the title of master. 

This title came a result of the ability to stand centered and strong during one of the most powerful transitions known to earth, and as the new moon/solar eclipse turned just about everything upside down.  I am hearing that since the blue moon/lunar eclipse in December, we have experienced one of the greatest shifts ever to have been realized in the history of earth and humanity.

On a collective level, and while under the influence of the solar eclipse energy, there was of course the earth-shattering quake in Haiti which created a MASSIVE heart opening that could be felt around the planet...emotionally as well as physically... coupled with some erratic weather patterns and unusual frenetic energy that made it very difficult to stay in control of our feelings.  Not an easy time.
On a personal level, we are undergoing a radical removal of all remaining outworn energies.  In a last ditch effort to unhitch from our past and secure our foundations, we have been carefully setting in place new structures behind the scenes, and clear physical boundaries around what is/is not acceptable in our new lives as we become more and more authentic and act at all times with our personal integrity in tact.

And this personal excavation is no means business.

In my own life I have been undergoing this excavation in a very literal the span of six weeks I have experienced a chimney fire, the death of my only computer, a broken well pipe, a hole in the foundation of my home, and three solid days of digging a 100 foot trench (5 feet deep) to lay new pipe which spanned my entire yard and tore up our existing patio in order to reroute the "flow" of water to my home.

As with all eclipses, that which is in need of repair comes flying to the surface, and my life was clearly no exception.

After many nights of talking myself off the ledge, I was beginning to see what was happening from an energetic perspective...and though I have no idea how this mess will "fix itself" in the end, I fully realize that all of this was just another vibrational that we are all undergoing... to finally begin the process of getting our external lives aligned with our internal being-ness.

The uneasy part is witnessing the final destruction of the outworn (energies), without yet knowing what is just a meter ahead...and from my own situation, I know that it is very easy to think/feel that the walls are closing in on us, and that our new lives will never get off the ground... when really, we are just a step away from our dreams and heartfelt desires.

To reinforce this point, I will share four of my long-held desires: 1) a new patio/landscaping, 2) a more efficient fire-box/chimney liner, 3) a water softener system, and 4) a new computer! 

Now, mind you, I did NOT expect any of this to happen this way... all at once and while surviving seven days without water...and I definitely would not have consciously chosen this path, but the bottom line is that these things will HAVE to get done now...which means that somehow, someway, the money/opportunity/right person and/or situation, etc. will finally be able to avail itself through my complete surrender to the process. 
And this is how it works sometimes...on the outside, things may look absolutely chaotic for you right now, frightening even, and with no sign of resolution... but just like the proverbial phoenix rising, destruction is really just energy's non-judgmental way of blasting out the old to make way for the new.  The trick is in having the ability to clearly see, the courage to continue to move forward with what we truly desire (even if the how is not yet present), while having faith in the certainty of our outcome, and patience with perfect timing. 

The Replacement Energy

Endings & new beginnings tend to happen simultaneously and no doubt we are experiencing both right now.  The replacement of the recent energies of destruction/transmutation (that which will fill the void left from our emotional/physical excavation), are beginning to filter into our lives now with the arrival of the full moon on the 30th.

The most significant aspect to these replacement energies will come in the form of deepening of oneself, love of the planet, love of each other.

Emergence of the Great Ones

For those who were able to maintain their mastery, authenticity and integrity (staying firmly anchored in truth) while clearing up any remaining mental/emotional/spiritual residue accumulated from long-held illusions during the mid-month shift, you are teetering on the cusp between realities and soon to emerge as a great one.

The great ones are those who have come full circle...those who have mastered their fate, stepped into the purity of heart and maintained a sense of sovereignty during the most trying episodes of fractal reality.  The great ones now see clearly with detachment, thru the illusion of man-made reality, and in its place...only love.

The re-birth of the great ones is in part due to the dedication of powerful and thorough recalibrations during the entire month of January...nothing new, just more intense realigning and adjusting the self and cells with the new and true.   As the planet began the recalibration from the recent shifts, the human form was altered to a great extent. This accounted for much of the pain and discomfort felt by lightworkers/starseeds/sensitives around the world during this time...and those who felt it the greatest were those who had shifted into the state of authenticity and mastery.

Yes, this recalibration period for January completely was more than taxing, it was brutal... but necessary to align the cellular form with the very high vibrating reality we are now existing in.  It's as if this final resting period and lack of activity was to prepare us for the building momentum of 2010 and to ensure that our connections are secure.

As a result, the great ones are now preparing to embark upon the path of ONE. 

Path of ONE

The path of ONE is the next level journey...the physical building of the new earth thru the use of scalar wave energy for the purposes of true co-creation with our soul brothers and sisters.  It is the YOUniversal YOU in action.

What is different about this new path, or new level of energy, is the rapidity by which we are able to manifest, but also the ease by which change will happen.  We will begin to notice that in a short period of time, life will advance in ways we always knew was possible, those ways that intuitively make sense to us from our experiences prior to having stepped down into a lower vibrating reality matrix.  In fact, what has enabled the path-pavers to carry the light for so long is ultimately the same source, or vibration of energy that will bring through the material manifestations of dreams long held.

In other words, our true home is aligned with the infinite, and the infinite has finally arrived here on earth!

What Now?

For the most part, we are still in the null zone feeling lifeless, depleted flattened out and uninspired... however, in the coming days and into the next lunar cycle, we will begin to feel increasingly detached and more resilient in our personal space.  This coming buoyancy is the result of heavy grounding from the periods of inactivity that were used to rewire our lower chakras to enable the outward activity and forward moving energy that will physically manifest our heartfelt desires.

Our roots are still burrowing deep within the earth which will enable us to sway like trees, flexible and strong, as we follow the path of ONE to recreate our destiny.

The lower three chakras are responsible for spinning energy into form.  These energy centers were the last to be rewired and recalibrated to ensure that the material manifestations of our intentions would be of the highest.  The sacral chakra (creativity) and the root chakra (security) are still finalizing their calibration in preparation for "consciousness in action".

Consciousness in Action

Consciousness in action is the conscious use of spiritual and material awareness to alter the structure or foundation of creation. This sacred creation happens through the act of divine will, coupled with our connection to the unified field (zero-point) and with the intention to behave according to natural laws.

What this means is that thru the dissolution of karma... or the center-point of neutrality by which all things are possible....many will finally have the ability to control their fate.

After the completion of the sacral and root chakra recalibration, a neural pathway will open in the mind to enable the descension of spirit into matter, or the full embodiment of the soul.  This state is known to some as Bodhisattva.

Bodhisattva is the state of consciousness responsible for conscious or wise creation, and tho it is theological in study, it is scientific in nature.

For those on the path of full consciousness, and who choose to stay on earth to be a part of the new world, this is the state of being-ness that will enable the willful creation of your desired destiny, that of your most heartfelt dreams and desires.
- Pleiadian High Council

What Next?

February will offer some reprieve from density.  It will be a time to recharge & recenter ourselves and get realigned with our passions (remember what those are?), purpose, potential and creativity.  We will need to reassess where we stand now with regard to our life purpose and begin the physical preparations and connections necessary to create our new visions.

All January long...beneath the pain of recalibration... there was a tangible sense of expectancy, knowing that imminent change is near, and feeling the anticipation of massive changes due to take place in both our lives and on the planet. 

We begin February with even greater expectation and eagerness as we begin to see...with our physical eyes... what these changes will entail, where we are headed, and with whom.  The last few years we have had plenty of signposts, cosmic winks, and surges of inspiration to point the way, but up until now, the flow has not been consistent enough to enable true forward movement.  This is about to change. 

Over the last decade, our hard drives have been wiped clean, our software has been upgraded and reinstalled, and we all have the latest 5D Operating System.  This next month we will need to reboot, test our new hardware and work out all the kinks so that by the March equinox we are fully updated and ready to create with magic.

So even tho we are not out of the woods just yet, we will be soon and there is so much to look forward to and be excited about!
Still waiting to exhale,




Kirin 31st January 2010 7:18 am

Dear Lauren.

Thank you (again) for hanging in there. Your messages are always right on the spot for me.

I do feel quite good, but indeed: radiosilence.....

I do wish you the realization of all of your dreams; as far as I am concerned you deserve the very best of everything...

With love, Kirin

misafir 31st January 2010 11:05 am

Explaining the inexplainable ! Well done.
Recently, having a nice heavy snow in the city, I wanted to become a little childish and have fun with the snow, immersing and rolling down in the snow piles, skiing on it, and snow balling, etc. Furthermore, I wanted to taste the taste of the snow, also. Soon, one of my teeth started to ache, which was perhaps desperately waiting for such a triggering action to prove me its incredible pain potential, as you might guess. So, I thought occasionally if it was a mistake to free the child inside me to that extent, since the child did trouble me much, as the snow touching my problemful tooth had initiated the great ache. After trying some home recipe alternatives (cloves, sage, cinnamon, antibiotic pills, and even more), I was onto the dentist's way. Now, I am completely free from the trouble of that tooth (rather permanently), with a simple and nice filling operation. So, the thing that was previously questioned by me as 'was it a childish mistake ?' now turned out to be seen as a 'lucky' means to get to a deeper permanent and happy solution. :)

Terry 1st February 2010 9:34 am

I am so happy you were back here today Lauren! I love the way you see & explain things, it always help me to remember.
Thank you for helping me to remember that I've forgotten...AGAIN!!!! lol

missvindigo 31st January 2010 2:13 pm

This message was right on for me! It's good to see that we are never really alone.

Thank you for explaining it so well lol! :)


h20healer 31st January 2010 3:00 pm

thank you very much for your written word, Jan has indeed been brutal! Looking forward to the new year as these portals unfold..

Alisa Rose 31st January 2010 4:20 pm

Yes, Lauren, THANK YOU !!!
I am kissing your feet in gratitude for these postings you give us !
Today I particularly appreciate the acknowledgment that I am not alone in this weird sate of "uninspired"...
In talking myself "down from the ledge" just this morning, I focused on flooding everyone with waves of LOVE & Appreciation EVEN MYSELF(which really helped!), and ya know, forests/woods are Beautiful to be in...
I normally am physically in living ones at least once a week, hugging my redwood friends - maybe after a month without the energy to get there, I'll be able to take my woods walk today...
Much LOVE,
Alisa Rose

amrita111 31st January 2010 6:42 pm


How articulate and poignant this post is! As the month unfolded, I realized I would rather jump off a cliff than live divided. Attachment to future outcomes, expectation steeped in small mindedness and the upheaval of who I'm not is maddening! The path of One is imminent, and happening Now. It has taken incredible grace, refrain and love to keep my cool this month. Again, thanks for the update and reassurance. And to all those reading this, thanks for your efforts in our collective ascension journey!

Love to all,

Ron Laswell 31st January 2010 8:49 pm

Recently, I have had several conversations with close friends who were having differences of opinions. "He does this!" "Well, she does that!" So, when you mentioned LOVE as an energy, I could feel - again - myself trying to interject some aged wisdom into their perceptions of each other in the hope of expanding their awarenesses, and love for each other. Slowly, I think they understood my point of view, and even more slowly, they realized a need to alter their own perspectives about their feelings.

It reminded me of being a boy lying down upon a frozen lake peering through the crystalline ice. There, in the inky darkness were objects floating by, and lifeforms moving slowly through the shadowy underworld. Life is like this's there, I can sense it...but the season for its release is not yet upon us.

I saw the movie, AVATAR, today. The ending was sudden and awesome! Just like that scene, we too need to see our lives moving from what was to realizing our dreams! your eyes.

HighlandHealer 31st January 2010 9:00 pm

Thank you again for your wise words, Lauren, and for sharing how it interlinks with your day-to-day challenges of living. An inspiration to us all.
Dave x

brother_ali 31st January 2010 11:20 pm


I have to say, most times your messages seem to miss me for the most part; probably because I am one of the "great ones" you spoke about, so the turmoil and drama you describe seems to miss me.

But you are spot on in describing the end of the month as a time of mastery. I have been helping and healing in situations that I would have never guessed or seen coming, and they are most certainly confirming my mastery. I have been told over and over that I have been called into people's lives to deliver my message, of love and hope, and it has been received graciously.

I am beginning to feel that my time to shine is here.

Judi J 1st February 2010 12:26 pm

What a wonderful and encouraging message. Thank you so much for all the reassurance. :)

Pagin 1st February 2010 3:49 pm

Right on the mark, as usual Lauern! Thank you!!!!

Keeshin 1st February 2010 6:11 pm

Thank you, Lauren, for the wise and enlightening words you share with us. I needed to read this, today. It helps to keep the ledge at a distance. With love, light and beauty...peace, Keeshin :)

angelika 3rd February 2010 6:13 am

Hi Lauren,
my unsettling time started end Jan and happily continues... Still,reading your story and all the encouraging replies helps me through this. It's good to know that there are so many lovely people out there all doing their own bit to help us all move on - in love. I read in a different article to write down the things that upset me, after reading this article I felt encouraged to do it. Have issues to sort out with sharing a garden only the sharing seems to have gone one-sided. Very tempting to have my say and letting of steam. Not so much fun to remind myself that well, actually there is a lesson behind, let's learn it and move on... Still, some of the steam has gone off in the letter which I than promptly shred and disposed of - we're not to read it as it might bring the energy/emotion back to us.
Love & Blessings to all from Angelika