Reintegrating into Society

Lets face it...based on societal standards (and even our own standards at times)...we are freaks. 

And not just because we live our lives according to some invisible promise of a better world, but because we have have been hibernating like hermits for what seems like eternity...holed up like badgers, watching dozens of seasons go by so we could disconnect from every possible 3d dimensional reality matrix steeped in fear & limitation.  And yes this certainly meant letting go of our old perceptions of reality which included: friends, foes, family, jobs, homes, careers, and any other lower dimensional entanglement that we found ourselves tripping over...and all for the purpose of splaying our insides out for the relentless examination of karmic goo.

The end result? 

Well, if we weren't before, we are now TOTAL societal misfits.

Realistically, its not like we ever really fit into (or even wanted to fit into) the mainstream prior to our personal evolution process, but now it seems close to impossible to relate to the world outside of our self-created and hypersensitive bubbles. (definitely thinking: John Travolta, 1976 "Boy in the Bubble" here)

The irony is that for those who have come full circle and are gearing up to begin new lives, there is a slow growing desire and deep seated longing to connect with others be part of the global community and to contribute to the world in real action-based ways.  Yet this desire can also simultaneously translate into feeling very raw, vulnerable and worrisome as we venture out into society or to try to relate to others after living so long in isolation.  (yep...very Tom Hanks-ish in "Cast Away" : )) 

For the last decade or so, we've been completely re-sensitized to the subtly of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual sensation, stripped of all pretense and nonessentials, X-rayed by the light of our inner truth, and now...just like newborns... we are facing the severity and harshness of the 3d world as we sliver out of our metamorphic cocoons... fresh with our new wings, but unable to fully fly.   This sensitive time of transition can amount to feeling prey to the outside world, tho luckily, this is only temporary as we continue to ground deeper into our authenticity and power, inching our way into our very new and very FULL lives. 

The Urge to Merge

Clearly, this an odd time.  Luckily, we invented odd, but some light-workers, star-seeds and in particular, the way-showers/path-pavers are beginning to feel the urge to merge with the rest of the world get back to living and implementing our dreams in physical ways, with our new level awareness, and to build the new earth with our newly developed tools of the trade.  The joke is usual...the physical has not completely aligned to support these increasing desires which can leave us feeling, if anything...terrified.

But there is a point to this.  This month we will have the ability to get clearer, to hone our skills and test our new tools before we fully put them into action. February is offering us the ability to find our footing and stabilize ourselves in our new space, tie up loose ends, reconnect with our purpose and to prepare ourselves fully for the coming equinox which will catapult us into the stratosphere.

If you have, in any way, been testing the waters by acting on the subtle impulses to reconnect with the outside world..and especially if you have a role to play as a bridger (one who will be going back to work with the mainstream in some way) it can be a confusing time.  This is mostly because we are not 100% there yet, but also because we worked so hard to disconnect, detach and remove ourselves from the chaos of the 3D polarity matrix (the majority of society) and now that we have come full circle on the upward spiral of evolution, we are being guided to get back in it!  
Much of the confusion and anxiety circling us right now has to do with this discrepancy...the feeling that its time to move forward, to merge with our outer world, to do something or go somewhere, but with NO IDEA where or what that is.  Energetically speaking, our new lives are so close to us now that we are literally nose to nose with our heartfelt dreams.  And tho we can't yet see it, we can feel this new life as it is literally enlivening each and every cell of our bodies while creating great surges of excitement and tantalizing anticipation... and of course coupled with feeling completely burned-out and depleted.

This vacillation period is normal and temporary as we continue to anchor into the a plane coming in for a landing,  the wheels touch down and bounce up again, sometimes one wheel before the other until both wheels are firmly on the ground and balanced enough to sustain the momentum of the plane.

And though technically we are grounding this new perceptual reality into the earth, the Pleiadians describe what we are going thru using a space shuttle analogy. They say that before the shuttle can blast off into space, it must first test each combustion engine and go through rigorous diagnostics to ensure that the engines can sustain the propulsion of the flight.  That this pre-launch testing is what we are currently undergoing in our personal lives as we prepare for lift-off, and for the rest of February we will be testing our new reality and finishing any calibrations needed to match our new frequency from the many shifts we were knocked out with over the last 3 months.

Reintegrating into Society

If we re-enter the world prematurely (without our hearts reconnected), its pretty easy to notice how far removed we can feel from the mass consciousness, or the "typical ways of thinking".   For so many years our deepest conversation with the outside world may have been..."thank you for bagging"....and now suddenly we need to learn to connect, communicate and interact with others as an integral part of society.

And for many, this is the point. 

Now that we have mastered our inner domicile, our next level journey begins by living in the real world, with real people, doing real things.  Pretty tricky when you've fully developed your own way of thinking and seeing the world... and nearly developed your own language for describing it. But for all you bridgers out there, this is your next level live authentically.

How will this even be possible?

If this question has crossed your mind, then rest assured it's already happening for you.  We just have to remember that manifestation begins with a thought, is followed by a feeling and the last to align is always the physical.  Right now are between the mental (the thoughts of reemerging) and emotional (the feelings of anticipation) but the physical is still not clear to us yet...tho we can feel that it is rapidly approaching.  When it all comes together, we will feel much safer and more supported to be outwardly true to ourselves...regardless of where we are or what we are doing.

The feeling of uncertainty from moving forward but not yet seeing the outer landscape of where we are heading can create anxiety and restlessness, but soon we will be able to see what's in store for us with greater clarity.  Since the recent eclipses, our outer world is now rapidly adjusting to the new energies to set the physical foundation of whats to come...tho in a random and non-linear fashion... which also adds to the anticipation of seeing the physical birth of our long-held intentions for the very first time.

Think With Your (High) Heart!

Though the integration back into society may seem awkward at best, the purpose is for us to practice our mastery in baby steps, to learn thru experience how to relate to others thru the high heart, and not the mind.  The High Heart is the gate to higher consciousness, it is based solely in love and therefore supports a life of abundance, joy and fulfillment.  Since connecting thru love will be the only way to successfully navigate these new energies, we will most likely receive plenty of graceless opportunities to practice.  As always, your heart will lead the way for you.

And as we "get back to living" we will notice that our world is clearly defined vibrationally now, and that the intense purification process we endured was just for this we could continually attract the people, places, situations and opportunities that sing harmonically with our souls and to give us the ability to "be in the world, but not of it".  It's not as if everyone we encounter will have a solid "mental" understanding of the things we each of our roles will be different... but that we will be attracting those of pure heart. 

In our work as bridgers, naturally we will brush up against those steeped in fear and limitation, but this too will serve its purpose in helping us to express ourselves clearly thru the power of our authenticity and without compromising our integrity.   Again, this will take practice and commitment, but this is what the next level journey is all about...putting all that we are and all that we've learned into practice!

Next Up?

With the new moon on February 13th and the advent of the Chinese New Year (the year of the metal tiger) we will be experiencing another momentous shift into our greater reality.  With great celestial support now in our favor, the energy of success and opportunity literally surrounds us in a comforting blanket of security as we prepare for the completion of our rebirth and arrive at the entrance of our physical new beginnings. 
We have waited an eternity for the right time/energy and alignments to launch us into our next level journey.  That time has arrived and our success is assured!

The big question is...what will that success look like?

See you when the fog clears....



Alison336 10th February 2010 7:43 pm

Thanks Lauren, I've always enjoyed reading your messages since you seem to be more in my generation and i like your style. The message sounds about right.

k 10th February 2010 9:38 pm

I have been packing my RV, preparing to venture off wondering if I am really ready to face the world again. This message is encouraging and I am grateful for it. My dogs must think it is time to go too, as they get into the RV and refuse to get out, like they are already packed and mentally prepared to go. I hope I can find some people who are crazy like me and that I will be strong enough to face the energies I will most likely encounter. I will have to come back for my swans if I can find a new home with a pond. Your message is timely and very supportive. Thank you.

netdragon 11th February 2010 3:03 am

After I got bored of developing my psychic abilities further and even playing with them, I took the step of realizing that I'm here to experience life and be blended with society. In 2002 I blended back into society and now report to an executive for the 3rd year straight. If I can do it, you can too.

Bahaa 11th February 2010 5:42 am

Thank you Lauren
your messages always mirror my situation.

love from Lebanon,

Zookeeper 11th February 2010 6:51 am

Thank you Lauren,

I agree with Bahaa. Physically I've been out and about, mentally and spiritually, not so much. I find that life as I knew it no longer exists and as it crumbles around me, I am forced to fully engage. A not so gentle nudge. What I'm finding is less gray and more people experiencing similiar feelings. Those who do not resinate with me I try to silently bless, send light of respect and recognition and move on... what exciting times we live in! It's like being in a movie, without a script.

Love and Light

Tzaddi 11th February 2010 10:41 am

Dear wonderful Lauren. Your postings have been my anchor through this "perfect storm" of ups and downs with no energy or motivation,unexpected body pains, sleeping forever, and even a lengthy stint of vertigo. Your sentence, "Much of the confusion and anxiety circling us right now has to do with ...the feeling that its time to move forward, to merge with our outer world, to do something or go somewhere, but with NO IDEA where or what that is." has been the essence of my journey. But just lately I've received a mainstream opportunity out of the blue to "bridge" in a gambling community! OMG! So many opportunities to practice... What a fabulous time we live in! Thank you, Lauren, for being my anchor!

patms77 11th February 2010 12:09 pm

thank you, darling! it's always wonderful to hear from you. i am sending you 100% pure light, love, and strength. patti

lphoenix 11th February 2010 12:27 pm

Hi Lauren - new member on this site but I've been appreciating your material for some time, a great combination of practicality and spiritual information. I am strongly feeling an "urge to merge," have been for awhile, but not with the 3D world, not at all. It's too late, I could never join in with the gossip, the Superbowl, the politics, any of it, all of it. Have always been a societal misfit, not just since the energy changes! The urge I feel is for a merge with a much higher dimensional reality and with that type of energetic beings, and yet this feels very far away. What does this look like? That's the question you ended with. That's my question too, a burning question, and I feel that very very few minds are really trying to picture it, but that we must picture it and create it in order for it to be. Where are the people who are doing this? There must be some, somewhere!

awalton 11th February 2010 1:16 pm


You ROCK! and I love you :roll:

In the last 3 weeks I have been yanked from my cave and my heart has been split in two. Shards of light have emerged flooding the world with love. I cant stop frigging crying! It is beautiful and wonderful and It took soooo long!

The past 3 years I have receded from society into my cave in order to know myself, to love myself. Now I can see love in all and I am ready to do the work we came to do. I still get a lil cranky in the moment you know as some remnant chunks of old crap break loose, but overall there has been a huge shift.

Just this week, as you describe, I have begun building a framework right now in speaking with people and getting consultation in regard to offering healing work to the public, publishing my writing and finding other ways to connect with society around me.

I also find it interesting that you use the analogy of being on the launch pad. Did you know that a few days back the Space Shuttle officially had it's last nighttime blast off? No more hiding in the cave my fellow Hermitoids!

Adam Walton

rachelmagnus 11th February 2010 2:43 pm

Thank you! My husband and I have been hibernating for years! To the extent of retiring at 32 (me) and 36 (him). And neither of us, by society's standards, or our respective employer's, were supposed to do that! We had been going through life, working at good jobs, interacting with everyone, etc., all our lives. I am learning that we called all this to us. I have had 2 heart attacks and a stroke, way too young. My husband and I have been going thru a dark night of the soul. Heavier than the Saturn returns we went thru in our 20's. Everyone around us cannot believe we have survived financially, or otherwise. Our lifestyle has frightened our families, they thought we were on a suicide mission together. My doctors have said I've been "passively suicidal". Our life just looked scary from the outside. And I suppose it has felt that way too, well absolutely.Here we are now, feeling ready to re-enter. I feel it would be criminal not to share what I've learned, thru NDE, and otherwise, not to share the info I've learned, it feels urgent to tell my truth. But it feels awkward! Thank you again!

Lolo 11th February 2010 5:03 pm

Well, here we are, finding ourselves on sites like this one, putting our thoughts and voices out to each other,
hoping to connect and find someone who understands.
I am ready to be less isolated and my family and I have a
wonderful "plan", to make a lot of changes and be fully with society, but on our terms.
And hopefully our lessons learned will aid us on this journey so that we can "process" the energy that is too strong for us, and help us to release energy that
does not resonate with us.
So when we meet on the road (yes, we want to travel in an RV too late this summer), I will assume you are all going to be out there too, so I will offer a smile and kindness to everyone I meet, just in case it's you.

Terry 11th February 2010 9:20 pm

Lauren your message was once again so validating & comforting. And the fact that so many have responded with their own stories just supports us all in knowing that we're not alone & this is real. I really could relate to the responses especially the one that said they must look scary to the outside world & even to themselves. The way I've wound up I could never have planned. I would like to address something here in the hope that someone can provide info or support of some kind. I too am getting ready to reintegrate somehow but I have a problem with my teeth. For several years I wound up in a vicious cycle of dentists who destroyed my teeth..It started with just a filling & then some over zealous dentist filed down my teeth. Since then I've had the worst experiences you could imagine. A lot of pain, root canals that broke though the sinus cavities, teeth pulled unnecessarily etc etc. I think that somehow I created this situation to get me to hybernate. The cost of it wiped me out financially & emotionally. I'm trying to visualize myself trusting another dentist so I can go out into the world and it's really challenging. Also I'm a singer so I really do need to find a dentist, but I want one who is evolved, has knowledge of Cranial Sacral Therapy and would like to help me. This message is possibly my first step towards reintegrating into society. Thanks again to Lauren & to anyone who can offer any info, Terry

FutureNow 11th February 2010 9:56 pm

I wonder the same as you and for so long now... thanks lphoenix

jlite 11th February 2010 10:02 pm

Lauren, I often search to find perspectives that encourage me for where i am. Every time I read yours, it meets me right where I am and in a style that really resonates! Thank you, Lauren... :smitten:

Jennie 12th February 2010 12:03 am

Thanks Lauren. You hit the nail on the head. I was feeling so lonely and down and you said exactly where I feel I am at. Bless you :smitten:

Luna Crow 12th February 2010 2:52 am

Oh my gosh!!! I am not alone!! I've been a true hermit in a small rustic cabin for some time now. Your writing and the comments shared have helped me so much. I am feeling that deep urge to reintegrate and not sure how that will look. I was a spiritual midwife and teacher before I came here to hide out. Now I am planning a 4000 mile road trip to investigate a new area for my possible new home. And it was a bunch of crystals that guided me to do so! Phew! My mind could never have invented this! Amazing times indeed!
Love and Blessings to you Lauren and to all of you who commented! Luna Crow

Kirin 12th February 2010 5:17 am

For Terry.

I think it would be wise to post your question on the forum, because not everybody reads the comments.

I also have lived my life in a way that my teeth and jaws suffered much. Also still working on getting this fixed as far as possible. I learn to trust my own healing capacity; the inner alchemist we all have. Maybe this doesn't help you, but know you are not alone in this.

If you want to get advise on a good dentist, you should write where you live. You could be all over the world...
Maybe someone in your surroundings can recommend a trustable dentist.

Good luck to you from Kirin, Holland

earthchild 12th February 2010 7:36 am

I too have been and am a true hermit in a small cabin, and have lived this way for some years now. Lately the need to isolate myself from 3D has grown more intense, but I also want to get back out there. Anyone feeling that they have isolated themselves even more this past month or two?

Terry 12th February 2010 9:48 am

For Kirin,
Thank you for your suggestions, I actually didn't realize there was a forum here, so I will check it out. I hadn't intended to put my situation out there but I was so inspired by Lauren's message & the wonderful response of kindred spirits that it moved me to do so. Also I have travelled to a few dentists who I thought could be helpful but I guess I wasn't ready because it just got worse. Recently I decided as you said to stay in my area because it will be easier for me...and ease is part of what I'm choosing as I move forward.
Thank you for caring, Terry

Kirin 13th February 2010 4:27 am

Dear Terry.

I suppose you hit the nail on the head by writing you felt inspired to share your story.
I think that is what this family here is all about: getting familiar enough again with others to get out of our (selfchosen) isolation.
You can't count the 'Hermits', that are joined here...hahaha...
I still find it amusing, that so many solitary people feel close to others here. We build a city of consciouss people who are remembering Oneness.....

Hear from you soon. Keep sharing, because it takes the load of your shoulders..(or should I say: you need no longer clench your jaws in agony........)

Hang in there, Love Kirin

Aliah 15th February 2010 7:18 pm

Goodness, I feel as if I have just met a congregation of my polar opposite. lol... :D It was quite odd really. The feeling of a severed communication in understanding fully existed. There was no sense of connection. So strange. I have never felt such a thing.

This group seems to be moving towards opening to the world again ~ yet my calling is moving towards an exodus of sort.

Where is the exodus group? I think I need to find individuals such as myself. lol...


gelfling 16th February 2010 2:11 pm

@ Earthchild:
yup! definitely been even more of a hermit over the last few months than ever before :) but in a way that felt right.

gelfling 16th February 2010 2:13 pm

@ Terry - where are you based? I know a good spiritually evolved dentist in the Bay Area.

gelfling 16th February 2010 2:16 pm

lauren -

thanks, this message really resonates with me. I appreciate the 'realist' language that you use and your acknowledgment of something I've seen as paradoxical to the ascension movement, which is how the practices and spiritual growth we do to open our hearts seems to have further isolated so many of us. what you say here makes sense to my head and heart.

thank you!


Terry 16th February 2010 8:14 pm

Hi, (gelfling)
I am just outside NYC, however I would like to have the name of this dentist because I may decide to try them or they may be able to refer me to someone in my area. I look forward to receiving the info.
Thank you, Terry